Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bugs, Bugsy and A Trial

She reaches her small hand up and scratches the top of her head. A few minutes pass and she again scratches, this time behind her ears. Dandruff. That's what the school nurse says so the daughter and I both bought some Head and Shoulders shampoo. Whether she stays here or at her mom's house, we will have the dandruff shampoo at our disposal. We work in tandem on problems concerning Carrie.

After a few days of using the Head and Shoulders, I questioned the daughter as to when this shampoo was going to be effective. Carrie is still digging at her scalp and the back of her neck has a rash like redness. Maybe we should take her to a doctor?

The daughter thinks I am over reacting but I feel so sorry for Carrie. Watching her scratch her head even in her sleep leaves me feeling helpless.

Last night after her bath, the daughter says to her, "Let me check your hair again."  And there it was. Lice. Head lice.

This was not the first time the daughter had checked her. I had a look myself and didn't see a thing.

Alcohol and vinegar. Spray bottles were filled and the treatment was in full swing. First the bottle of alcohol was used to saturate her hair. A shower cap was pulled down over the saturated hair and Carrie was left to watch TV for an hour. Next came the vinegar. The alcohol kills the adult lice while the vinegar is used to dissolve the glue stuff that the nits use to hang onto the hair shaft. Then a very fine comb, a nit comb is used to drag the nits out of the hair.

This is a three day treatment and Carrie was kept out of school today. Tomorrow she will be able to go back. The last I saw of her this afternoon, she was back beneath the shower bonnet watching her hour of TV awaiting the vinegar.

Before her final treatment today, she accompanied me to my house for the afternoon. I warned her that I would be watching the Arias trial and she promised she could entertain herself. She had her box of colored pencils and markers. A few sheets of typing paper were gathered and she busied herself making Easter Cards.

Soon I was bent over a sheet of paper with colored pencil in hand drawing pictures for Carrie. Bugsy was cavorting in the dining room blocked off from joining us by the plastic gates that guard the doorways. Bugsy now has a litter box and he is learning to use it. He's not perfect yet but I'm grateful that he is trying. Carrie says he will be going to her dad's this weekend and may not be coming back here for a while.

I'm going to miss that bunny but not the responsibility of having him around. While he is gone, I plan on moving his condo to a new location where he will have some fresh grass and a yard that remains less prone to flooding.

The trial will be in recess until Monday. I'll be lost.

It's shower time and alcohol time. Once exposed to head lice, everyone close has to do the "treatment". Everyone here smells like an antiseptic pad so it's not only Carrie that is being subjected to this.

I'm done.

Much like Political Movements....

It's a Thursday and I have no commitments to attend to this morning.
This morning, via my email, I observed the full circle, which I expected, of information handed from my writings here  through handlers that passed it via phone until it reached it's intended target. Transparent as they are and as intelligent as they think they are, they are so easy to manipulate. Bait is dangled, the "fish' grabs it and the trail is easy to follow. The game is on and the fisherman waits for the the final 'fish' who will surely respond. The trail through the pond is very obvious.

I smother a giggle, my little experiment successful; game over. Everyone reacted as expected and that's the part of the game that inspired it to begin with. I'm not a big fan of psychology until I instigate an experiment and judge the outcome as predictable. Maybe psychology does have it's place in predicting human behavior.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Procedure

I made it to Carrie's house a little before 0700. We sat together in my car until her school bus arrived. April was getting dressed and as soon as the bus collected Carrie, I swung back by the house to get April. We still had an hour before my appointment so we headed to McDonald's for breakfast.
0830 found us seated in the radiology department waiting room. Paperwork completed, my wait was short. The nurse appeared at the entrance to the back part of the lab and called my name. By this time my imagination was off the charts. Too much medical knowledge is sometimes not a good thing.

"Place your clothes in the bin, a robe is in the drawer, and put the opening in the front." she said to me as she pulled shut the door to the tiny dressing room. A bathroom break was required.

Soon the tech was back to escort me to the room for another Ultrasound to mark the area for the biopsy. She cleaned and prepped the axillary, betadine swabbed and wiped clean, gelled and camera ready. I watched the monitor as the lymph node appeared.

Soon the doctor arrived and the game was on. Topical lidocaine, then subq lidocaine was injected. The boring needle entered, a click was heard as it snipped off tissue and was withdrawn. Pressure was held over the site briefly and the procedure was repeated in another area. I was amazed and impressed that this whole procedure was painless. I'm also very grateful that this is a "post procedure" post.

"Now we return this station to it's originally scheduled programing."

I'm watching the trial again. I should be doing some things around here but watching this trial is much more entertaining.

I haven't seen the bunny since I returned home. I'm hoping he is having himself a long nap in his condo. My conscious will exert itself around dusk and by 2200 hrs. I will have talked myself into bringing him back into the house.

Court is in session after their lunch break! I'm gone.

It's Here

Almost 0600. Time for a quick shower and to get dressed.

My appointment is at 0830. April will be going with me. Hopefully this will be a quick procedure.

I'm waiting for daybreak so I can put Bugsy back in his run. Every night before going to bed I make one last trip to the back yard to check on him. I tell myself he will be fine outside in his house. He won't be too cold.

Walking up to his pen last night, I found him standing in one corner of it instead of in his house. He bounded over to the hinged opening built into his pen, climbed up on his feeder then stood on his back legs looking at me. He wants me to pick him up.

The barricades to the two entrances to the dining room were put back in place, his little pan bought back into the house, some Timothy hay placed in his box and his little container of water filled and waiting. Back out to his pen, he is still waiting. I scooped him up and deposited him in the dining area. The bunny has won again. My guilt over his being uncomfortable won't allow me to let him stay outside overnight.

I did discover something on this stay. If I don't put his pellet food out for him at night in the dining room, I have barely a mess to clean up of rabbit poop! He nibbled on the Timothy Hay and has his water and this morning when I put him out, he will get his pellet food.

This weekend he goes to Lydia with Carrie when she goes to visit her dad. She says her dad is building him a hutch and he will be only visiting here about one week a month.

