Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Walk and a Ride

It's 0500 when I slip out from beneath the sheets and slide my feet into the thick soled slippers by the bedside and creep quietly in the dark to the door. No, I'm not in a motel room but the same rules apply here that I follow in a motel room. Quiet..very quiet early in the morning. I did get to have coffee brewing in my kitchen instead of dressing to go to the lobby. Of course I did the usual morning routine; email a must, then to FB to see if there were any messages that demanded my attention and of course that's a fool's mission. What would ever be critical posted on FB? I have a cell phone and that's where "critical" makes it's appearance.
After a cup of brew, I slipped into bike shorts, always a flattering choice on anyone over 19yrs old, don't ya think? That's why I do my walk in pitch black darkness. No sense in ruining someones day that may be up early and outside watching the stars.
Anyway, I did my long walk minus that gold cat that accompanied me the night night  before last, and got back to the house where I wheeled the bike to the front and hopped on. I rode like the wind. Not exactly but it is getting better. My hands no longer have a death grip, knuckle whitening grip on those handlebars. I don't get awash in fear when I notice the drop off of the uneven sidewalks nor do I come to a nose diving brake at intersections. I'm improving huh?

The knee loosens up after the first trip around the neighborhood and now I'm up to three times around instead of my woosy one lap. The wind brushes against my face and legs and it's not a humid air but a cool refreshing push of air against the forward motion of my bike. There is no breeze but this one manufactured by the ride.

I get home and am totally invigorated. I've forgotten what 'fun' exercising was. I've never enjoyed the caged in feeling from a gym but riding the boards down a steep slope in Colorado and Wyoming was more my idea of exercise. I have to say, I miss my winters in snow country. Bring on the powder!
I'm outta here to buy more flowers to finish the beds here.


  1. I'm so proud of you! all this exercise must be doing you so much good...well done!

  2. Thanks Ajak! I'm really enjoying it and I never thought I would say that. It's the gym scene I hate. If I could get "fun" exercise disguised in a sport, I do fine. Skiing was what kept me in shape along with laps in an ice arena during the summers. I left that behind when I left the Rockies! I'll sign up to a gym next summer to avoid the heat.


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