Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warm, Floors and Tirades

Spring has returned once again and it's 67 degrees here today. The sun is shining so brightly I need to find my movie star sun glasses.
The flooring is going and slowly. One bedroom done and part of the hallway has been laid. I operate a bit differently then daughter does when doing a project. I like to forge ahead until it's finished. She will start another project halfway through one project and this I can't do. For craps' sake, finish one thing before starting something else.
On another note, I have a question for anyone viewing this. Do you have an LCD flat screen television? I do and it's not something I want to brag about. In 2006 we bought a Samsung 45 inch TV for the bedroom. It sits high upon a chest of drawers and from the bed it appears as though you might be in a movie theatre (big TV for bedroom size). Before purchasing this television we did our homework and researched and researched and reached the conclusion that a Samsung was the best you could buy in an LCD and off to Best Buy we went. Plunking down 1500.00 plus tax, we left the store with this high definition monstrosity that was promised to show the sweat on football players on the field of play. I've mentioned this before? Yes, I have and I'm still confused about why we needed to be able to see sweat but I'm guessing we are talking clarity and high def here.
This TV is now trash. I'm angry. Repairing it will cost 600.00. I've mentioned this before too haven't I? Well, replacing the part that is defective with another that is weak and won't last long is not an option. I did a search on the web "complaints about LCD TVs" and was bombarded with complaints about all brands of LCD's. Apparently most of them are trash. Now, I ask you, what do I replace this one with? That's the same question I asked the husband tonight. I told him about all I have been reading about LCD's and also told him I didn't want to buy another one. We've agreed to keeping the Samsung until it completely dies which by the looks of it won't be long, and then using the one in the guest bedroom which is another LCD but smaller and a Toshiba. The sad part is, you can't buy a tube TV any more. They stopped making them so that is not an option.
The makers of these wonderful LCD's are ignoring the consumer complaints. (see I'm wondering how long that can continue. My question is, who has an LCD that has lasted longer then 3 or 4 years? I would be interested in finding out if any of them have lasted that long or longer.
I'm taking my tirade off here and heading for the bedroom where I can watch a television show peppered with purple pixels and black lines across that 45 inch screen. Technology, don't ya just love it?
One last note; some fyi. I've seen the ads lately about LED (light emitting diodes) as the newest thing. Now Samsung came out with this and of course those TVs are more expensive. The catch to this is it's not a different TV as they would have you believe but an upgrade added to the LCD's (Liquid Crytal Display). The LED is a backlight to make contrasts sharper, ie. blacks appear blacker and whites whiter. They are still LCD's but instead of the bulbs they have the backlight. A bit misleading is their advertising on this. And now you know. So if you care about blacks and whites and don't forget sweat, then rush right out and pay a chunk of money for a few years of viewing pleasure. And now I'm off to bed.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter again

As the snow slams the regions to the north and east, we get to feel the blast of chilled air here in the deep south. This has been the longest coldest winter I can remember here. Usually we have a couple days of cold then weeks and weeks of mild weather then another few days of cold weather. The rains came through last night and pulled the cold air in behind it. I suppose that rain translates to snow up north. The natives here are downright testy. I can't believe what a bad attitude these cold days have produced. Everyone is complaining and gritting their teeth and hanging on for summer to arrive. Not me. I hate the heat. I can put on pants, sweater and socks and survive quite well, thank you very much. I do not look forward to the summer months arriving.

Today the daughter is putting new flooring in and I'm more excited about this then she. I'm in charge of watching. I think I'll wait till it's done before I appear just in case patience wears thin and forced niceness is in play there.

I continue to clean and polish everything in sight and have already been at it again this morning. I hate the thought of not being able to do anything for the next two months after the surgery. I discovered something though.If I take two Aleve at bedtime, I can get out of bed easier in the morning because the Aleve is on board and doing it's thing. It will start to wear off later this evening and I'll take two more before bedtime. Aleve can only be used 10 days consecutively and then I switch to ibuprofen for a few days then back to the Aleve. I surely hope this surgery does the trick although reading about this procedure makes me a little leery of it being a cure all. It's a wait and see thing.

I'm outta here to go look at televisions. An LCD or a LED? I don't know which one I should be looking at but I would like one that lasts longer then 3 years! That's how long that massive Samsung lasted and it was supposed to be THE brand to buy. I just wish they still sold the old bulky ones. It appears that the new ones are not lasting more the 4 years unless you get really lucky.

We live in a disposable world. I grew up in a time when you made things last or fixed what broke. Today you pitch it and buy new. Too expensive to repair.

Maybe I won't go looking for a TV. I feel the mood sliding away.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, End of the Month and Closer

I remember when I use to count the days till the weekend and I always knew what day of the week I was on. Some days I'm totally lost and the only thing that offers a save is if it's Monday night or Tuesday morning or Thursday night or Friday morning. That's the garbage days. We put those tall flip top bright blue garbage containers out on Monday night so it nudges my memory of the day and then Thursday night rolls around and the gray flip top recycle containers are put to the curb. It's just those days in the middle of the week that confuse me.

I might need to find a part time job as soon as my heel is repaired. Maybe just schedule some work for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That would leave me with a long weekend and every weekend off. Thursday would then be my "anticipation Friday". I could handle this I think.

I'm ploughing along here and getting those things done that I've slacked on for the past year. Those things like pantries, closets and cupboards. I'll be so organized by the time of my surgery although I might not be able to get to or into those closets it will be done.

More coffee, a hot shower to loosen up the joints and I'll be ready to attack the day. One other thing. I remember when I couldn't mention the word "joint" without having a moment of salivation. Ah the good ole days.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smell My Finger

Have you ever said this to someone while holding forth your finger to them? Don't they rear back their head to get as far away from your finger as possible? Is this an inbred reaction or a learned reaction of self preservation? I know you must be wondering where I'm going with this and I assure you, I'm getting to it.

Carrie and I were lying in bed; she with a movie in the DVD player and I propped up on pillows in bed reading a book. I get absorbed when reading and if you made a comment I will have to surface from my book to ask what you said and have you repeat it. This is where I was the other day with Carrie beside me in the bed. She wanted to play and would roll her body over my chest at which time I would put the book aside and tell her to get off me and watch her movie. She would stop for a while then return again to aggravate and interrupt me. I threatened to turn off the DVD and the lights and insist on a nap if she kept disturbing me. For a while this worked and I became absorbed again in what I was reading.