I'm ready for the bunny to go back to Lydia. Worrying about the bunny's comfort  and health is wearing me out.

Someone said he should have some hay so another trip to Walmart where I bought him a little bag of Timothy hay. It is green with a strong sweet odor and he loves it.

In the two weeks that I have had him here, I can note the growth and the weight gain. Another two weeks, he should be able to sit at the dining room table with us for his meals.
I can see an Alice In Wonderland scene.

I'm outta here to get that shower and another cup of coffee.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26th and a Nervous Night

I plan on tonight being a nervous night. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a biopsy of a lymph node in the axillary area.

I have a very vivid imagination. A long thin sharp metal piercing .........maybe we better not go there in black and white print. There will be a localized numbing agent inserted before the biopsy. I'm hoping that's enough to keep me pain free.

I'm signing off and concentrating on some television. An Ambien will put me to sleep in a few hours and by tomorrow at this time, it will be done. That's how I try to look at anything unpleasant. I project to at time when the unpleasantness will be in the 'past'.

See ya tomorrow evening around this time!

So Much to Tell, so Little Time

I could never write a book. Sitting still long enough to fill one page is all I can handle. Hit and run blogging is all I can manage. I might have a touch of ADD.

My birthday morning consisted of the husband dancing down the hall in a pink tu tu whistling "Happy Birthday to YOU"....
That is a total lie but I assume you knew that immediately. I just liked the visual I got from typing that. He was heading for the coffee pot wearing a pair of sweat pants while singing out his birthday greeting. Later the daughter, Carrie and Ted called and wished me a group greeting. Lesie and Kristen called from Applebee's and had the whole place singing the birthday song and ending it by quickly whispering "Gotta go Nana before we all get fired!"

Dinner was at a local steakhouse in the late afternoon. I had a very pleasant day.

It was the next day that was more interesting. The daughter called and extended a birthday lunch and pedicure. I passed on the pedicure for now but we decided to have lunch and do it at 1400 hrs so we could be eating while the Arias trial is on their lunch break.

It was a deluge. Rain, rain and more rain. So much rain that not even a huge market umbrella could keep us dry. She drove to my house and we jumped into my car and headed out. A few miles into the drive, I glanced into my rear view mirror to check the traffic behind me. We had just pulled onto a 4 lane highway and were moving along at a fast clip.

What is that on my mirror....and as soon as I thought that, I knew what I was seeing. I don't just have a spider fear but I have a nice fat phobia. It is super inflated and seeing a spider in my car, I slammed on my brakes while heading for the 'turnout', a concrete apron for cars making a U turn coming from the opposite direction. The daughter has the same phobia..go figure huh? Good parental training.

She takes one look at my face and knows. The car is till rolling to fast for her to leap out but she grabs the door handle anyway. I'm screaming at her not to jump and she is screaming back "Where is it??"

As I roll to a stop, she is climbing throught the opening between the two front seats and plops her self into the back seat still screaming. We both wanted to get out of the car and had it not been for the downpour we were in the middle of we might have.

Grabbing the roll of paper towels and ripping off half of it, we looked behind that rear view mirror for the spider. Both of us are now quieted down to a whimper. Every time we think we see something move, we wind back up to screaming. I took my paper towel wipe the mirror and Carrie's hair tie that was wrapped around the mirror went flying across the car. That's when I tried to get into the back seat with April.
Having a phobia is more then just being horrible. It's debilitating. We couldn't sit in that 'turnout' without risk being hit by someone making a u=turn and finding us parked there. We drove on holding our paper towels ready to squash it should it reappear. April had, by now, climbed back into the front seat and she was on patrol watching for it.
It reappeared. Maybe it felt safe creeping back. April got it with the paper towels she was holding. We screamed the whole time she rolled down the window and pitched the towel and the monster out. This is one exception I make to my stance on "no littering".

The remaining portion of our trip was uneventful. Soup and salad and bread sticks unlimited at the Olive Garden was enjoyed!

After lunch we both headed back to the house to watch the Arias trial again. After watching it while waiting to leave for lunch yesterday, April is now watching it.

And to end my day, I signed on to Facebook to find someone had decided to "follow" me. This means they don't have to friend you or send a friend request but can merely follow your status updates but comments are not allowed.

A few hours later, I received a request to "friend" this same person. This "person" is a nephew that I haven't been around in 35 years. I missed the years of his youth and adulthood. I have lived at least 1500 miles from this fellow his entire life. Never a phone call nor a visit passed between us. You can imagine my surprise and chagrin when I received a very nasty missile from this nephew. Apparently he had been fed a lot of information from a spiteful relative who apparently was on a mission to defame. Too many people believe because, much like watching the news channels with horrific news, bad stuff is much more titillating then listening to praise and accolades of a person. Just maybe spreading evil about others  elevates the status of their own unhappy existence.Unhappy people do not spread cheer and happiness. I'm also a believer in we all get to choose our own paths. If the path you have chosen is a miserable one, change it. Make it your goal to change it. Degrading someone else will not make your own life any better then what you are living. In the long run, you must live with the poison you contain.

Needless to say, I took note of the request, promptly declined and then blocked   this person out of my life. I have no time for such negative forces. I have an aversion to confrontations of this sort. A waste of time I could be investing in learning something new. The  most devastating thing you can do to this sort of person is to ignore. I don't do it to devastate. I find it the best way to deal with unwanted drama.

....moving on...

Monday, February 25, 2013

We Got It Together Monday

First note's raining and there is not a ray of sunshine to be found which makes for a dreary day. I couldn't live in Oregon. Though I love rainy days and nights, I miss the sunshine. On days like these I can't get up any steam to get moving. I lose all motivation and all I want to do is slip between the sheets, flip the TV on and dose in and out of conciousness. My eyes are drooping as I type this. '

I started this morning out with a trip to the dentist's office. The husband had an appointment there this morning at 0830. He went on his job yesterday and when this happens I usually take his appointment. It's for a cleaning so I'll take his appointment and the one I have for next month he will use if he is in town.

