Sunday, October 10, 2010

San Antonio in October


A change in plans so we both went to San Antonio today. A lot of walking, a nice lunch and a visit to the River Walk and then back to the hotel. LSU is playing and it's a game we want to watch.
Crimson Tide lost their game. We listened to a little of it on the way back from San Antonio.

We listened to the IPod, some old tunes from Woodstock. When we got to San Antonio, we quickly parked and started walking. Our first stop was at the Mercado to have lunch.
We walked around the Mercado for a while checking out the wares and then continued to the River Walk. We didn't visit the Alamo. I've been through it three times and didn't feel the need to visit again.
Later we just explored the streets and neighborhoods before heading back to Columbus.

Shiner Texas was on the way back so we did a little side trip to see the brewery.

and a few more pictures from around the city.

oh...and look..some baby boots!


And the trip ends where it started, back in Columbus.
I'm done!


  1. Boots! And Shorts! :)

  2. and shorts! These texans love their boots. Ya gotta love some Texas...beautiful and unique.


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