From far away I heard her say something to me and climbing to the surface from the depths of my book, I heard what she said. "Smell my finger" and she shoved it beneath my nose. I don't think I really agreed to her request but that I was so involved in reading that it didn't register what her question was at that instant.

I scrinched up my face, squealed and shoved her hand out of my face and said "WHERE did you have your finger??????" This said as I was scrambling backward away from her while swatting her hand out of my face.

She said with the biggest grin "My butt".

Don't they say the cutest things though? I dragged her off the bed and to the bathroom to wash her hands and quickly called her mother to rat on her. When daughter could quit laughing long enough to speak, she asked "Who is crazy enough to agree to smell someone's finger?" I didn't agree. I didn't have a chance to "disagree".

For the rest of the day, when I walked by my daughter I would shove my finger beneath her nose and shout "smell my finger?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

The telephone ringing has sounded through the house today with wishes for a "Happy Birthday". It's just a phone call but I enjoyed everyone of them.

I hurried off this morning to do some furniture "looking". I want to get some night stands for that big bed that was delivered yesterday. A few possibilities were found but nothing I've committed to so I will continue to look and will probably end up back where I was today to purchase the nightstands. It just takes me a while to commit to handing over my money.

The upholstery shop was my next stop. My sofa cushions are looking a bit tired and flat and it might be time to do something about them. Can you believe a piece of foam for one cushion is 15o.00? I have three sofa cushions. Count that up and it will scare ya. I had an idea. Since flipping the cushions over didn't help I decided to pull the "L" shaped foam out of the cushion covers, cut off the small part of the "L" shape and flip the foam back to front where it wasn't worn down. I put the part I cut off back into the short part of the "L" shape of the cushion then inserted the remainder of the foam and it worked! The squished down part is now to the back of the sofa and the sofa cushions that make up the back section cover the squished down part. Voila! I'll wait till this doesn't work any longer then I'll take the whole sofa to the upholstery guy, pick some new fabric, new foam and have the whole thing recovered. This sofa is down filled and ultra comfy and I don't want to give it up. I'll just have it rejuvenated one day.
Mid way in this project my daughter calls to take me to lunch. I'm on a diet. No lunch. We opted for a movie instead and went to see Shutter Island. One word. STRANGE!
After the movie we did a few errands and I returned home to finish my sofa cushion project. All in all, I've had a good day. Talking to old friends, spending time with the daughter and getting some things done around here was satisfying.
That was my day. Not an exciting day but a comfortable one. I'll end it with a long hot shower and some television and the best part of it all is tomorrow I won't have a hangover. I do remember those birthdays and I don't miss em at all!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures in Cuisine

I had a plan yesterday and I slid into my car and eased out on the highway, the radio tuned to some rock and roll. Except for the music, it was quiet in the car. Carrie was home and I was out on my own for a while. My plans were to find a Lebanese cafe but instead I stopped at an Indian restaurant. Although it wasn't what I had in mind it still was a first for me. The food was quite tasty and I was a little surprised that I found it so.

Today after the bed was delivered and set up, my daughter, Carrie and I made it our goal to find a Greek/Lebanese type place to try. Within a few miles of the house we found just what we were looking for. We entered and were seated at a booth, menus were passed and drinks served. We ordered an appetizer sampler.
When it was delivered to our table we both viewed this platter of paste like substances. Should we have been in need of teeth, the pastes in front of us would have posed no obstacles to being consumed. A basket of golden brown pita bread rested in a metal wire basket to the side.
I have to say, it looked like food the hospitals served up to patients that can't chew or swallow whole food. The other odd thing was most of it appeared to be gray in color if gray can be considered a color. Babbaganouche, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, spinach pies with cheese, feta cheese and rice with lentils and a dressing like substance was arrayed on that platter. The spinach pie was awesome, the grape leaves leave a taste in my mouth as though I had swallowed paint and the babbaganouche left an aftertaste of something very sour and salty and saturated in garlic. The feta cheese was yummy and the rice and lentils were also good. Hummus? I could take it or leave it. It's not something that I will crave and have to search out a Lebanese cafe to indulge. I plan on making another visit and ordering a meal of which they had a large selection. I'm going to give it one more try minus anything with grape leaves. I really don't think I will ever think of this food in the same way that I do Asian food or Mexican food or the food of this region of the United States.
It was an interesting two days of culinary education. I'm craving a greasy cheeseburger and some crispy french fries. So much for an eclectic palate.

Missed The Park, Too Cold

Carrie and I checked the temperature outside yesterday. It was 60 degrees but not a warm day. The wind was blowing and we decided this was not a good day to go to the park. Around noon I directed her to her house to hang out with her mom. I wanted to go shopping. My first stop was an impulsive one. I stopped at a Indian restaurant. I had never been to the place before but I was ready to live dangerously and try something different.
Entering the foyer, I was greeted by a young blond girl dressed in Western attire, no sarongs here. She reached for a menu and I asked to see the menu right there in the foyer. I think she is accustomed to the hesitation of the customers that enter here for the first time. I could smell the spices in the air and none of them were any I was familiar with. When I asked if she enjoyed the food she was adamant and addicted. At least that's what she said. She was eager to explain some of the foods on the menu and I agreed to be seated.

A buffet was set up along one wall. I decided that the best way to try a variety was to join the line at the buffet. I'm going to tell you right now that I don't remember what a lot of the stuff that I ate was named but I can tell you it was all delicious. Very little meat, mostly vegetarian fare but I was surprised by my opinion of it. I know there were a lot of chick peas, spinach steamed with cheese, and ha! Tandoori chicken, the only thing I can remember. There was a stew, tomato based with peas and potatoes, flat bread and different chutneys to put on your food or dip the flat bread into. There was shrimp in a tomato base, mustard and tamarind and ginger can be detected in these stews. I will go back to this place but today I'll try Lebanese food if I get out of the house for a while.
After lunch which I didn't linger over, I visited a few furniture stores and retraced my steps back to the original store that housed the huge Century bed I had my eye on. The husband kept encouraging me to go get that bed so today I walked in and nodded to the sales lady to ring it up. I just have to say this. It should come with an engine. I feel that when you pay that price for anything, it should have a motor and wheels. I shall leave it at that. I'll take my time finding some night stands to add to it and maybe a dresser. My problem is I have those items in that room right now and will have to find a place for those before I bring anything else in.
And, on another note, don't we have SOME nerve upsetting the Canucks by winning that hockey game? Isn't hockey "a Canadian thang"? I must admit, I haven't been following the winter olympics this year and I don't know the why of that so don't ask. I'm just busy? No, that can't be it. I think it's because the skaters were my event to watch and this past year I haven't kept up with the national or world events on them so I'm clueless as to who trained, who skated and who won any of the lower level awards so I didn't follow then into the olympics. Shame on me.
Speaking of shame, everytime I see a Toyota going down the highway, I wonder if the driver of that vehicle is uncomfortable or even frightened. It reminds me of the Pinto by Ford. Everytime I saw one of those little cars, I wondered if the drivers were looking in the rear view mirror in fear of some one rear ending them and the gas tank exploding. Remember the tire scare when all those tires were blowing out on the Ford trucks? You might want to double check that last statement as I can't guarantee that it was Fords that had that problem.
We have a winter advisory in place for this area? Snow on Wedneday for Acadiana? Where are my socks? I don't ever remember this cold nor this long a winter as we have had this year. I can't move any further south without having webbed feet, at least in this state. Maybe I should consider to the left, Texas or to the right Florida. Either state would allow some drift south. Maybe I'll just find those socks and endure.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Duck Day