Appearing at the counter, I waited for the receptionist to get off the phone. She checked her computer and said "Oh, he called in last week and cancelled that appointment."

I couldn't make myself look disappointed. I almost ran to my car. Since all the shops were closed, I made McDonald's my goal. I usually get only the coffee which I think is better then any Starbucks. Today I treated myself to a full breakfast. Eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and a biscuit washed down with coffee lightened with two creamers, it was delicious. I don't have a favorite place in this town for breakfast. We have an IHop but I don't like it. We have plenty of wonderful donut shops but not one little diner that serves A GOOD breakfast. We went to TCoons a few weeks ago. Let's just say that once was enough. Why can't we have a Denny's? We have every other chain restaurant here but no Denny's.

I have a date with April for lunch and a pedicure. I'll miss the Arias trial. Maybe I can postpone that lunch?

Bugsy spent the night in the dining room last night. The thunder and lightening roiled around the house most of the night. Rain filled the ditches and flooded the driveways. I wondered if the bunny would be scared out in the dark with the rain pouring and the lightening streaking. I had bought two of those gates that are used in doorways to block little children from moving from room to room. I blocked the bunny in the dining area with his litter pan, food and drink. I don't want him running all over my house. I can move him to his outdoor run during the day and only have one room that will need to be cleaned and mopped.

The doctors office called today and I'm scheduled for that biopsy on Wednesday. I'm ready to get that behind me. Clinically, the lymph node has decreased in size although deep pressure applied over it and it can be felt. No soreness or burning sensations noted.

I'm going to stretch out on this sofa and take a nap. I can barely keep my eyes open.

As I sign off, I am listening to the new scandal plaguing the Catholic Church. I still shake my head in dismay at the people out there that grab onto any organized religion.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 24th, 64 years later

Birthdays are a day of reflection aren't they. I'm not going to reel back through the years; that's just not done after this many years and in one blog. I do the reflection thing on a daily basis. If I waited to do it on Feb.24th, I'm afraid all I might remember would be the day before.

Have I arrived at old age yet or am I still in the middle? I once had a niece that said "you're not old, you're in the middle".  I think she was being kind.

From being born into this world in the year of 1949, I do often list the changes that I've witnessed in this lifetime.
Who could have predicted the Internet when many people were just experiencing the invention of the television. We thought that was the most awesome thing we had seen. Our grandmother had the first TV in our family and everything was broadcast in black and white. Party lines for telephones where you waited your turn to make a phone call. Heavy clunky rotary phones with a receivor that anchored you to one spot while in conversation to whomever you were calling. I thought when the cordless phone arrived, we had shot right to the top of technology. I loved the cordless phone. You can imagine how impressed I was with the cell phone. What? Cordless and wireless? My husband carried a cell phone in the early days. The company he worked for supplied them. When you saw someone using a cell phone it was usually someone on  the job. Years passed and suddenly everyone was carrying a cell. They went from weighing pounds to weighing ounces then they became a sort of status symbol. It wasn't that you HAD one because by this time everyone did, but it was what KIND you had.

Amongst all this hooray about cell phones, the Internet swooped down and engulfed us. How did I live without the Internet? I envy the school children today from kindergarten through college, a computer is available to them for their research. I had to go sit in a library. Card catalogs were my search engine. Microfiche  on those big clunky machines that advanced page by page previously scanned and archive were somewhat parallel to what became known in an upgraded version as a floppy. I am grateful I got to experience the library. It might not have been as convenient as logging onto the internet but I have such wonderful sensory memories along as visual of treading on those oil stained wooden floors that emitted their own perfume; the books, some old, that had that certain musky smell or the smell of new books, the print ink and the new pages with their special odor. Awed by the bookcases that seem to tower to the ceilings in these old building, I would gather some books off the shelves and find a table to fan them out around me and gorge on them for hours and hours and all for the NO price of a library card. The best deal in town.

Technology is my friend. I'm excited to see what is on the horizon and in awe of those creators. Jobs and Gates are my heroes. Sometimes I feel as though I've stepped into a wind tunnel that has projected me forward, swooshing so fast through it that there should be some sort of explosion waiting. It's been that sort of advancement in my lifetime that awes me. Had I been born at the start of this, I would have surely been a geeky techie.

The husband is a gadget person also. We shared the discoveries among ourselves. "Hey, look at this! Look what I found."
It's usually a new program that does some specific chore.
The iPad and the Apps that were made for it is our latest toy; the new iPhone another.

I can appreciate all these wonderful things I have witnessed and I can be thankful for the caring husband, the only child who I love dearly and the three healthy grandchildren that I get to share my life with.

So on this day, I do a lot of reflection on where I have been and what else interesting the future holds. There is so much to be excited about. What's next? I'm waiting!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ok...soooooo? I deserve a break don't I?

I can hear the washing machine in it's spin cycle from where I sit here on the sofa. You might think I have been here for a long while but how wrong you would be!

I have stripped the bed, caulked the bathroom tub after digging out the old grout around the perimeter, scrubbed the floor in there with bleach (we wiped everything down at the hospital with bleach)  and wiped down the toilet. Remade the bed, skipped in and out of the laundry room to keep that dryer ahead of the washer, and used the sweeper on three rooms. I just don't want you to think this break is undeserved.

I remember the days when a break was scheduled and as a reward for getting things done, a cigarette was lit and a deep inhalation of a lung full of chemicals was enjoyed. I had to change the noun word there and use "chemicals" instead of the word I wanted because I knew I couldn't spell it correctly and spell check on here apparently couldn't either.

I'm on to the bedroom with the closet that used to have a hole in the ceiling. I repaired that (see yesterday's boring blog)....the plan for today is to clean out that closet, sort clothes and drag all the tote full of wall decor into my master bedroom and give the walls in there a decorative facelift.

It appears my break is over. I have rested and am ready to go back into attack mode.

I should Have but didn't

I should have cleaned house yesterday or did a little of it but alas I skated through the day and evening doing little of nothing. (What kind of saying is "little of nothing"? or is it "little to nothing" which makes a bit more sense..)

