Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another August

This summer has been one filled with rainy days and lots of humidity. The rains clouds have provided respite from the usual heat that smothers us each summer. Usually in August, there is no more roadster running with the top down. Much to hot for that. This year I neglected the little ragtop. There has been a recall related to ignition switches on it. I parked it for a while then finally fired it up (something I don't do in August) and started driving it again. The Chevy Cobalt was the auto that had most of the problems and accidents. I think I'll survive.

Today the newscasts are filled with the suicide of Robin Williams. We have been informed of the gruesome details of his death by hanging while apparently using a knife to saw into his wrists. His wife of two years was asleep in another bedroom. She left the house the next morning, never knowing he had died. His assistant found him when he didn't respond to his calls.

We have been subjected all day to clips of his movies and TV shows. I've read his bio online.

Isn't it time to let it go. As the day wears on, each TV channel seems to want to wring as much air time over this tragedy as possible. It's news. It's big news that gathers viewers.

Apparently the man was in pain. I have all the information I need about his passing. It pains me to see it rehashed and rehashed over and over and around the clock. He was looking for peace. Let's let him have it now.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Am I Really That Busy?

I'm so far behind on updates on this, that I don't know where to begin!
Firstly (is that really a word?) I had my last chemo treatment on Monday...three days ago. Now for the PET scan scheduled for 8/19/2014. This scan will show hot spots which indicate if the cancer has spread. I, along with everyone else having this done, get anxious about the results. I have a rather negative attitude on this anyway. It could show clear which really doesn't relieve my anxiety. I'm an RN that has worked too many years in hospitals and on Oncology units to really trust that this test, if shows no spread, is something I can rely on for long. I have no symptoms of this cancer affecting any of my vital organs right kidney, liver or lungs, but once diagnosed with the BIG C, one never really  trusts that it is ever really gone.
Oh, wow..this is becoming way too depressing isn't it?
It's just a statement on how I'm feeling. My post, my right.

Now..I'm done with that!
The weather here is wonky. Rain, rain and more rain but only for a few minutes every day then the clouds fade, the sun bursts out, the temperatures rise, the top gets dropped on the roadster and I'm outta here.

The husband has been home a lot lately. So have I. He left for Colorado on Monday and I just left. Left the house to run the roads, dink around, hang out in a few stores and only because I haven't been a "free bird" for a while. It's not that I can't leave when the husband is home but that I really don't care to just leave him here while I go "kill some time" hanging out in stores and checking out all the new stuff. I can do that guilt free when he is gone on a job and for the first few days he is gone, I'm burning up some tanks of gas! Today, day four, I stayed home and cleaned house and did a crawfish fettucine for Ted and Carrie. I was back in domestic mode.

Another thing I do is go to a matinee..alone! I'm so used to the 'loner thing' that I have no qualms about doing things by myself. I've never minded going to dinner alone, to a bar or to a movie alone or on a long trip alone. I like being with myself; a selfish thing maybe. I don't have to explain to anyone or arrange my free time to yours or discuss and choose what to do, where to go or what to eat. It's a feeling of pure freedom for me. I'm a gypsy at heart.

Am I rambling? Yes, maybe. My blog. My Post. My Right.

I'm off to bed with my little friend, Ambien.