I slept in intervals last night and none of them were for very long. I hate it when I have a crappy sleep night and this one followed the one from the night before so that's two in a row! I won't take an Ambien when Carrie stays overnight and she almost made it home but in the driveway she made her mother angry at which time her mom got short with her. She started crying and as I loaded her into her car seat in the Jeep she was trying to obey her mother's warning that she wasn't going to listen to her crying on the way home. She was trying to hold in her sobs and as they backed out of the driveway and started forward I called out and ask her if she wanted to spend the night. Of course she did. She knew where her friends were at that moment and staying here with me was the better option. On the way to the bedroom she said "Nana, I wish I lived here with you all the time", to which I answered, "But what about Mom?" She looked up at me and with tear stained face she said "She can have Teddy." Tomorrow will be better and she will miss her mom and want to go home.
Right now the temperature is 60 degrees and in a few hours with some sunshine it should warm up a little more. I'll take her to feed the ducks in the park. We will tear the hamburger buns into tiny pieces and throw them at the ducks and the nutria, swing on the swings and use the slides and hopefully there will some moms there with their little ones that she can play with.
She is still asleep which is the perfect time to get a shower and dressed and that is where I will be.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ouch, Damn It

Nothing like a little fear to inspire you to get things done. When I think about being on crutches and in a wheelchair for two months, I look around at all the things I should have done and the anxiety starts to build. I've already decided that I'll have my car cleaned at some auto laundry. The house? I'll do what I can when I can and try not to stress about the rest. I was so frightened I cleaned out and washed out the fridge, sorted and discarded and then moved to the pantry and did the same thing. Since I was on roll, I cleaned out the junk drawers. That should be singular but I don't know how it turns into multiple junk drawers but it does.

I dragged out a set of dishes that are going to my daughters and why the hell have I kept a sun tea jar that hasn't been used in 10 yrs? That went too but to the Goodwill store.

I took Ted home and Carrie came back with me. I told her I was cleaning and she would have to entertain herself. She grabbed the stethoscope from the drawers I was cleaning along with the blood pressure cuff and headed to doll land to do a check up on her babies. I worked alone for a couple of hours; she headed for the office computer to play some games. When I finished with the junk drawers, I headed for the living room to take a break and sip a cup of coffee. Sitting here typing this, I looked around the room and my eyes settled on a lamp sitting on a cocktail table beside the big chair. Wrapped around the lamp was my stethoscope knotted neatly and draped like a tassel. My brain refused to accept this; I had to look at it a little longer. I looked at it and wondered what she was thinking when she decided to decorate the lamp with the stethoscope. I do intend on asking her why she did it. It might be interesting to hear her answer.

My feet feel as though I've worn them off to the ankles. I'm not used to being on my feet so long. I need to build up some endurance maybe? Maybe not. I just looked at the back of my foot and it is now so swollen that I will have to ice it down this afternoon and stay off of it.
I'm outta here to coax Carrie into going home so I can relax the remainder of the evening and stay off my foot!

Education for Ted

I have plans. Ted got a "heads up" about those plans last night so today is another test for him. We are going to install mini blinds in the Little House and he gets to operate the drill and install the brackets. It's a learning thing. Ted scares me. He's almost 17 yrs old and aren't you supposed to have learned some basic repair skills by then? I try to remember back to when I was his age and I think the answer to my question is "no". I really wasn't interested in learning anything remotely related to home repairs. My interests were in a car, gas in that car and gathering up friends to go hang out. I think I needed more direction in my life at that time although I would have probably resisted any such help.
Yesterday Ted cleaned the Jeep's interior. He had to go back a few times over some areas that weren't quite up to standards. Mine. I directed him to the rocker panels and door jams that needed cleaning and I explained to him that cleaning out a vehicle is not just emptying the trash and vacuuming the carpets. The whole interior needs wiped down especially since there are smokers that use that vehicle and a toddler that spills stuff regularly.
Excuses, excuses. Ted would manage to conjure up some lame excuses for why he hadn't cleaned certain areas but I try to redirect him; he has a bit of ADD. You can't task Ted with a list of things to do. One thing at a time. I'm not counting on him to develop into a brain surgeon someday.
I'm off to get showered and dressed. Tomorrow I'll be busy with my preop stuff. Although the surgery is still a month away, I would rather finish up with my obligations early.
I'm off to unbox some window blinds. I'll be in the back yard if ya need me!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wheelies and Wheels

I don't have a whole lot of time because I'm looking right into 10PM and today has been one of those days where lolling around has been absent. Ted was supposed to wash my car and clean the interior. It's a deal we had. I'm trying to teach him to take some initiative so when we agree on something, I don't hound him to do it. I expect him to do it without me reminding him or standing over him while he does it.

