Friday, October 29, 2010

The Buffalo Has Roamed

And he has roamed right off the web. Apparently Kat and Buffalo will be taking a break from the world wide web.
A part needs to be ordered and since this Buffalo resides in Canada, and the part has to be ordered from the good ole USA, turn around time is almost 4 weeks?
I am aware that the small town where Kat and Buffalo reside is a bit out of the way and secluded but really...that Pony Express delivery is way outdated.

Driving down to the states and hand delivering the faulty part and picking up the new modem would have been faster though more expensive then the cost of postage compared to gasoline. I would have had to thumb my way there and back to avoid being unconnected for 4 weeks. 
This is being posted close to the time when they should be reconnecting having received the part needed to get back to the web.
Welcome back; hopefully if not now, you will be soon back in touch. 

A Buffalo Update. 
I have been reading a few posts from Buffalo of late. I thought this meant he and Kat were back online but that hope was dashed when he emailed and said this was not so. Apparently he has found internet connection somewhere that allowed him to post his blog. 
If you haven't read anything he writes, take yourself to the side column on this blog and treat yourself to some very descriptive writing. He can describe a concrete road with references and comparisons that are a treat to the eye. Check out "Buffalo's Ruminations" link. You will be entertained..really you GO!
Hurry home Buffalo. You are missed on the wide plains of the world wide web.

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