Friday, October 15, 2010

WVU Football

First of all, let me say this....."Way to Go WVU!!" The college game was watched here last night and I wore my WVU T-shirt. I usually bury it deep in a drawer beneath my LSU T-shirts. I certainly don't walk around town wearing it. Once I wore a Bama T-shirt while shopping and the comments I got were "nuttin nice".  I made the mistake of wearing a "Sooner" long sleeved shirt on the same weekend LSU was playing that team and it was "nuttin pretty" either. I even had mean remarks from the person checking me out at the store and the people standing behind me were making "not nice" comments. These people here take their LSU seriously. Many of the residents have children attending LSU and the town goes purple and gold every time they have a game up.

 Though I was born in WV, as an alumni of LSU, I know where my loyalties lie. I'll scream for WVU as long as they aren't playing my Tigers!

Carrie spent the night and what a night it was. We laughed and giggled most of the evening. She broke out the hair bows, hers, and did a hair make over on me. I think she had ever hair bow snapped onto my head and I was quite "runway' ready. We shot a few pics which hopefully will never see the light of day.

I was up at 5AM this morning and shortly after that, I heard her shuffling down the hall to appear in front of me at the sofa with a big scowl on her face. I'm supposed to be intimidated and feel guilty because I sneaked out of bed and left her alone. I don't. I just directed her to climb up  and cover her and she goes immediately into a deep sleep which gives me time to
pick up the mess she made from the night before. 
I try to get most of the light housework done before she wakes up for the second and last time of the day and a shower, which is where I'm going right now.
(waving as she exits the laptop!)

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