Monday, October 11, 2010

Done but Not Over

Tomorrow we leave. Yep, the husband has been released and tonight he will visit the location to lay down his tools and I will be throwing everything but the bath towels and bedspread  into the suitcases. Tomorrow morning, I will be looking over the steering wheel of that Mercury while barreling east on I-10. I've had enough of ye ole La Quinta and every restaurant here in Columbus.
I want to wake up Wednesday morning and stumble into my own kitchen for a cup of coffee without having to get dressed for a trip through the lobby. I want to sit at my breakfast bar and sip on that coffee without having to smile and nod at people I will never see again through eyes that haven't fully opened up and a brain that shouldn't have to be expected to cause my mouth to  utter anything intelligent without a few cups of coffee giving  it a caffeine kick.

I'm ready. I'm ready to slip some music into the CD player and cruise alone down the highway for a few hours.
In a week, the husband may be called back to this location. I think I'll sit this one out in Lafayette. It's almost cool enough to make a trip to New Orleans. Beignets and latte await me at Cafe Dumonde. I'm ready.


  1. I really need to experience a beignet before I die.

  2. Yes truly do and Cafe Dumonde makes some of the very BEST! I've tried to duplicate the coffee they make there and have failed.
    It's easy to recognize people that have been to Cafe Dumonde...they are walking around with powdered sugar all over their shirts.


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