At 2PM he is in the bedroom while I'm on the sofa reclining, eyes shut and pretending sleep. I waited for a while but Ted didn't show. I got up and got all the cleaning supplies and started washing my car. About the time I was into cleaning the windows my cell phone rings and it's Ted wanting to know where I was. "Washing my car" I said. "Well, Nana, I WAS going to do it", he says and to that I said "When?" He came outside and finished up the windows and since he had promised me a car wash and I missed out on that, I told him we would go get his mother's Jeep and he could clean that one and that's exactly what we did. He really should have cleaned my car as it was a lot less dirty and therefore easier and faster to clean.
A few hours later we finish up with the car chores and returned the Jeep back to it's house and reclaimed my car and headed to Peggy's house. Steaks and sausage were on the grill and rice dressing was simmering on the stove. I was more interested in picking up that wheelchair and crutches for my upcoming surgery.
I feel as though I have been on the go all day and right now all I'm interested in is a hot shower and some sofa time. Ted is doing wheelies in the wheelchair and racing up and down the hall way and through doorways. I might have to take some lessons from him on wheelchair maneuvers before it becomes a necessity for me.
I'm tired and I'm done for today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Like

I was up early enough although I had to make a stop by the dentist's office to have some attention paid to that pesky temporary tooth/crown that refuses to stay in place. It seems I'm there every week to have it reattached. The day I get the permanent one in place will be cause for celebration. They say the glue they use is "permanent" stuff which will hold better then what is used on this temporary one. While sitting in the chair there waiting for the doctor to enter the room, I watched the news on the tv attached high on the wall and the breaking news was the small plane that crashed into the IRS building in Austin, Tx. Later during the day I heard the rest of the story about the disgruntled pilot losing job, money in the markets and anger at the IRS. Strange happenings all around the planet lately. Now the professors are carrying guns to the university and killing co workers.

This morning found me in a pissy mood and I know it's because the thought of being dependant on wheelchair and crutches for two months is making me a little crazy. I'll survive it I'm sure but first I'm going to have to accept the sentence of being immobile for two months and that's where this crappy attitude has it's origins. I have had a long talk with myself and when seen in the grand scheme of things, it's temporary, this immobilization. Get over it! I'm tough on myself sometimes. Get over it!

Carrie was delivered to my house early this morning. Her mother had to go shopping for appliances and correctly deduced that this wouldn't be any form of entertainment for Ms. Carrie so she spent the morning with me. From television to laptop to Nintendo and finally a movie on VHS, she entertained herself while I did some morning chores. I bathed her and put her in a new dress so we could takeTed to the pawn shop down the street. The pawn shop repairs the scratches on his X Box game by filling in the scratches with silicone. They charge 3.00 for this service but it restores a 40.00 game cd. Amazing huh?
The weather is a comfortable high in the 50's and is predicted to stay that way thoughout the following week. I'm good with that. I'm going to savor these days that I'm mobile. I'm afraid the next weeks will rocket by and all too soon it will be time for that surgery. I'll polish up my favorite chant "this time next year...this time next year......"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

March 19th

I spent 5 minutes with the podiatrist and he wanted to charge me 145.00 to tell me I need to have surgery. I questioned the amount and he dropped it to 85.00. Ok, I know that isn't cheap but damn it, it's no wonder our health care coverage sucks. I think it takes some nerve to charge 145.00 for less then 5 minutes to tell me I needed surgery.

Anyway, March 19th is the magic date. Tomorrow I will go pick up a wheelchair and some crutches and buy a shower seat for the bath tub. They wanted me to buy a knee walker to the tune of 600.00 but I told them a pair of crutches would work well. To this they told me they would give me a script for a wheel chair as I would need one. I took the script then called my friend Peg who volunteered the use of a wheel chair she has. This surgery will take 45 minutes in outpatient surgery and then two months of no weight bearing at all on it. Maybe SOMEDAY I'll have everything fixed and I will actually be able to walk around a city block! I just want to get this over with so I can again be on the road to recuperation. I've been extremely healthy most of my life and this past year has just been trying on my patience. I feel as though my life has been on hold for this past year and now it looks like the start of this year won't be much better. I'm having a damn pity party and its' very exclusive. No invitations were sent out; no revelers needed or wanted.
I'm taking my party to bed soon. I have fresh sheets on my bed.

Ash Wednesday

The best thing about Ash Wednesday is that it signals Mardi Gras has ended. Let's get back to normal now. The wait at any eatery in town is at least 45 minutes. We went to Texas Steakhouse last night for dinner and the place was packed, the wait was as to be expected. Traffic was bumper to bumper and why we decided this was a good night to go I have no idea.

The husband got home Tuesday morning at 0100 and left again this morning at 0600 for a 12 hr drive to Hollis, Oklahoma. I lived in Hollis one summer and it's really not a place I care to visit again. The big five reasons? Tarantulas, scorpions, rattlesnakes, tornadoes and black widows are plentiful there and I'm not fond of any of them. If I walked out side and notice the natives with their faces turned up to the clouds, I knew they were watching the cloud movement for their prediction of a tornado. During tornado season we would race to the underground earthen cellars or shelters, scurry down the ladder, stay stooped over and take up a seat on the bench like structures that encircled those four walls. One naked light bulb hung from the ceiling if you were lucky and in a wired shelter. We huddled there together with people that were strangers until that very moment and listened to the racket overhead. It made for long summers and ones I don't want to repeat.

Hollis is farming country and cotton growing country. The big cotton gin there could be smelled for miles. The land is dry and flat and perfect area for all those tornadoes. Tornado Alley. If you were out on the highway when the sun went down, you could look out ahead of you and believe you were seeing those heat waves coming off the pavement. Not so. That movement you could see was 100's of tarantulas crossing the road as it was cooling down. I used to have nightmares about my car breaking down and it being covered with tarantulas. Nope, I never put it on my list of places I wanted to revisit.
A quick shower and to the podiatrist's office is my morning plan. I'm hoping there is something that can be done to get this heel back in shape.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bagged and Out

I know that it wasn't that long ago that I cleared out closets and pitched old clothing or stuff that hadn't been worn for ages and ages and it's that time again. Who sneaks in here and leaves all that "stuff"?

I always feel better when I pitch stuff out and clean. It's cathartic for me, much like a laxative. Don't ya feel all clean when you take a laxative? It's a fresh start before ingesting more food and starting over again. Maybe that's why those colonic cleanses are so highly touted on those late night paid 1/2 hour commercials that advertise a squeaky clean colon. I've never really worried about a squeaky clean colon. I figure "out of sight, out of mind" meaning I can't see it so I seldom think about it. Now we have commercials that make you feel guilty for ignoring your colon. I try to ignore as many commercials as possible which I hope not everyone does or some high paid ad exec is going to be in danger of losing that huge paycheck. Speaking of, the advertising job market is on shaky ground. All those college students that were told it was the job of the future our now quickly changing those majors that once assured lucrative positions. There's not much selling going on these days and less buying.
I'm outta here to sort and cull and sort and cull.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Clear as a Bell?