I'm committed to keeping this laptop shut down, to keeping the TV on in the room in which I"m working and to getting outside when it warms up to clean both cars.'

I have much to do and it will start right now!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Day Without Arias

The trial will not be in session today. I'll be watching the high points from yesterday. After 8 days of listening to the defense question their client the questioning gets to the day of the murder..and BOMBSHELL...she can't remember much of what happened during the murder! ( that "bombshell" mentioned with sarcasm. It's Nancy Grace's fav byline and I tired of her a long time ago) 

Sheeze! Now the prosecutor is questioning her on the lies she told. She is arrogant, smiling and playing with the prosecutor. He is known as a pit bull prosecutor. She has a lot of guts to go up against him but she is holding her own.

Enough of that trial. It's bunny time. He survived the night. I hope he is comfortable out there. I intend to bring him in the house for a while each day. He likes being around people. He now has a litter box and I'm going to try to litter train him to it when he is inside.

We made a little trip to the accountant this afternoon to deliver more papers to him and of course he was on his lunch break so I didn't get to talk to him. Instead we went to have lunch until he returned.

April got her Jeep back today! Another engine is in it and let's hope it lasts longer then the last one. Everyone is back on the road again. Ted loves his car and is burning up the roads with it. He had to be miserly with his gas hog truck so he is enjoying being able to drive his little gas frugal Honda. We are hoping he soon slows down but then we all know what it's like to get a new (used) vehicle. He can actually drive over to his sister's apartment whenever he wants  and that is where he is this afternoon.

Bugsy is gone. April sneaked over and captured him. I knew she was going to take him to her house for the weekend so Carrie would want to stay home with her. The only reason Carrie spent the week with me was because I had possession of the bunny. Where goes the bunny, so goes Carrie, fickle little thing that she is.

April called a few hours later. She had been rocking Bugsy while waiting for Carrie to get off the bus. She now has a rash from her wrists to her elbows. Her question was "If I'm not allergic to cats, can I still be allergic to a bunny?" I may have the bunny back before the weekend is over.

I have two more days until I'm officially another year older. On the positive side, I'll only be one year away from being eligible for Medicare. I might need more time to come up with another positive to being another year older.

Status update on my "condition". As with my knee surgery and now with this new thing going on, I'll post just a short clinical entry for my own reference.

The area in the axillary is still tender to touch, swelling has decreased but not gone and there is a burning sensation. It has been now about 4 days since I first noted the appearance of this engorged lymph node and about two weeks since my upper gums became inflamed. The doctor does not think these two things are related. I didn't hear from their office today. I was assured when I left that the nurse would call me at home. If I don't hear anything by Monday I will contact them again. The health business isn't what it used to be is it? It has become a bit sloppy I fear.

On the bright side, I seem to have lost almost 10 lbs. There was no diet involved. My appetite for my evening meal has vanished. Lunch seems to be enough to carry me through the day. Let's hope it stays this way. I have an orange for breakfast and a light lunch and that's enough.

I finally got to the closet today and emptied out some of the stuff in there so I could get a ladder in and do some repair work on the ceiling. The a/c guy stepped through the ceiling when he was in the attic last summer. It's only taken me 6 months to get to it. Now is the time to sort the clothes out of that closet and donate them.

The husband leaves on Sunday for Oklahoma.  It is slow in the oilfield right now or at least some parts of it are slow. Exploration, Drilling and Production are the main  stages of work in the industry. When prices drop, exploration and drilling slows while production stays mostly even. The husband is in the drilling part of the industry. In all our years of being in this business, we know the ups and downs with it and try to adjust accordingly.

I'm cooking "rice and gravy". I have no interest in the meal but I'll cook tonight for the husband. Tomorrow evening we will eat out for my birthday meal.

I'm outta here. This post has bored me to tears....almost.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trials, Doctors and Bunnies

I had to interrupt my viewing of the Arias trial. Back to the Imaging Center to have more views taken. After the radiologist viewed the new pictures, an ultrasound was done and then the Doctor came in to chat with me. Next week I'll be going in to have cores taken and sent to the pathologist. Apparently I have a lymph node that is way off the charts on size. It is very tender to touch with reddened skin evident.

The waiting begins.

We got back to the house in time to catch more of the trial. Ms. Arias hasn't buckled yet under the prosecutors' blazing questions. Prosecutor Martinez is a smart cookie. Getting a direct answer from the accused is like pulling teeth. He has more patience then I.

The rain has started and predicted to be heavy at times. Bugsy's food is kept unsheltered in his run. The roof of this fun is just mesh wire. Improvising here, I did this:

Right spiffy huh? Alright, at least it can't  be seen from the road.
I'm outta here to concoct something for dinner. I hate to cook some days!

Squeezed, Mashed and Manipulated

Today I can be found back at the breast imaging center. They called the other day and in the most delicate way told me that my mammo showed some "suspicious" areas and the doctor would like for me to come back in for a few more XRays; he would read them immediately and recommend an ultra sound if necessary.
I've been down this road before and it has usually led to surgery. Damn it...I have one more year before I qualify for Medicare. By the time I get there, I'll have all the 'fix' work
One can't be anything but nervous when a test result comes back in this manner.
Two weeks ago, my upper gums became highly inflamed and swollen. I hurried to my dentist and requested an antibiotic. Amoxicillin 500 mg tabs qid times 5 days with food. I took the whole course,the swelling subsided enough to take the soreness away. One week passes and a mass the size of a jaw breaker appears in my right axillary areas. Sore to the touch and burning, the knot was visible one night and had softened up and decreased in size by the next evening. Right not it is not a lump but still tender and painful. I'm of the opinion that this is a lymph node. Lymph nodes collect infection from the blood stream. The two incidents of the swollen gums and now this lymph node tells me there is something going on in my body. I must have an infection that needs the big gun antibiotics like
Vanco or one of the other myicins to kick it.
I'm wondering if this is what the mammo picked up on the the other day. I'll find out when I ask to see the film when I go in at 1400 hrs.
A huge storm is expected this afternoon. If I'm going to be at the physician's office, I want to bring the bunny in the house. I'll close him up in his cage and put him in the dining room until this storm passes. I want to inspect his rabbit run and make sure the water from this storm is not going to drown him.
It's time to get beds made and a few things tidied up. That appointment will be here before you kmow it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mourning Has Ended...and The Invitation is Obvious

(an excerpt from a short story that is currently in the works.)

