Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Tomorrow

It's 2100 hrs. and if I sit down, I'll just stay where I drop. Carrie is in the tub, Ted is in his bed and I'm sitting here foolishly typing this when I need to crawl into the shower and see if some of the grease and sweat will slide off of me.

As Ted was leaving this afternoon, he looked at my bike and casually commented that he wished he had a bike. I told him we may go bike shopping later and I would give him a call if I didn't change my mind. His face lit up and he said "Nana, we can ride together sometime." "Ok, great", I said, but no fair scaring me by riding around or too close to me."
We stopped by his house and picked up his truck; the truck that he is allowed to only know that one day will be his. I mistakenly gave his sister a car at 16 and her education took a backseat to her having her own wheels to roll around in. I am not making that mistake with Ted. He won't drive this truck until he is a senior and he understands that. His driving will still be limited until he graduates from high school. I hold the keys to that truck so I get to make the rules.
The truck was built the same year he was. A 1993 Sierra that is in excellent condition, a mere 68000 miles on it and perfectly maintained, I like driving it.

We made it to Academy and within minutes he selected his bike and we returned to his house where I left the truck and picked up my car. He rolled on his new wheels to my house where I picked up my bike and we did "the mile" that I have made my goal.
True to his promise, he was very protective and courteous. He would sing out when he came zipping by from behind me to ride ahead and then turn and come back to where I was making my way through my  1 mile ride.
We were laughing and calling out to each other as he would ride the sidewalk and when it ended into a drop off of dirt and grass he never slowed down but would become airborne before coming down on the other side of the dropoff. My sedate ride must have looked boring to him. He did tell me I was getting a lot better at this. "I didn't see you wobble one time Nana!".
The perfume of some flowering plant was strong as we rode by the darkened houses and we both commented on it. Occasionally he would see a friend of his and stop to talk. It wasn't a problem for him to catch up to me later.
I'm amazed at the progress I've made this week. The notable improvement in the muscles of the right leg, my endurance,  and the improvement in lung capacity is incredible.

I enjoyed my ride with my new bike partner and I think he enjoyed himself too. We talked about doing it again tomorrow. Maybe.

Tomorrow may be as busy as today. Pat at The Corner and I have a date to deliver computers to the Computer Guy in Breaux Bridge, the Toyota needs an inspection sticker and the paper work needs to be signed off to Elise and I have Carrie with me. I've promised Ted his usual treat of a Burger King Breakfast before he goes to school so he will have to stay here with Carrie while I zip over to BK and back before his bus arrives.
How did I get my tomorrow so booked? I don't like a fully booked day.
I do know it's way past time for that hot shower and that is my immediate plan.
Carrie is tucked into my bed watching a cartoon and that wet sound you hear is me in the shower.
I'm done!


  1. What a lovely Nana you are so kind to your grandchildren. Ted sounds like a really nice boy and it's lovely for him to keep you company on your rides.

  2. They grow up and away so quickly. Ted's sister used to spend a lot of time with me but now she has her own grown friends and I seldom get to see her but I have to remember, I was the same age as she is right now and was busy with my friends. Ted is not totally independant so he is still around but I know the day is near when he will move off with his friends. They do return, I just have to be patient.
    Right now, I plan on spending as much time as possible with Ted.
    Of course Carrie is only 5 and she is stuck to my hip like glue! lol


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