Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Trip June 20, 2018 Day 1 and 2

"When Nana? When are we leaving?"
I had no answer for her. As June rolled along, and doctors appointments were met, an answer would soon be available for my 12 yr. old granddaughter.
 Doctor appointments and labs were being ticked off, the answer to her question was becoming more clear.
June 20th we visited my last appointment; my ortho doctor related to the pain I was having in my shoulders. I suspected rotator cuff tears but the X Rays showed none and if there were tears they might be so small that only an MRI would reveal them. I opted to continue on with Mobic and let time settle this.
"When Nana? When are we leaving?" Carrie's question hovered over me and this time I had an answer. "Now Carrie; we are leaving now!" and we did.
Our suitcases had been packed and waiting in the trunk of the car. I'm a spontaneous sort so I was prepared for a exit that too would be spontaneous and we were on our way.

Six hours would put us in San Antonio where we would spend the night and explore the city the next day. By the time we reached Houston, the skies had darkened and the rain that was forecast was bearing down. It came down in sheets, lightening flashing and thunder roaring, we had to get off the highway. Cars and trucks were exiting interstate to find a safe place to wait out the downpour. I contemplated getting a room and driving on to San Antonio in the morning but the fear of waking to find my car underwater changed my mind. We waited. Soon the rain slowed to a fine pattern of scattered drops. We reentered the highway and moved cautiously along.

Our first night was spend just outside of San Antonio. A Motel 8 was our home for the night. Carrie is a little nervous about my choice of hotels since the trip we made last year and one of our stays left us wishing we had picked a different motel. Arriving at this hotel, I slipped out of the car and into the lobby where I asked the clerk if I could see the room we would be renting. She extended a key and pointed me to the room. Gathering up Carrie from the car, we went to check out the room which was delightfully clean and acceptable.

A little information for my readers on The Trip.
Carrie and I have no specific plans on this trip. We know San Antonio is our first stop but other then that, we have no idea where we are going or how long we will be traveling. One goal is to pay less then 100.00 a night on accomodations  which we accomplished with our stay at this Motel 8. Clean and safe and less then 100 dollars is our goal. The last time Carrie was in San Antonio, she was only three years old.

This trip she will remember.

Up and about, it's now June 21st and we are visiting the Alamo. Pictures and pictures and more pictures. We walked through the old stone structure peering into the rooms through thick walls of rock and crude construction. Soon we exited to the beautiful grounds and walked the paths through the gardens finding our way to a tent where a video was being shown on the history of the Alamo.
The River Walk was our next stop, lunch and then to stroll the streets and visit the shops where Carrie had her hand dipped in wax and then in cold water and back again into the hot wax. After multiple repeats of this process, her hand was removed from the wax and the peace sign featuring her hand form was revealed. This wax hand would have to be kept cool and the challenge was to keep it in the ice chest without being crushed. More on the hand's journey a little farther on. . Later it was to Ripley's Believe It or Not for the remainder  of the afternoon. Carrie got to choose what she wanted to do and this was exactly what we did. Three floors to this exhibit of weird and wonderful, Carrie oohed and ahhed  and kept pleading "Nana, look at this!" and "Ooooh, look Nana!" and I did. I followed her from floor to floor, my weak knees protesting all the stairs. and a few rest stops needed. I should have done a exercise routine before starting this trip.
Late afternoon and we were back in the car and headed west. We talked about California but weren't sure we would make it that far. It was a goal to attain.
Texas takes a while to cross.  500 miles of Sand and sage and ahead before reaching El Paso but before that  was Luling. I've never came through Luling without stopping for BBQ.The ribs, the brisket and the sausage was on my mind  My mouth watered as the sign on interstate declared Luling was just ahead. Soon Luling was but a dot in my back glass as Carrie didn't have the same feeling about BBQ as I do. We kept moving west.
Eventually New Mexico state line appeared and we moved west still. After a long day of driving and a few stops, we arrived in Casa Grande, Arizona. It is now Friday and a good time to take a break before heading to the coast.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Number 1..2018, March

I've been absent. My daily musings haven't been daily and not even monthly. I've lapsed..a lot. I have no excuse for this lapse. As with a diet, once you veer off path, it's easy to stay lost and not find the path back to your goal or as in the case of my writing, my online memory bank.

Now to catch you up. For the past three years, the husband has been home..a lot. Except for 81 days last year when he did a contract job, he has been around the house and that may account for some of my lapse. 
Yesterday I tried to use the weed eater and became very frustrated that it didn't thread as I remembered. I was at my daughter's house to work on her lawn. I haven't done lawn work for almost three years as that has become my husbands' sole domain. In anger, I called home to ask him if he had changed the head on the weed eater. I had to come back home with it and that's when he showed me how to thread it and the weed eater I remembered using the last time I did lawn work was the OLD weed eater. Since that one expired, I had purchased a new one that loaded the string totally different and didn't remember doing this. Should he go back to work full time, I will have to be retrained on all the lawn equipment because it then becomes my job to keep up appearances.

I still get to make the bed and clean the floors and cook. Will the fun ever stop? No. Housework is never ending and under appreciated. Occasionally I go on strike. I Netflix for days while watching the dust accumulate, the bits of debris that collect on the floors, the rumpled bed and the fingerprints on the glass doors. 

Summer is approaching and I'm getting nervous and a bit sad. I'm not a fan of the heat and humidity. Right now we are enjoying our 20 minutes of spring. The azaleas are in bloom, the Easter lilies and the flower beds are ablaze with color. It's time to do some deep cleaning on my car. This is something I do before 'sweat season' arrives. I cleaned out the storage building and neatened it up; another chore done while still enjoying the cool mornings. ....and I have left this posting for almost two weeks!