For almost two years she has expressed her deep sorrow over losing the man in her life. She isn't the  only one that has  faced this loss;  dear Debbie too lost her husband and the father of her children. On the anniversary of his death, Debbie posted a comment; a brief memorial to him. She mourns for her husband of 20 yrs and she does it privately. Debbie has never needed or longed for an audience to witness and validate her claims of loyalty and  loss. Anyone spending time with this couple witnessed the depth of their feeling for each other.

Both couples were observed together over a long period of time. Respect, consideration and love was evident with one but sadly missing in the other. One couple stayed together out of their mutual feelings for each other while the other out of convenience and monetary reasons.

When you have to reinterate over and over publicly how important your relationship was then maybe it reveals too much of a deficit in that relationship.

A new interest has appeared and the following was posted. Suddenly the person she professed as her soul mate is seldom mentioned. The stars in the sky, of which he is one and watching over her has dimmed and winked out.
 The handwriting is on the wall..some one else is in her sites. This is your hint buddy. The gates are swung wide. Be careful fella....webs are very deceiving. They appear fragile and without substance.   (to be continued....a work in progress)

Wednesday morning won't be repeated on Thursday morning!

Home sweet home! Bugsy's condo and private yard is done.
He has a home and I have put away my vacuum sweeper. I want Bugsy to live outside. This little project is now at a little over 100.00. How did this happen? This bunny is not supposed to live in Lafayette. His home was to be the small town of Lydia. The husband has spent two days on this little project. Carrie was excited to see it when she got home from school yesterday. Having him outside means I don't have to clean up after him.

Bugsy survived the night in his outdoor home; the morning was another matter. A board was put over the exit opening in his house after we put him in it last night. We can't let him roam his small run; his run doesn't have a roof on it and we are afraid a cat might get him during the night.

Carrie poured the pine shavings over his flooring in his condo so he could burrow in and be warm. I worried about his first night out there. Carrie went to visit him as soon as she got out of bed this morning.....and left his door open that leads out into the yard.

When I returned home and peeked out to the patio, the husband was in a stance, knees bent putting him into a crouch mode, arms outstretched. This can't be good. I recognize that stance. It's the one you take when you are going to attack something. Bugsy was on the loose, in the wind, escaped to the big yard where holes in the privacy fence could allow him ingress to a yard with dogs or cats.

I go into freak out mode. My pulse rate increases, a roar fills my ears and all I can think about is telling Carrie we have lost her bunny. Along with the adrenalin rush, another emotion arises. Anger. Anger that I'm out chasing a damn bunny once again.

He hops to places he knows I can't get to unless I lay flat on my belly to reach him and as soon as I get into that position, he skips away. I'm sure he is giggling but so quietly I can't hear him.
"You little bastard!" I screech. "Damn you!" and then my voice goes from a screech to a soft whine "Here bunny, here bunny. Come here." I softly croon. This had no effect on the bunny. He loves his freedom.

I finally capture him beneath the BBQ pit. I'm carefully not squeezing him so hard he can't breath. That wouldn't be right to choke him to death but the thought has crossed my mind. I now have to struggle from a belly lying position to my feet with a bunny in one hand.

He is unceremoniously dumped into his little house and the door is checked to make sure it is secure; a great way to start the day.

He exits the house through the back opening taking him into his run. Running around the perimeter of this pen, he checks for any place he might use for an escape.

I plan on having a little talk with Carrie on the finer points of securing his door from his condo to the yard. I can't be chasing a bunny.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bugsy Update

I'm gonna kill that silly wabbit. Ya know I can't stand to see anything caged and Bugsy only has a small carrier. 

Our problem is we were not prepared for Bugsy. Had we had a place for him outside all ready and waiting, I would not be going "ewwwwwwwwww".....

The cuteness factor of Bugsy way off the charts. He follows me from room to room. Standing in one spot for long, Bugsy will hop on my bare feet and sit for a while. Sometimes he races around the room, pent up energy being expelled, he turns a corner and goes into a sideways slide on the hardwood floors. His little body totally out of his control, he tries to use his front paws to straighten himself out. His paws serve only to cause his body to rotate in a circle.  

He is a curious little fella, sniffing and tasting his way around the room. He nibbles. The baseboards, cupboards, wood baskets, he tries them all.

I could tolerate him better if he was box trained though I would never tolerate a litter box in my house. How gross is it to know you have a box full of litter and cat poop or in this case, rabbit ? Nope, I can't go there either. If I had a cat, it would have to be trained to use the toilet or go outside. I feel the same about this rabbit. His rabbit run should be finished today and it can't be too soon for me.

Carrie loves him. She makes sure he has water and food without being told to check on him. I tell myself we are helping her build responsibility.

My afternoon is planned. The Jody Arias trial resumes today and we will be ringside once again. I'm ready for the prosecutor to question this witness. She took the stand in her own defense, something most people accused refuse to do so this case is unique.

I'm ready to take a nap. It's not even 0800 yet! I must get moving or I will be back to sleep.

Monday, February 18, 2013


She's almost round when she tucks her feet beneath her. Her head launches forward, pink ears so thin the light can be seen through them. Her eyes are red rimmed. Poppy told Carrie she had a hangover. She looked at me and smiled as she noted me giving a negative shake of my head.

Bugsy is solid white with pink and red accents. Do the bright lights hurt his/her eyes? Bugsy a male or female?

I made some phone calls this morning to a relative to ask some questions on rabbit raising. When we were children we had pet rabbits. Lots of pet rabbits. Hundreds of pet rabbits. When you went to sleep at night and woke to a fresh day, we had more rabbits. The old saying "multiplying like rabbits" is a proven fact. I don't even have to look it up on Snopes.