"Look! You can see the sweat on that football player's face" he says. I'm wondering why I or anyone would care if they could see any athlete's sweat. Apparently this is due to high definition and the reason we purchased this huge Samsung television for the bedroom. Flat screen and huge and a must have to watch sports made him happy. Fine.
That was almost two years ago. Today I called the repairman in to see why the high definition wasn't high any longer. Fine black lines were appearing across the screen while the perimeter of the screen had a case of shadows. The gentlemen I called told me I was second on his list to be seen today. I waited all damn day and around 3:30 he shows up. The service call is a flat 65.00 which I didn't think was bad as the other place I called wanted 180.00 to come to the house. He checked the bulbs and then gave me the bad news. It wasn't the bulbs. It seems some panel is unhealthy and this sick panel will cost 600.00 to replace. I wrote him a check for the 65.00 and didn't opt to have it fixed, at least for now. I'll have to discuss this with the husband but I'm hoping he opts for a new television and not a Samsung.
Today Ted and I got busy. I asked him to come to my house and haul some things out of the back bedroom to the little house for storage. That bedroom become the repository for all the wall art, the knick knacks and bric a brac that was removed from all the rooms as they were being painted and redecorated. Less is best or at least that seems to be my motto lately. I'm going for that lean clean look which means you have less to dust, wax and polish. I like this look and I probably should let go of all that stuff that got moved to the little house. Tomorrow I will start emptying out the dressers and drawers. I'm on a roll here and I want to keep the momentum. I have a lot to do.
Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. This signals the end of Mardi Gras. Wednesday I have an appointment with the podiatrist. Hopefully he will know what to do to fix that heel that has continued to be painful. I anticipate another surgical procedure. I'll take the surgery if it fixes the problem.
It's cold here again. I spoke with Ms. K. today and she is livid. More snow and cold headed her way and she is beyond disgusted with the weather where she lives and is threatening to move south if next winter is forecast to be as bad as this one.
I'm watching a movie on climate change more commonly called global warming which is a misnomer. I'm done for today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Searching

Did you know sex toys cannot be sold legally in Alabama? Yeah, I know. You've been waiting for days for this information so that your trip through Alabama can be made safely and all your sex toys can be prepurchased before making that trip.
How in the world did I get to this subject? Well Bill Maher of course. I was watching Bill Maher on HBO doing his new comedy routine. During his routine he mentioned Rev. Aldridge while commenting on religion. This minister was from Alabama and died during a bout of autoerotism(I know this spelling is incorrect). I had to Google this minister's name and found a more descriptive picture of all the toys used during his sexual exercise that lead to his death. A very vivid description of the dildo found encased in prophylactic and hidden in his anus was presented as part of his party time toys. The question then was presented "where did he get the dildo since sex toys were prohibited in Alabama". Of course this lead to another Google search on "Alabama and sex toys". I'm writing all this down here in this blog just in case I get murdered and the authorities decide to take this laptop apart and search for clues as to who murdered me and why. You know this COULD happen. I'm sure the folks that it did happen to were thinking "that could never happen to me" to which they would be horribly wrong. I wouldn't want this laptop to be searched and lead the officials on an erroneous chase based on my searches for Alabama and sex toys. I believe this is called a tangid and I also believe I'm off on one. I might need to be redirected.
Peg and I went to a movie yesterday. Although I had already seen "It's Complicated", that is the movie I chose for her to see. I thought she needed a good laugh and this was just the movie for that. Right now there is nothing showing at the theatre that I'm really interested in seeing. I may have to find some other distraction for a while. I might make a trip to Blockbuster and pick up a movie or two and there's a new receipe I want to try but that I'll have to be really bored to spend my time in the kitchen. Restaurants were made to be used when the husband is out of town working.
I'm going to get dressed and go enjoy the sunshine that I can see from where I sit. It's supposed to be 63 degrees here today!

Mardi Gras Day 2

Thick sweat pants, sweatshirt and thick socks are laid out on the bed for me to wear today. Socks? Yeah, it's THAT cold here. I peeked out the door; a cold air wafted in and wrapped around my ankles and legs that my floor length gown didn't conceal. Frost can be seen on the roofs, cars and lawns lit up by the two streetlights that attempt to hold back the darkness and right now those lights are winning aided by daybreak peeping it's head up to toss back the night. The coffee is ready and I'm balancing a cup of it while surfing through the channels for early morning news. Too sad about the Olympic Luger that lost his life on a trail run yesterday. I can't remember ever hearing of an Olympic contender that was killed before this one can you?

Two days ago I stirred up a big pot of Gumbo and today a pot of chili is simmering on the stove. I share these soups with the daughter and her family. If I didn't share, I would be eating them for a month so I portion out a few bowls for myself and send the remainder along to the daughter.

Today is Youngsville's Mardi Gras parade. This is the only parade I visited last year. Today I'll find something to do that is not as cold as standing curbside to catch beads and baubles. I still have a bag full from last year but the beads aren't the reason I go. The streets are lined with people that set up a camp spot the day before the parade and will arrive early today to spend the entire day along the road with their sofas on open trailers,their BBQ grills and food tables ready for their family and friends to appear throughout the day to party with them.

Today might be another good movie day. I haven't decided on where I will be today but home is not an option.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow bound, Not quite!

With a cup of coffee gripped tightly in my left hand, I reached for the front door knob and swung open the front door for my first look at the day. It's 7:30 AM and for a change I slept through the night without tossing and turning and waking too often and standing in the open front door I viewed a sky full of white fluffy flakes of snow. It was beautiful. I watched for a while as it coated the roofs of the neighboring house and a few flakes gathered on the longer shoots of grass that had browned from the winter weather. I made another trip to the coffee pot to refill my cup and return to the door to watch again but in the short space of time it took me to refill my cup and get back to my viewing the flakes had shrunk in size and were but mere little pinpoints of white. Soon even that stopped, the snow on the rooftops turned to water with the rising temperatures and all the flakes on the grass disappeared too and it was over. That's it. Our snow for the season and it was over much too soon.
Today was Carrie's day to visit her grandother in Lydia so I helped her get her hair brushed and her coat on and snapped into her car seat for the ride to the meeting place to place her in the care of that grandmother. That done, I returned home and I don't plan on any more trips outside the house today. I'm going to do some interior organizing. That's my exciting day. Hope your's is a bit more lively then this one!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Chill