I'm back. I veered off path again and I'm now returning to this post. I use to be so diligent on posting as was a few of my online friends. We posted daily. I've lost track of Pearl and her postings. She was awesome. Buffalo..another amazing writer has passed on to the great print station in the sky, the exact location unknown. 
Friends and acquaintances, they come and they go. They flit through your life, dancing and whirling with their jobs, families and activities. One becomes involved and includes them and upon their leaving, the niche they occupied leaves a gap in the links of your life. That chain will be filled or that gap will shrink leaving you with memories only and hopefully the memories will be enough. Goodbye Pearl and Buffalo; I miss you both.

I seldom post negative things on this blog but another loss I must mention is the loss of one of my brothers. I won't go into great detail but suffice it to say, the memories of our youth flooded my brain. I still seldom pass a day without thinking of him. Of seven children, he is the first to pass. Our lives as adults were separated by many miles so most of my memories were in that house of seven. I'll miss you always bro!
I started this post in March and here it is well into the month of April. Maybe I'll get into the swing of things and do at least one post a month. I'm done for now.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Bonin Walker#3----an UPDATE

(see previous post on Bonin Walker#3)
Today Carrie and I again headed to Walmart. Our goal? To buy a bicycle for the Bonin Walker #3.

The young lady walks to work in  the unbearable heat of a southern summer. Trying to find a bicycle  yesterday was a bust. The bikes at the Walmart closest to my house were not acceptable. The team hired by Walmart to do their bike assembly had not put them together correctly and the brakes on them were locked to the tires. This caused us to continue our hunt for a bike today.

Success. Within a few minutes of entering the store in Broussard, we found a bike that would fit our requirements; a 26 inch gray beauty. Our choices were limited as to color for the size and the price range we were seeking. This one would be sufficient.

We rolled that bike to the front of the store, paid for it and proved to the
guard at the exit door with the receipt, the bike was not being shoplifted.  Carrie helped load it into the car. She was so excited that the young walker would be getting a surprise. I explained to Carrie the young woman was trying to support herself and needed a little help. We all need a little help somewhere along the way.

The bike was delivered. The young woman shyly thanked us and we drove away. Our next stop was at the auto parts store and then to Carrie's friend's house where she would be spending the afternoon.

As we drove through my subdivision, a biker was seen heading down the same street toward us, hair flying in the breeze. Closing the gap between us, we identified the rider! It was the young Bonin Walker flying along on her new bike. She gave us a big smile, waved and kept rolling past us. Carrie and I were both smiling. I don't know if she was just enjoying the newly acquired freedom with this ride or if she was on her way to see a friend in this neighborhood but Carrie and I were both thrilled that she had that option. The sun beat down on this hot afternoon but it didn't keep that young woman from enjoying her new 'ride'.
It makes me smile to know she is enjoying her 'day off'. Tomorrow that bike will be the vehicle to get her to her job!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bonin Walker #3

She walked beside the narrow paved road that is named Bonin. Her uniform of blue slacks and blue shirt edged in an orange stripe announced her profession.  She works at the Sonic Drive In and can be seen trudging to work in 90 plus temperatures and the dreaded humidity we endure in the dog days of summer.

A petite, thin young woman, she must be at least 18 yrs old to own a full time job at her place of employment. Her sweat soaked light brown hair clung to her skull. Her blue eyes appeared huge in her thin face. She looked too weary for her young age.

   I eased my car to the side of the road about 10 ft. in front of her and hit the window button on the passenger side to drop the window. As she walked up, I asked "Do you need a ride?"

Too tired to smile, she nodded her head and got into the car. Little conversation ensued other then the information on where she worked.  We rode in silence. In a few minutes we arrived at Sonic; she gave her thanks, smiled and walked into her job.

A few days pass and again I'm on Bonin. Again, I see the same young lady but this time
she was walking away from her job. Again, I pulled to the side of the road but this time I didn't question her need of a ride. She spoke in a soft voice that was difficult to hear. I assumed she lived in the trailer park and she confirmed that as she directed me to her street.
The trailer was in a less desirable part of the park. Parts of this park, the lots are owned by the people living on them and they have been there for years while parts of the park are rental property.   Some of the rentals are obvious. Junk cars and rubbish litter the yards, where the grass is scarce. Very young children play in the dirt yards; teens bounce a basketball with friends while parents relax in the shade available. Sprinkled among the rentals are the lot owners. Yards are fenced and manicured. Not all the lot owners are this neat but the majority of them are.

The trailer sat back  from the road on a dirt lot beneath a huge oak tree. Litter sprinkled the lot like confetti on a cupcake. A tired bike sat among the debris that was the front yard. It had a flat tire and that's why the young lady was walking to work.

I asked her to get the bike for me while I got my air compressor out of the trunk. Airing up the tires was fruitless. The back tire was dry rotted and would not hold air. I asked when she worked again and she stated she had "tomorrow" off.  Loading the worn out bike into the trunk of my car, I told her I would try to replace  that tire.

My next stop was to pick up Carrie to spend the night with me. As she rounded the car she noted the bicycle  protruding from the trunk. I explained the reason and off we went to Walmart. My good deed for today would be to find a new bicycle for this young lady that was trying so desperately to support herself. Carrie is a generous soul and was so excited that this young lady would be getting a surprise. Carrie shared with me that her mother also picks up this young lady when she sees her walking. I suppose this gesture of empathy runs strong in my family.

We left Walmart without a bike. None of the bikes in our price range worked correctly.  The  brakes on them were installed too tight and they 'dragged' making it difficult to move the bike forward.  We left that store without accomplishing our goal.
Today Carrie and I will go to another Walmart that is a little farther away. We need a bike before tomorrow to get our Bonin Walker #3 some independence. An update will follow!