Our rabbits ran free. They slept beneath the outbuildings and played in the yard amongst our dogs. Never a rabbit was attacked by their friends, the dogs. I remember the rabbit pellets we fed them. These rabbits were not coddled.  If I knew anything about rabbits way back then I've forgotten everything now.

The husband made a little cage months again in anticipation of Bugsy's arrival. It's one foot wide by two feet long, chicken wire attached to 1X's, a door that closes and latches and a metal handle on top to carry him around.

Carrie's dad has promised her this bunny for months and months and this past weekend she got him/her. He was supposed to be kept at her dad's house but I told her she could bring him to visit for a week and then take him home again when she visited her dad. She bought him here Sunday. I now find out she won't be visiting her dad for two weeks. I now have a pet.

I have Bugsy sitting on the table on the patio in his little cage. Fresh clover fills his food dish and water is in a souffle cup.

The husband has gone to Home Depot. Bugsy cannot stay caged in that little carrying case. We are going to built a "rabbit run" for him. It will have chicken wire sides on a 4ft by 4ft wood frame, no deck. It will sit directly on clover and big big enough for him to get some exercise. We will be able to relocate Bugsy to different areas of the lawn by simply picking the whole thing up and plunking it down in a new area.

I was so relieved when the hermit crabs went to hermit crab heaven. Now we have a rabbit. Having pets is something I don't want to deal with any more. Technically, I really don't have a pet. Bugsy is on extended stay, a holiday if you will. We will make him comfortable for his time here and gladly help him to return home in a few weeks.

Good bye Bugsy. Don't forget your toothbrush. Don't forget to write. Send pictures. We will miss you.

I'm just practicing my 'goodbyes' that will be needed in a few weeks.

P.S. I must pick a gender and stay with it on this bunny thing. I"m all over the place with the 'she" and the "he" it will be "she..and that's final. Just in case she roams some day and ends up preggers. I think referring to her as "she " is the safest way to go.

Aches and Pains and Trips and Travel

Did our parents when reaching the Golden Year have aches and pains? Were we so busy with our healthy bodies that we never listened or just ignored them if they mentioned minor aches and pains? Maybe they just tolerated them and never mentioned them?
My gums are inflamed, the muscles in that  prosthetic knee occasionally cramps and my sinuses are such an aggravation and on a daily basis that mentioning them would become redundant.
I compare myself to friends with arthritis in their joints, skin conditions, heart conditions and breathing problems and know that not mentioning my minor irritations is probably why my parents never said anything. If they were able to get up and around, do daily chores and take care of themselves, they were grateful.
I just mentioned to the husband the other day,  I want to make a trip abroad. Usually he balks at even talking about it. This day he asked "Where do you want to go?" A step forward.
I mentioned flying into Amsterdam and staying for a few day then travel slowly south through Germany, loop down through Italy and back to France....OR fly into Spain and travel around Spain and Portugal ending up on the British Isles.
He said "Plan the trip." and that is where we are stale mated.  I want him to sit down with a travel book for the countries we want to visit and plan an itinerary.
The last trip he took care of all the travel, I bought the train tickets here and we didn't have room reservations any where. We would drop into a town and look for a Pensione. Because we were traveling "off season" we were able to secure a bed every where we went. I would like to go back to Florence and Rome but there are so many other places I want to visit.
For now, I'm off to get dressed. Carrie is asleep in the bedroom and I have to get her lunch packed and get her to the bus stop in one hour. Did I mention Carrie got a rabbit? and he is here with us this week? Now if I can only remember he is here so I make sure he has food and water. I wouldn't want Carrie to come home and find a dehydrated bunny, tongue swollen and hanging out as she opened his cage.
I'm gone.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday and Sunday

It's birthday month here around our house. The husband celebrated his on the 15th and mine will be on the 24th and on the 25th the husband will be heading for Oklahoma on a job that has been scheduled.

We had dinner at the casino after the husband played the tables for a while. I hung out in the casino coffee shop with pencil and paper. I'm going to start doing "a face a day" and do more practice with the pastels. 

The past week has been a busy time around here. The much awaited arrival of the daughter's Jeep from the mechanic happened. And one day later Ted lost his truck in a head on collision. Always something. I'm of the belief that if everything is going along fine, beware. Nothing stays bad forever and nothing stays good forever. I'm always waiting for the axe to fall. I suppose you could say I'm a pessimist?

Ted has now a used Honda Accord, a car famous for getting high mileage. It has 86,000 miles on it, new tires and  the body is a little rough in a few places. You have to know where to look to see the imperfections. If it gets him through his college years, I'll be most grateful. Buying a used car is a crap shoot. I hold my breath; it almost drives me to prayer but not quite.

Here it is Sunday and the end of the weekend. I have no acitivities that require me to get dressed and go out into the chill of ths day. I'm going to do exactly what I did yesterday..veg out and watch TV.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Joe

I sit here contemplating a letter to one of my brothers.
He appears to have gotten himself incarcerated and it's mostly out of stupidity. Sometimes people just don't know when silence is the best choice. Regardless of the reasons he felt and the emotions involved with his outburst with his empty threats, he will be made an example of.
Writing a letter to him, I'm stalled on what to say. Recriminations are not necessary. I'm sure that after months of having "alone" time sitting there in his cell, the wind has left his sails.
I reel back through the years to when we were children sharing the same house. Seven children and seven personalities and parents that seldom hid any strife amongst themselves from these children.
I'm older and wiser and have seen some wonderful examples of parenting and those lessons involved no violence. Children are dealt with firmly and consistently. The consistency in child rearing is the key along with spending time and listening to them.
I'm not saying I did it right either. We are a product of our upbringing but everyone is capable of learning. It just takes the "want and the will".
Joe left home early to earn an income. He was always generous with his money when he came home to visit knowing how scarce it was in our household. He can't be described as "slick" or 'classy' but he is genuine. I've never known him to intentionally hurt anyone; he can always be called upon to help someone in distress. This is how I know him.
To the public he is a junk collector, living in a home and on land that is unkempt, junked up and a far cry from anything resembling a sanitary area. I don't understand this as he was raised in a clean home where the floors were swept and mopped daily, meals served on a long table where the family gathered for their three meals a day. A long bench sat on one side of the table and the four youngest occupied it while the other three children sat on chairs along the opposite side with Dad at the head of the table and my mother opposite. We ate what was served; no special orders allowed or even considered.

