Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Intentions

It's the end of the week, or at least the 5day week. Tomorrow Carrie will spent the day at her house and I'll scurry around here getting things back in order. I mistakenly think that after she leaves in the evening, I'll get so much done. By the time she leaves, I'm done. I'm done with being awake; I'm done with doing anything else for the day and I'm just plain done!

Today we went into the back yard and kicked a large smiley face ball around. Sun was out but there was a nip to the air. Carrie likes being outside; she got to travel in her swing too. I pulled one of the cushioned chairs off the patio to the yard since that was where the sun was delivering those warm rays. It wasn't bad until the wind would kick up. Carrie would kick the smiley face ball to me and I would return it with a left foot kick. I would have felt like I was in one of those "special" Olympics had my chair had wheels on it.

It's hard to believe that the people in the north eastern states are living beneath a sheet of shiny ice. My sister said everything at her home is glistening with the coating of ice and the trees are boughed down to the ground with the weight of all that ice. She has been without electricity for a few days now and relies on her wood stove for warmth. Pity the poor person that has to haul in all that wood to keep the stove roaring. They had to hook up a generator to plug in appliances and it might be another few days till the power company gets the lines cleared.

It's akin to us being without power when the hurricanes hit here. We suffer from lack of a/c. Which is worse? To be hot or cold? As much as I dislike being hot, I would have to choose to be without a/c then heat. We can always spray each other with the water hose to cool down or stand under a cold shower.

I'm waiting for Carrie to finish her Disney movie. She is watching Bambi today. This is the first time for this one and at times her attention wanders. It might not be as fast paced as what she usually watches. I find that it takes a great deal of action to keep them focused. Since Bambi started off slow she wandered around for a while but evidently the pace has picked up since she is raptly watching. I catch her yawning occasionally; we might be headed for a nap. Nothing wrong with a little afternoon nap for her and for me. So much for all those good intentions on getting anything done.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hitting Home

Poor Blaggo. It was embarrassing to watch him today giving his closing argument. He stressed many times all the good things he had done while in office. How many good deeds can be traded for a bad deed? Two goods equal selling the senators seat. Ok. We're even. One good deal covers the 1 ghosting? That's the way it appeared to me today watching him. 59 votes against him? A clean sweep and I use that word "clean" loosely, and we still have the criminal trial to endure. Ah, politics. How boring our lives would be without the antics of our government who so generously supplies to us all this entertainment.

Now to our economy here in S.W. Louisiana. The layoffs are starting. Dwindling oilfield jobs. The weekly and monthly sweeps have started. I've heard of one layoff today. Not one person, but one company laid off. I'm sure there are others that I haven't heard about. Each week and monthly the jobs will be sliced. We are going to catch up to the rest of the nation now.
I'm still watching.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All About Boobs

"Carrie drink your juice" I said. Carrie doesn't eat fruit so I figured she needs some fruit in her diet. She is a picky eater. Vienna sausages, bacon, sausage, spaghetti, mac and cheese and that is the total list of what she will eat. Her drink of choice is chocolate milk. I don't give her soda pop.

I'm worried that she is not getting all the vitamins she needs. I bought a couple of cartons of fruit juice. Mixed juices with strawberry, banana and orange and thought that would cover the vitamins she is missing.

I gave her a glass of juice and a little later she comes to me and says "Nana, this is not good for me. Chocolate milk is good for me". Good try little girl. I knew threatening her would do no good.
Being all girl and loving all things girlish, I said "Drink your juice. It will make your boobies grow".

With a big smile, she upended the glass and slurped down her juice. She expected immediate results. She pulled up her shirt and checked her chest.
It's not about health. It's about boobs apparently.


I've been watching Blaggo making the rounds on all the talk shows. Really, I've not watched those shows as Carrie commandeers the TV during the daytime but when she leaves at the end of the day, I try to catch up by watching the news programs. Of course they have been showing Blaggo making the rounds of the talk shows. He didn't attend his impeachment hearings but chose to go on these shows to plead his case to the public at large.

