Monday, November 1, 2010

Rain, Soft Rain

I'm sitting here in the office looking at the pile of paper stuff on the desk that needs shredded, listening to  a Jeff Healey Band CD and occasionally I peek out the window to watch the rain as it patters on the concrete pad just off the patio.

I like the rain and I seldom complain or even feel gloomy in this weather. This is book weather. This is lying in bed and letting sleep take you to unconsciousness weather  or sitting on that patio and listening to it as it falls to the ground. It has washed away the humidity that hung heavy in the air today and the smell of wet earth wafts through the night and the sweetness is a delight. Yes,  I like the rain.

Earlier today I popped a CD into the player in the car and headed to see Jeff The Computer Guy. Dropping off one computer, I picked up the one that he scrubbed and jacked up with some more memory and enjoyed the music while I was on my way there and back. The rain poured and the roads were slick in places and standing water demanded careful driving. Hydroplaning accidents are common here as we are below sea level so the ground doesn't soak up the water quickly.
A quick stop at the cylclery shop to pick up cable for Ted's bike and I was back at the house for the afternoon.
Maybe tomorrow Ted and I will start work on his bike and spiff it up a bit. I think I'm more interested in the spiffing of that bike then Ted. He figures if the wheels roll, it's all good. Typical teen?

I may not get to ride tonight. The rain continues sometimes heavy and sometimes just a soft drizzle but one thing it doesn't do and that is stop.

I'm outta here to pitch paper, shred paper and organize.

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  1. I love rain too, but when there is no wind to accompany it...because then it blows water into the house through the gaps that we should have sealed up! But that steady kind of rain I find quite soothing.


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