If you stood on the front porch and looked into the living room and on into the kitchen, the linoleum floor clean and with a fresh shine on from the liquid wax, was marred with the edges of the boards beneath that had warped with age. I shall never forget those blue roses adorning the wallpaper that covered all four walls in that small living room. A nylon sofa, rigid and uncomfortable stood along one wall, mismatched lamps, and green fiberglass curtains made up the remaining decor of the room. On the wall closest to front door, an iron stove commanded a space. This was our only source of heat during the winter months. We would rush downstairs in the winter months to huddle back turned to that stove. As one, we all did an about face to warm the other side. Everyone dressed quickly during those months. Joe is in those memories.
Joe worked alongside our father be it chopping wood, cutting tobacco, or care of the animals and the crops. Joe wasn't shy of work. He was never cruel or mean to his siblings. He was busy and out of the house was where he preferred to be.
The family split up when I was about 15yrs old. Joe would have been 19. He went into construction work, following in Dad's footsteps. When he would come home for the weekends, we younger ones would raid his "card/poker money change" and his cooler which was always full of pop. He never complained. If Joe had money he was quick to share with his younger siblings. We "borrowed" his car and used all his gas. Never a complaint.
The years passed, we all moved in our separate directions and I left the east to travel the west.
I have been gone for many years and though an occasional phone conversation with him or a quick visit when I made the drive back into WV from wherever in the USA I was living, I would try to touch base with him. He was always happy to see any of his brothers and sisters. Joe is loyal. He may be a lot of other things to other people but to family he does have special feelings.
I'm saddened to know that he is living in a cell awaiting a trial some day soon.
Here's to you brother Joe; my best wishes and hopes that someone sees the good in you; the kind person you really are and things go a little lightly for you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wasn't it JUST This Morning That I posted

Yes, just this morning all vehicles were back where they belonged. I had my Marquis and April had her Jeep back from having a remanufactured engine installed. I took Carrie to the bus stop and watched as she boarded the bus.

I warned April should she wake up and not see her Jeep in the driveway, but instead my Marquis, I would have the Jeep and have it at the shop. I wanted to get the transmission oil changed and the filter cleaned and the rear differential checked.

The first thing I did was bring the Jeep home and give it a good bath, going over the bumpers and all the exterior plastic and tires with some stuff to make it shine. The headliner needs replaced but for now, instead of the cloth hanging down and enveloping everyones heads,  I took a electric staple gun and did a little attaching it back in place. It really looks much better then before. The sun visor on the passenger's side was pretty ragged so I ripped it off and left the bare visor in place. It will get covered when the headliner is replaced. After spiffing it up a bit I drove over to the inspection place and had a two year inspection sticker put on it. Finally I was ready to take it to have the transmission fluid replaced.

I had made an appointment earlier to have it there by 1000 hrs and with 10 minutes to spare I pulled onto their lot. The lifts were all occupied and it looks as though the wait might be longer then the 1  1/2 hrs they told me I would have to wait. I decided to call April and have her drive the Marquis to pick me up. Well, of course she was still asleep and Ted answered the phone.

"Hey Ted, in that case, can you come and pick me up and take me to my house?"

"But Nana, I was going to Burger King to pick up a sandwich and then go to class." he says.

"Well Ted, you can't pick me up and drive me back to my house? Well then pass the phone to your Mom. Wake her up!"

I spoke with April. She was going to get up and come right away.

As soon as she got there, I drove through McDonalds' and got her some breakfast. It was the 'carrot on a stick' that I had promised if she came to pick me up. I know she would have came anyway; it doesn't hurt to sweeten the pot.

She arrives in her pajama pants, eyes still swollen from sleep. We picked up the food and headed across town to talk to Lesie. I had just seen her driving by and I thought I could catch her as she was only a little bit ahead of me when I saw her.

A minute or two into this drive, April's cell phone rang. I watched as the blood drained from her face and I knew it had to be something about her children. Carrie was in school and I had just seen Lesie drive by...... Ted?

Ted was on the phone. He had just taken a hit head on in his truck. Someone had run a red light. We were on our way..
Poor Ted. We arrived on the scene, there was grill, headlights and fenders all over the street. Three police cars were surrounding the mess. April dashed across the street dodging traffic to find Ted.

He was fine until he saw her. The tears rolled as she wrapped her arms around her son. When I could finally get across the street after parking my car in a lot across the street, I took my turn hugging him and telling him everything was going to be alright. It was evident his truck was totaled. His beloved truck, a 1993 was the same age as Ted. It was a truck owned by a retired gentleman that had bought it new. He passed away and his family put it up for sale. It had 70,000 miles on it and it had not a scratch on it.

Of course, though the other people were at fault and did have insurance, the Blue Book on Ted's truck will be what the insurance company will pay and if he gets 500.00 for it he will be lucky which doesn't help in replacing it with another vehicle in as good as shape as that truck.

Yes, we are grateful he was able to walk away. Now what to do about a vehicle for him to get to classes and to his job.

I went on Craig's list. A 2003 Honda Accord had just been listed. I called and made an appointment to see it.

We didn't tell Ted. We drove it home and went in the house. We asked him to go to the car and help carry some stuff in. Without a word, he put on his shoes and headed outside. When he got to the driveway, he stopped and stared. I thought I was going to see more tears. He turned and hugged me and said "Nana, you have done so much for me and I love you!"

Good luck Ted with your car. I love you too!

La La La La La ...Laaaaaaaaaaa!

Mardi Gras is in the past, Ash Wednesday too and the kids go back to school today for two days. Mardi Gras is a state holiday here; post offices, banks and government offices are closed. It's time to get back to normal. I have things to do.