His credibility is apparently in the toilet in Illinois; he is pleading it seems with anyone out of that state now. If they have his conversations on tape, does he really think he can refute the accusations made against him?
Which brings me to the subject of denial. I had a friend who asked me this question.
"Would you tell your friend if her husband was cheating on her?"
Emphatically I answered "NO!". Without hesitation I answered "NO!" I may not look really intelligent but I can tell you this, "I'm not mentally impaired!"

"Why?", she asked. "Denial is a protective mode we enter into when the truth hurts to much or the consequences of our actions are to be avoided. I believe that. I've seen it in action more times then I care to admit. If he is cheating, she already knows it. She knows when he is making excuses; when he is suddenly changing his normal routine; when he conveniently has excuses that cover absences or appointments." She is not ready to accept what she already knows. You can substitute "he" in the place of "she" where necessary." You wonder how everyone else can see but he/she appear blind? This applies to other circumstances then relationships.

Denial is watching a movie for the second time and hoping it ends with the heroine surviving that plane crash; the couple on the Titantic survive and live happily ever after.

Blaggo is in denial. Deny it often enough and you may win over a few people that will believe or you may even start believing it yourself.

The trick is keeping a straight face when you are listening to someone in active denial.
He can't see my face through that TV screen. I can roll my eyes, or gasp or laugh. I can even feel some sympathy for someone that has so messed up their career and life.

Denial is self preservation. Denial is your back against the wall. Who hasn't participated?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Carrie and I hung out together. Since she can't drive, she didn't have much choice but to spend the day with me.

She painted my fingernails today. She painted most of my fingers too. Getting control of that little nail polish brush is tough on those 3yr old fingers. I painted her toenails and she did her own fingers. We were having a girl moment. Interspersed in our day were those times when she would turn and say sweetly " I love you Nana". What's not to love about being around Carrie?

We started looking for a part to one of her toys which led to digging through her toy box. Eventually everything in the toy box was on the sofa, coffee table and floor. It was discovery time for all those things she had forgotten buried deep in the toy box.
She found her chicken that does the chicken song and chicken dance. We spent the next 20 minutes doing the chicken dance. She found her mini flash light which needed a new battery and some stuffed toys she hadn't seen for a long time. It was a trip down memory lane for her. It was a short trip ; she's 3yrs old.

We watched Disney cartoons again. The same ones we watched yesterday. I'm always amazed about the fact they can watch the same cartoon over and over and yet again. I can barely sit through any movie once, but I can read and reread a book.

Everyone is gone and I'm catching up on the news. 70,000 more layoffs on Monday which is now being called Bloody Monday. More to come. 2009 is off to a great start. I'm already looking forward to 2010. I have hopes that things will be better since this one that isn't looking good at all. Maybe watching Disney cartoons all day is safer on one's mental mood then watching the news. Maybe I'll just watch Nemo tonight.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cartoon Love

Here we are again with temperatures back up into the mid 70's with sunshine bright and clear. I just went out and watered newly planted flowers. They made it through the frosts we've had in the past few weeks. Frost is the closest thing we get to snow.

Carrie and I have been watching cartoons all morning. Cinderalla got her fella, Tarzan got Jane and now we are watching Robin Hood. Maid Marian will vamp Robin Hood and another successful romance to end this cartoon marathon.

Why don' t we have cartoons showing independant women making their own fortunes instead of flaunting for a prince to take them away from the cinders and housework? Disney was a chauvinist. His females were the same girl in period costume. The Jessica Simpsons in cartoon form. You were pretty/princess or dog ugly step sisters.

What prince would want the ugly girl for a wife? Let's take the chick with the pretty dress and the makeup. I wonder why a child of 3 would be so enthralled with makeup. They are indoctrinated early.

I had to explain this morning what happened to Tarzan's parents. Dead. They were murdered by a man eating tiger. "Why?" she asked. "Because the Tiger was mean." I said. "Why?" she asked. "Because he was hungry" I said. He was mean and hungry. I get that way when I'm hungry" I said. Her eyes widen and she started backing away from me. "Don't be silly" I said. Nana's don't eat Carries'." "Come here and let me nibble on your neck". "Alright, I was jokin".

