Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and The Saints

This morning a chill was in the air; I postponed my bike ride until the sun made it's appearance. That was my plan anyway.  While waiting on the sun, I surfed to Craigslist and decided to do a little shopping.

Someone had advertised a Trek bike, a lady's so I answered with an email and after a few emails back and forth, addresses were exchanged and I was on my way in the truck to look at it.

The first thing I noted as I pulled into her driveway was the car parked beneath the carport. I forgot all about the bike. A bright red Pontiac Solstice was beckoning. I could almost hear it whispering. That whisper turned into a shout when the lady told me it was for sale too. 8000 miles on it, a 5 speed, two seater and I was in lust.
She tucked the top into the trunk in a matter of seconds and I slipped beneath the steering wheel. Have I mentioned that red is my favorite color?  Or maybe it was yellow? I'll go with red now since that was the color of this Solstice. 

I didn't drive it. I left it sitting there in all it's shiny red glory, loaded up the Trek bike and even collected a bike that belonged to her husband that was a freebie.
The freebie has an all aluminum lightweight frame; a racing bike that needs some attention. Tomorrow Ted and I will remove the gear cables and replace them, do some touch up painting and some shine replacement and this will be his bike. 
As soon as I got home, I unloaded both bikes and aired the tires up. When Ted got here and saw the freebie bike he was impressed. This freebie, was a  500.00 bike, well constructed and with a little work, will be perfect for Ted.
I'm done bike shopping. I wish I were done with the refurbishing.
Ted had promised to help me take some stuff to Goodwill so we loaded up printers, TV's and a two door cupboard and off we went.

Finally back to the house at 1500 hrs, Ted wanted to know if we were going to ride for a while. The sun was definitely doing it's thing. I could hear the neighbors a/c unit kicking on and I wanted to beg off because of the heat.
Instead, we mounted our bikes and were on our way. I managed 3 miles. Ted cut out after one mile and slipped home for some cool house air.
It's been another day of too much activity. Carrie and her mom appeared for some dress up in her costume while I was finishing up on Ted's makeup. They left and it was time to pass out candy to the little ones making their way through the neighborhood. That done, the Saints were scheduled to play at 1900 hrs and that's where I can be found right now.

Hopefully, I'll be back out for a few miles of riding after the game. I would rather craw into bed but I always feel that way until I'm on my bike and moving.
I'm done.. 

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  1. I've never looked into Craig's List, it's good to hear a happy report.

    We had less trick or treaters this year, maybe due to the cooler weather, it was only about 50 degrees at 6:30 pm.

    Good thing I had enough candy to keep my spirits up, lol.

    Donating the rest today to the local food pantry.


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