April got her jeep back yesterday and I got my Grand Marquis back. She has been driving it while hers was in the shop. A remanufactured engine was installed and we are holding our breath and hoping this vehicle gives her a few more years of service. Used cars are now very expensive but with the cost of a new one being around 30,000.00, the used ones with low mileage are going to cost around 18,000.00. It's just crazy the price of a new automobile AND the cost of a used one.

Ted's truck is running fine, Lesie's Toyota is hanging in there and April's jeep is back on the road and I'm holding my breath here. I remember the good ole days when I worried about April only; then the grandchildren came along. Nobody warned me. I thought when April was on her own, I would be done with worrying. Silly me! Once you have a child the worry never ceases. It wasn't written on the fine print on her birth certificate so how would I have known?

The husband called yesterday from Alexandria. He wasn't happy. Apparently they are calling a halt to the job he expected to be on for a week. The formation is not what the company expected and they think they have drilled through core point which is where the husband does his job.

He expected to be on this job for a week, be home for 3 days then head to Oklahoma City for another job. Now he might have to hang out around the house for a week before leaving.
 "He doesn't get paid for hangin out around the house."  was his response when I told him to relax and enjoy being off.
He has always been someone that is ready to work. Thankfully, he likes his job and usually has a good time at work. He has visited rigs all over the USA and always sees employees on those rigs that he has met somewhere in his travels.
Once while traveling through Arizona, we stopped at a McDonald's to grab a cup of coffee as a Greyhound bus pulled in and stopped. The first person alighting from that bus looked over just as we were exiting the McDonalds' and said 'hey buddy!"
It was a cook that was working offshore in the Gulf that remembered the husband from when he visited an offshore rig. Sometimes it really is a small, small world.
Many times he has been called to a rig and someone there will remember him while he has a difficult time placing where he has met that person; usually someone from his days of working in the Rocky Mountains.
I'll be a little relieved when the boom slows down just a bit. Right now I can't travel with him. The rigs are placing mobile homes on the locations for the guys to live in as the hotel rooms in the area are filled to capacity with workers.
When it slows down a bit, he will be back in motels and I can travel with him. Some places I don't mind not going. West Texas has never been a place I have desired to spend any time. I would like to go back to Farmington, N.M. or somewhere in the Rockys. I'm encouraging him to do some work in Colorado but not until this summer. The below zero temperatures right now and the snow covered roads are not something I want to vacation on.
Have you been watching the story on that cruise ship stranded in the Gulf? Yet another reason for me to not cruise. I've never had the inclination to climb on a ship to be isolated with 4000 people in the middle of the ocean. It's bad enough the dislike of flying that I have. I fly when I have to but much prefer driving. Oh, I know all the statistics regarding flying and driving. It doesn't help. I still hate flyin!
I'm going to get out of this house this morning before that trial starts and before the husband arrives back home and before any more rain arrives. Maybe I'll just do some cleaning on the automobiles.
Soon the summer heat will again return and I'll me moaning and groaning and hiding out from it. I have some outside chores to do before summer blasts into town.
I'm gone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Should Really Move Off This Sofa

I had big plans. The husband left town on a job he had been waiting on. The 'call' came, he packed all his stuff and was gone. This is my cue to  move.

On my list was the theatre. I haven't been to a movie in ages and having not checked listings, I don't even know  what is playing now.

On my list was a few stores I wanted to check out.

On my list was a little house repair.

I forgot about the Arias trial. I have to be home by noon each day for the trial to begin. This is another trial much like the drama filled, horrific story of the Casey Anthony and the O.J. Simpson story. The accused took the stand in her own defense and for days she has been spinning her story. The judge overrules most objections by the prosecuting attorney. Reasoning is, this woman is fighting for her life as this is a death penalty case and the judge does not want to take a chance that if convicted, she could win an appeal by claiming an incompetent defense.

Jodi Arias sits on the stand answering questions in great detail. She is very calm and convincing. Had everyone not seen the videos of her disavowing any knowledge of his murder, changing her story to say two people broke in and killed Travis Alexander and then after being arrested, she claims she did kill him but it was in self defense!

Has this woman no shame? Apparently not. She lies easily and everyone is waiting for the day the prosecutor takes over and questions her on all the lies she has told.

I can't leave the house. I have a sofa attached to my body all afternoon. I'll think about doing something else as soon as this trial ends meanwhile you know where I can be found in the afternoons.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of The Union Address 2013

I sit here watching the State of The Union address and wonder how many of those that post political statements on Facebook are watching. I'm of the opinion that they will just watch Fox News for their take on it and then regurgitate it back tomorrow.

Education, immigrant reform, Fair Paycheck act, minimum wage raise tied to the cost of living rated standing ovation and as the camera scanned the crowd, not everybody stood.

Bohener didn't stand when the President talked about the voter fraud; the fact that some voting districts made citizens wait for hours to cast their vote. Again when gun control was mentioned, he stayed seated. The camera panned across the room and you could identify his constituents. A divided house will never stand.
It was obvious when Bohener sat directly behind the President beside Vice President Biden and seldom took to his feet in agreement, the great divide that this President faces in his term.
I could never decide when President Obama ran for this office, why? Why would anyone want to step into the mess he inherited from prior managers of this country.
I'm sure much will be taken out of context by tomorrow morning and I can guarantee Fox News won't have a thing positive to say to it's viewers and those viewers like it that way. I'm amazed they don't fact check the propaganda spewed.
Today someone voiced their opinion on a comment posted on FB; I posted my opinion in a polite noncritical way minus any personal attack. An attack came back denying my right to an opinion to which I questioned "Who gets to have an opinion? Is it only allowed if you are in agreement with what is posted and if you, the poster,  aren't ready for a comment, then why post at all?"
Facebook sometimes causes a wrinkle in my shorts. Narrow minded people cause that same wrinkle. Disguised as they think they are being, I  believe much of the consternation over this President is related to his race while the remainder of it is just the fact that people will defend their party regardless of the atrocities committed by them.
So. How about you? Did you take an hour and a half out of your day to watch or did reality shows command your attention?
I'm gone!