We were suppose to go to the park today but she is more interested in the romances of the cartoon type. I'm barely staying awake. I've drank 2 pots of coffee; I think the only cure is a nap. I'm going to break the news soon to Carrie that it's nap time. I need it far more then she does. She is probalby scared to take a nap with me. If she asks if I'm hungry, I plan on lying to her.

Me and My Stick

Walking sticks, started out as a necessary tool for the shepherd and traveler. A nice hefty stick was an excellent way to protect against thieves and to keep animals in line. Over time, the walking stick gradually began to be known as a symbol for power and strength, and eventually authority and social prestige. Rulers of many cultures, past and present, have carried some form of walking stick or staff

The above is the definition from Wikipedia. A symbol for power and strength? Why does it make me not feel powerful or strong. Maybe if I was carrying it for prestige but not when I'm using it to replace weight placed on my right knee. I should try for the dowager look. Long cape, upswept sprayed in place hair, big jewelry lots of mascara and a big hat? In my case, maybe I should just try for the sheppard look. A flock of sheep, a heavy wool coat and a beard. Ok, strike the beard. I don't want to have another problem to deal with.

February 3 is rushing right at me. Pre Op time. February is a short month which leads me right to March 2nd when I will have surgery. I'm curious to see if I can board a plane without having the metal detectors start alarming. Maybe I should start thinking about staying away from large magnets? I can see me getting sucked up and stuck and hanging by my knee which brings back visions from a James Bond movie when the villian got stuck to that magnet by all the grillwork on his teeth.

I'll have to check to see if it's titanium. I do believe that is the metal used; one more worry gone.

I have a list of all the wonderful things I can do post op. Walking is on the top of that list. I want to go on a walking vacation. I want to go on any vacation. That won't happen for a while. I'm sure it will be months before I have my normal strength back. That's something I expect; but at least it's the future. I can't start healing till I get it done.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Why couldn't I have been born into a filthy rich family? I wouldn't have cared if they made their money in some shady business, as long as they made a bunch of it. Enough to pass down to me so I could be filthy rich. The first thing on my list of things not to do in my lifetime would be never having to defrost the freezer. I would have the housekeeper do it. Let her slip and slide on the water soaked slick tile floors.

Let her move the hair dryer from place to place, fill those pans of hot water to set on the shelves crusted deep with ice from years of never defrosting the damn thing. Let her empty the cookie sheets that are failing miserably to catch the water as the ice melts. Let her mop up the mess and decide which frozen things in there are unrecognizable and should be dumped in the garbage. Let her wear steel toe shoes while doing this in case one of those frozen things should land on (her)your toes as they are wedged out of the ice.

I would even promise that housekeeper to clean the oven if she would just defrost the freezer. Oh, wait. For a second there I forgot I was filthy rich. I'll hire someone else to do the oven.

Another why. Why didn't someone add a heating element to that monstrosity freezer. One could just empty it and flip the heat switch for an instant defrost. Maybe some do come with a heater? Did I just cheap out and get one without a heater?

One more chore for the housekeeper. She could empty all those laundry baskets that have clothes neatly folded but never put in drawers or put on hangers to go to the closets. My reasoning is that I save the door hinges on the closets by not over using them to hang clothes. I even have laundry baskets that are neatly sorted with under garments and outer wear. I'm organized; yes I am!

I have a lot to do today. My goal: a freezer that actually has the shelves viewable. Laundry baskets with viewable bottoms. I maybe setting my goals too high for today. I'll adjust my goals as my day proceeds.

And so my day goes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ooops, You've Fallen

Hurrah, Hurrah! I've made it out of the house and I made sure to bring my trusty walking stick just in case I need it. I've wrapped a brace around my knee and it actually feels pretty good for the moment. Sometimes the brace helps and sometimes after it has been worn for a while, it starts causing pain where the screws, bolts and staples hold that knee together.