The rain has started falling and it's very close to being sleet. I can hear it pinging off the concrete and the shrubbery by the house. I'm watching closely for any signs of huge fluffy snow flakes at which time I will pick up the phone and call everyone I know that is sleeping in to scream in their ears "It's's snowin".
My camera will be charged up and ready to get some pictures; I'll walk around in it for a while until it melts. That's my plans for today. How about you? If you are in the northern part of the USA you are probably shaking your head and sighing at my silliness and wishing all your snow this way. I figure it this way. If we have to have freezing temps we might as well have some pretty white ground to go with it and since I don't have to drive anywhere today, what's the harm?
I've been watching the talk shows that are having the Saints players parade through and accepting the accolades for their Super Bowl win. Good for em.
It's time to shower and dress in something warm. I've already worn the two articles of clothing that I own that are winter wear. If this keeps up I might have to invest in some winter clothes. Now where are those socks?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Gotta Be Kiddin

Snow in Louisiana tomorrow? The next big event will be hell freezin over. I know that's when a lot of people were saying the Saints would win a Super Bowl. I'm now waiting for the 3 events that happens in the belief that things happen in threes'.

I'm watching the news this morning while sitting here in the living room with a cup of steaming creamed coffee sitting to the right of my laptop. Did I mention I have a lightweight blanket across my lap as I sit here because the temperature is 32 degrees! I can see the sun filtering through the leafless trees and speaking of trees, the maple in the front yard is starting to bud again. If not for the temperatures it would feel as though spring was pushing it's way into southern Louisiana. I even planted a few flowers in the planters lined up across the front porch.

Carrie visited yesterday and entertained us for a few hours. She was happy to be here and I was happy to have her. It had been 4 days since I had seen her and it felt like months that she had been away.

On another note, maybe saving the American Auto Industry was not such a bad idea after all. Since Toyota and Honda are now involved in a major recall, having other options of ownership might be necessary. What happened with those brands? Did they get too relaxed in their ratings for dependability and back off of testing their products? Class action lawyers will jump on the opportunity to gather clients for a lawsuit. I can remember when the airwaves weren't allowed to carry commercials for lawyers and their appeals to people to call them. The lawyers used to do it the old way; that's why they were called ambulance chasers.
It's almost noon and I still haven't managed to step into the shower but that's next on my list of things to do as soon as I get done with this sentence.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chick Moments

Sometimes enjoyable times just leap up and smack ya right in the face. A meeting that stretches the brain and exercises the brain cells in a pleasant way is always welcome. I stopped by Pat's house yesterday and while there got to meet her granddaughter that I had heard so much about. Pat maintains a close relationship with her 26 yr. old granddaughter. Granddaughter is a senior at the university here and will be graduating in December. She plans on entering a master's program as soon as she graduates and then maybe continuing on for her doctorate's.
It was one of those visits where the conversation was dynamic and filled with opinions and views and conversations ensued that flitted from subject to subject spurred on by each person presents contribution. Disagreements were gentle at times and at times not so gentle. Sometimes I was in the middle and other times I floated to the edge and listened. It was much like a visual of being in a pond with waves that easily moved you from the center of the pond to the edge and then pulled you back in again.

Before making the above connection, I had spent a couple hours in a movie theatre for a matinee. I watched Dear John with the lead being played by Channing Tatum. I think that's his last name or at least close. For an actor I suppose being wrong on his last name would be considered a disaster. I really should go look that up if I cared but I don't. I can easily predict that this young actor will be well known and a big movie draw in the near future. I'm trying to see as many movies as possible right now before the Oscar's. It's more fun to watch the Oscar's if you've seen some of the movies that have been nominated.
Sometime later in the morning:
I surfed for a list of the nominees for 2010 and found that some of the movies are on DVD rental at blockbuster. I'm late! For one that has never been a movie watcher or a theatre visitor, I've broken all records this year and it's only February!
The husband just came in from his job and will only be home for a few hours before he has to go back. He came in limping and hunched over. His back is bothering him and he usually has no problems in that area but he strained it picking something up at the job. A hot bath, Icy Hot rub and two Lortabs and he is tucked into bed for a while. The Lortab should help him relax and sleep and that's the best remedy for his situation.
It's time to dig all the stuff out of the car; blankets, shoes (Carrie's stuff) and do a little housekeeping in there. That won't take long and since it's cold outside, the remainder of my day will be spent NOT doing anything else out there.
I'm gone for a while. I'm done.

Monday, February 8, 2010

45 Years and the Wait is Over

Not too many seasons ago the Saints fans would turn their jersey's inside out and beat the ground with them at the games. Insults would be hurled downward to rain upon the heads or helmets of the players. What a difference a game makes huh?
If we don't win another one for another 45 years, this victory is so sweet. I was undecided yesterday afternoon if I wanted to even watch the game. I finally decided to watch the first quarter and decide from then. That done and we weren't beat down bad, I changed my mind and decided to watch till the score became really lopsided then I would quit watching and just wait for the end results on the news. Needless to say, I watched the whole thing and still held my breath until the two minute warning.
Today I'll go buy the husband a Super Bowl shirt and I might even buy a few of them. I'll send one to my step daughter's fiance who used to play for the Colts. Ah, sweet victory.
I have a dental appointment to make this morning. My temporary tooth is not staying attached and I just look plain goofy with a tooth missing to the left of dead center in my mouth.
I want to check the parade schedule and make one of the Mardi Gras parades. Fat Tuesday is Feb. 16th. and on Ash Wednesday the Catholics will be sporting the ashes on their foreheads and the party will be over. I'm outta here to get dressed and gone.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Dat say Gonna Beat Them Saints?

Carrie hears you say "Who Dat" and immediately she pipes up with her clear childish voice "Who Dat say gonna beat them Saints?" Who DAT? It always makes me smile. I'm sitting here watching the last minutes of the 4th quarter in this Super Bowl and wondering if I'll have to teach Carrie a new line to her little Saints chant. We maybe answering "Them Colts gonna beat them Saints".

I've been watching the game and the commercials and then the half time ceremonies with "The Who". It's quiet here as the husband is out of town on a job and Carrie is with her mother. I did make it to the movies this afternoon to see Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges did a wonderful job in the lead of this movie although I can't say it will rate as my favorite movie of the year.
Five minutes and few seconds left in the 4th quarter. At least if we lose this game it won't be a shut out as the scores are close and for that I'm grateful. If we do win this game, I'm happy to NOT be in the 'quarters tonight. I fear it may get dangerous there. The crowds will swell and the crush on the streets is not a place I care to be in.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I've lived here 18 yrs. now and I can still get lost close to home. I can navigate to the usual places I need to go as in the grocery story and different shopping strip malls but the side roads around here are mostly unexplored so I can get lost easily. I've decided I need to get out more.

