Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Early Start

Carrie spent the night which means I have to sleep with her in the guest room. It always starts out that way and the start began at midnight last night. I'm afraid I'm a very lax "Nana". She is only 5 yrs old and I realize her bedtime should have been around 2100 hrs but the time just seemed to get away from me. Bike riding, walking the neighborhood, watching Family Guy, Disney Channel and before you know it, I was dead on my feet and Carrie was still ploughing along.

Maybe I should retitle this blog to "Dead on My Feet"?

Speaking of, and we weren't, the walking is helping. I notice a big difference. The gluts aren't screaming "surrender" and the maximus part of the gluts, which in plain English, my butt, no longer begs me to find the sofa and sit down. I never knew you could get so out of shape that your butt could hurt while walking.
Two years of rehabing something or other and I found this out. I'm on the upswing of this learning curve.

I wanted to get out and do my stride around the neighborhood this morning but hesitate with Carrie here. The morning has slipped away. It's already 0546hrs and I should have been back from my "dark thirty" jaunt.

I'm eyeing the clock on the stove that can be seen over the edge of this laptop. Oh! What the heck. I'm going to grab my walking shoes and  make a block or two. I'll pin a note on Carrie's pillow telling her to find her Poppy in the bedroom if she wakes. I sure wish she could read.
I'm done and gone!

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