Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 hrs and Many Tunes Later

Following The Dodge

Passing That Dodge

I'm back to the house. The only big city to pass through was Houston, which  never bothers me. It's Dallas that I try to avoid and when I must drive through that city, it's a stress filled ride.

 The first thing I did was head to the hallway and   hit the "on" switch to the A/C. and then to the laundry room to start up the washing machine.

After unloading the car, I headed to Carrie's house to pick her up and deliver her to her Poppy. It was all down hill after that.

Carrie and Poppy headed for the patio and some outdoor fun. The patio was clean at the start of this fun. I just peeked out and the flower pot that she crashed into with her Barbie car is in broken bits and the soil is spread artfully from one end of the concrete to about 1/2 way it's length. Since the pot was broken and all that lovely dirt was now out and available, why not grab your shovel and your toy bulldozer? Carrie, the typical child, adores playing in the dirt and today she was accomodated. Somewhere during this full filled afternoon, she decided we should have a bonfire and roast some hotdogs. A bonfire in city limits is not allowed. A BBQ pit filled with wood and soaked in starter fluid, flared wildly while she watched in glee. Soon we had speared some hotdogs on shishkabob spikes and we were toasting some weiners. I was wishing for some marshmellows and if we could have talked Carrie into waiting until tomorrow night, our roast would have been a bit better organized.
It's now time to soak the child in the warm bubbled water and scrub some of the dirt from her.
I'm home. Some things never change. Some things I enjoy not changing.

It's time to empty out the suitcase of shorts and summer wear and repack with some warmer type wear. I would hate to end up in a northern state with southern clothes.
I never pack the shorts away here in Louisiana. Shorts and sandals are wearable most of the winter. It's 0600 hours and I'm going to sneak off to the store to pick up some groceries while Carrie is still asleep.

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