Yesterday and today I plugged in the GPS and went exploring. Winding down the roads, taking turns which I didn't try to remember so I could retrace my trip and return back home was no concern of mine. I had the GPS plugged in and I had the "home" set so that when I tapped that icon on the screen it would direct me back from wherever I was to my house. I've had the best time just picking out a road and driving along to discover where it would lead. I chose one road winding through cane fields that had been freshly harvested the stubs lined up row upon row, and waiting for the next planting, a few houses that had burned, their skeltons leaning into the ground and the road leading me along to discover sights that seem to have been waiting for my viewing. No rain, dry roads and lots of sunshine and I enjoyed my morning roading around with no particular place to be at no particular time. On the way back I stopped in at a little country store for some cracklins and a link of boudain. My plans were to go to a movie but that didn't happen so I may try it again tomorrow before the Super Bowl.

I'm lazy and it's enjoyable. I'm not making any excuses for my laziness. I'm not even feeling guilty about it. Happy trails to you and you and you.


It's beginning to look a lot like Mexico me thinks. I feared it would come to this.

The husband keeps telling me we are a third world country now, much like Mexico. When I was in Mexico one of the things I noted was the parks and how unkempt they were. Tall brown dead grass, littered with trash and deep in dust, not many people were seen relaxing on blankets and enjoying a picnic lunch. No money was expended to keep the parks vibrant, clean and green. It seems as though our parks here will suffer the same fate. It didn't take long for the cities to plunge into the red and the services be cut. How long have we been in this RECESSION?

Our bright, clean, well lit country may soon become dingy, dirty and dark. Basic human services will start to disappear; women carrying babies strapped to their backs in Mexico and panhandling for food and money to feed their family may be a reality here. Mexico doesn't have a welfare system either. Maybe we should all start speaking Spanish just in case we have to annex.
Well, aren't we cheery this morning? I am really. I'm not in a down mood; it's reality and you know how big this country is on reality. It's just a dose of it on a early Saturday morn.
On the upside, the weather here still sucks. Wait. Did I say I was not in a bad mood? Well, let me tell you the good news. The sun is out and displaying it's beautiful smile over the land. Yeah. I see sunshine and no rain. On that note, I'm closing out here and heading for the shower and fresh clothes and I'm promising myself a day filled with sunshine and fun.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Friday and That's All

With one eye on the weather reports for the north eastern part of the USA, I'm trying not to be bitchy about the wet cold weather here. It rained all dang day yesterday and now water is standing everywhere including on the roads so hydroplaning is a big threat. Though we don't have snowy roads here we do have a huge increase in auto accidents when the roads are like this so I tend to do errands and get off the roads asap.

Yesterday I cleaned up the laptop and the desktop computer of the pictures that were taken January 2010; I moved them all to the external drive for storage where they are neatly labeled in folders by month and year. I printed out the few that I wanted for the new album. Get it? I'm caught up!

I hope to stay current on this. My new printer is awesome although it's an ink hog and after the marathon printing I did the other day, I shot right though that ink cartridge of color. I don't know what the answer to this is. I did go on the web to look for discount ink but it costs as much there as buying it out of Walmart. Maybe in time it will decrease in price.

1926 hrs:

I've been back home and hiding from the weather. It's almost time to wrap this day up and put it away. I'm looking forward to another one tomorrow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's WHAT time?

I rolled over and raised to a sitting position while swinging my feet simultaneously to the floor and rising to a standing position. With a few tentative steps, I tested the right foot and the amount of pain I would experience with those first few steps. Tolerable. Minimal hobbling with maximum weight bearing and I was off. Off to the kitchen to brew a pot of fresh coffee and plunge two slices of wheat bread into the toaster. Now why the hell am I doing all this at 4AM?
I'm shivering in the early morning chill. Again. Why am I up this early?

I'm up because once awake, this brain knows no neutral gear. It leaps into gear and pushes past idle to full speed ahead and if I try to continue to lay in bed all I get is anxiety. I would rather be up and around.

Yesterday I moved the printer out of here and installed the Canon printer that was bought before Christmas. It was a necessity as I had used up all the ink in the old printer that really wasn't "old" at all but it wasn't a Canon. It had to go. I wanted to change it out for the Canon because of the print program that Canon has and that program will only work with a Canon printer. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would be compatible with the new Canon printer and luck be with me tonight, it was! I finished printing all the pictures for the 2009 album, let them dry and put them in that album which is now neatly aligned with the albums past. I was six months behind in this task which I vow to not let happen again. Today I'll buy a new album for this year and print the few pictures taken in January. If I had made a New Year's resolution, which I didn't, it would have to have been a promise to stay on top of this album project.

Carrie is 4 yrs old and each year I start a new album and finish it off at Christmas and end that album. Album #4 was completed yesterday. I think the cuteness factor begins wearing off about this time or maybe it's because getting candid shots of them at this age is near impossible. They learn to pose and sometimes it's a pose that says "take my picture" or it's a view of them sticking out their tongues, making strange faces and gestures which spells the end of anything candid. I taper off so the next album may be a combination of years instead of "a year" in the life of Carrie and family.

In other news and information because, don't ya know, this blog is about any tidbit of boring information I can find to link my brain and memory, I made an appointment with the podiatrist which will come due around the 17th of this month. I want my heel fixed! I'll get two opinions if his offer is to do surgery, something I wasn't anticipating for 2010.
I curled up on the sofa and went back to sleep! It could be the weather. The rain that was predicted is now making it's appearance. Gloomy, wet and cold and under a blanket is the best place to be. A matinee movie might be in my near future!

Happy Birthday Sis!

Today is my sis's birthday and I'm hoping she has a spectacular day all day long, all week long and for the remainder of the year because she is just that special! Our birthdays are in the same month, the 4th and the 24th seperated by a year. Pssst...she's older, said in a faux whisper.
Here's to ya and I only wish we could have spent this day together!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A B C =See dog run.

Most excellent web address right here ---------->
Ain't the web just darn awesome! I posted this at the bottom of yesterday's post so it might have been lost to viewing by some so I thought I would place it at the top of this post. Carrie loves it! We spent some time on the letters in the first part of the alphabet learning the sounds of each letter. By the afternoon she was able to select the letter and place it in the correct WORD by sounding it out. How awesome, grand, friggin great is that? I'm tellin ya I'm just over the moon and out of the ball park excited about this.
Today Carrie and I will practice more of the alphabet. Carrie knows all her colors, shades of colors, numbers and alphabet. I'm trying to get her to put together words now so she can read. I think this approach using that link above is just the ticket.
She spent the night last night and this morning we will hold a class. She likes pretending we are in school. I must remember to make it fun or else her interest will wisp away like smoke from a doused fire. Fun. That's another ploy those crafty kindergarten teachers use on the little ones. At the tender age of 4 and 5 you've got to fool them into learning. Creep up on em and drag them gently to the knowledge.
I'm awaiting the day when she can sit here and type her own blog. I'll let you know and make sure you have a link to it. I'm positive that you won't want to miss those three letter words and 3 word sentences.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Read to Me Baby

I could be in over my head. I watched these two videos (see below) and then we entered into something called "blends" and at that point I wanted to wave a white flag of surrender. To start with, I was never taught by using phonics. We didn't sound out words and I still don't read by sounding out words. Maybe I should be taking a reading class instead of trying to share my "old" knowledge of reading to this little one. I might cause more harm and make it more difficult on her when she enters school. I talked to daughter this morning about having her go to Head Start this coming year. We have agreed on that and now for the tonsil thing. I know one has nothing to do with the other but I want to have her tonsils out this summer along with her brother. They can share this experience together. What are siblings for but to support each other and moan and groan and share cold ice cream together. It will be a good bonding experience and sure to rack up some memories of their childhood. That 12 yr. age difference between them can be ignored when you are sharing a tonsillectomy together.

I've always believed that if you could read well you could do anything. Accomplish anything and be anything. It helps to be good in math too but we shall leave that alone for now. Reading is what I am focused on and I tend to be a bit obsessive and focused narrowly on what I'm interested in and that would be reading. Who knows. Tomorrow I might be more interested in her skills in finger painting. Ah, finger painting the alphabet? I need to back off. One thing at a time.

I think what inspired this was Carrie in her tub last night and her mentioning to me how she was "concentrating". When I asked her if she knew what that word meant, she nodded and I prodded her for the answer. She said "it means focused". Good enough. She's only 4yrs and her vocabulary is advanced or at least it seems so to me. I think she needs to be around other children her age and Head Start would provide her with time with children her own age instead of all the adults she hangs with now.

Maybe I can volunteer to be a classroom helper? The downside to this Head Start class for her is loosing control of what she learns and how she learns. It's at times like these that I wish we lived in a more liberal state. I'll survive. She can pledge allegiance and pray a prayer but I'll draw the line at denying evolution. How can you include "being a scientist" and deny evolution? I would prefer the prayer be kept at home and the sex education taught in school but that goes directly opposite to the beliefs here. Have I mentioned I don't live in a liberal state? I'm keeping a low profile and surviving.

and this wonderful site for learning phonics!


I found my answer. Good ole You Tube helped me with it. I added the You Tube clip to the last post after finding it AFTER I had written that post.
You haven't read my post prior to this one? Oh man! I'll bet you are confused huh? Well, scroll down....and you will understand this "P.S"

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Teacher Gene

I can start from point A and reach point B in explaining something to someone. My daughter says I have the teacher gene. I don't know about that but I do understand to start at baseline and move forward when teaching something new to someone. I have to gather the steps in my head and then proceed slowly and check frequently to make sure the student is getting "it". I can usually watch some one's face and eyes and see the recognition light them up when they get "it".
I am at a loss here on the teaching project. How do you teach one to read? Carrie knows her alphabet. How do I get her to understand the concept of putting the letters together to form words. Is it just a matter of repetition? She can recognize her own name and write her name by putting all the letters together. We practice the large letters and the small letters and now she can recognize the difference. Is it a matter of memorization? She knows we are forming words but does she understand that the forming of words will lead her into reading? She will sit and pretend to read; she will ask me to read the instructions on the Wii game she is playing so she knows what being able to read means. I'm stumped. I'm going to make a visit to the Elem. Ed teacher across the street who is retired. Maybe she can give me a few tips and maybe she will tell me that it is memorizing and I can continue on this path. I'll get back to you on what I discover.
Ah education. Can it be too overrated at this time in our history? I've heard it said "a college degree costs more now and is worth less". Soon the only people with a job will be those with a degree working at Burger King. A scary thought I will admit but still I would like for Carrie to learn to read and I think she would like that too. To this end, Carrie and I have been practicing our alphabet. We are learning the difference between the "capital letters" and the "baby letters".
They do look quite different to a 4 yr old. We get our book and pencils and sit at the coffee table and have our school time. She raises her hand when she wants to speak, something that can't be learned to early. We practice not talking in class unless given permission. We are doing wonderfully and she can write her name and recognize it when she sees it. So far so good but how do I teach her to read and write. Is it all about memorization? Do I teach two letter words to start this? Why don't I know this? I need a teacher friend and one that teaches kindergarten or preschool. The neighbor across the street is a retired primary school teacher. I'm going to make a trip to visit her with a list of questions and hopefully I can get some tips on helping Carrie with her education.
Speaking of education or the lack of it, I now look like those poor toothless people of Appalachia. You know; the ones you see in a movie about mountain people? The ones living far back in the hollows, coveralls, unkempt hair and a few teeth missing from the fronts of their mouths? (cue the music from Deliverance) Well, I lost the temporary crown last night and it's right in the front part of my mouth. It's the incisor tooth or what used to be a incisor tooth before I had to have it extracted and an implant placed with a temporary crown. The temporary crown has to be in place for 4 months to allow the spike that was implanted to heal in the bone. I didn't expect the temporary to stay in place the whole 4 months and for the past few days it has been loose so it wasn't unexpected that I would have it fall out.
I don't think being toothless has anything to do with the lack of an education except for the fact that dental visits are expensive and the better job you have the better dental care you can afford. Dental care is moved down the list of needs when money is scarce. People don't go unless they are in pain which leads to caries and tooth loss. This morning I will make a visit to the dentist to replace the "tooth" and hope it will last for another month. I may have to repeat these visits for the next 3 months until the permanent one is placed.
I have two goals today. I'll visit the dentist at 9AM then visit the teacher across the street a little later today. I'm on my way to the shower and to get dressed in some warm clothing. Yep, it's cold here, at least by our standards.