It's 57 degrees out and overcast. Maybe I should have taken that laundry off the line? Later, I'll do it when I get back. I enjoyed my short ride to the shopping areas. I slowly circled the store by hanging on to the shopping cart which replaced my walking stick to help me maneuver the store. So far, so good. I scored some nice winter clothes on clearance. I head for the register for check out.

The check out line had 3 people in line before me. The young lady directly in front of me had an armload of stuff. I assumed that was why she stepped to the counter beside us to rest her selections. I watched her as she leaned a little, then more until finally she was almost bent over. Stepping out of line, I took her by the arm and asked if she was ok. Really, I'm not blind. I could see she wasn't. Her skin was cold and clammy. She was either "bottoming out" (BP dropping) or she was hypoglycemic. Nurse mode kicks in as soon as I felt her skin. I asked someone to get a chair for her. That appeared quickly and she sat down right there in the aisle. She called her father to pick her up; I checked her again and her skin was warming up. I left and I suppose she was picked up by her father.

Once you start your day off on the wrong foot, it would appear you are out of step for the whole day. It had now started raining and the temperatures were plummeting. It plummeted 10degrees and the rain went the other direction. It increased. I wondered if my clothes on the line were ready to take in. Maybe tomorrow.

After stopping two more places, I headed home. I figured by now the safest thing to do was to take a nap. It's raining; the clothes on the line won't be ready to take in for another week judging by the water dripping off the pant legs. I napped.

When I woke and saw it was only 3:15, I tried to go back to sleep. I surely didn't want to get up that early. I awoke again at 6:30 and patted myself on the back thinking I had slept in. I was thinking it was morning. I flip on the TV and notice all the TV shows are coming on at the wrong time. Now, I'm wondering "is it morning"? or is it evening"? Gosh, I hate it when I have to call someone and ask them. I did. I was almost sure I knew but I had to verify. After my friend could control her laughter at my question she said "I hate it when that happens".

I think I took a left turn when I initially got up this morning. That's where I made my big mistake. Getting out of bed.

A Start and a Finish

I've had a hell of a morning already. I hate to whine and I know you hate to hear me so you should leave now as I plan on a whine session.

First thing, I wake at 5:30AM which is a good thing for me considering I'm usually wide eyed at 3:30AM or some ungodly hour. I swing my feet to the floor and bounce up onto my feet. That's when the first indication of a bad day in the making happened. My knee is all squishy feeling. It doesn't want to stay in a perpendicular mode and of course the cane is in the living room draped across the sofa. I hobble to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee and then to the living room to get my walking stick. I think from here on I will call it my walking stick. It just sounds so much younger then the word "cane". Now I'm wondering how they came to be called "cane" anyway?
Were they originally made from stalks of cane? Ok, something to research later.

Now with said walking stick, I make it to the shower. I AM GOING TO GET SHOWERED AND DRESS AND GET OUT OF HERE. That was my plan yesterday and damn it, I'm gonna do it!

I never noticed how many times I walk back and forth through this house to just get dressed. I had to go the back bedroom closet for jeans, the middle bedroom closet for a pullover, and then back to the jean bedroom for underwear. Geeeeesssssssssssssus. I must get more organized if this knee continues to worsen.

Finally dressed and I start looking for my cell phone. Of course I can't find it and I'm blaming it on Carrie. I blame everything on that poor child. Usually I'm not wrong in doing so.
Finally I dial my cell number. I can hear it ringing faintly. I'm pulling sofa cushions off and slinging them everywhere. No phone and it has quit ringing. I dial it again. I'm close; I know I'm close. I ring it again and I'm hoping the battery doesn't run down on it or I'm done for.

I move to the big chair and pull the cushions off it and search the cavities of the chair. I"m still dialing the damn cell and trying to trace the sound. By this time I have sofa and chair cushions all over the living room. I know I'll have to hobble around later and pick this mess up.

I finally decide I need to start moving the furniture now. I get on the end of this 96 inch sofa and start shoving it across the floor. FINALLY! There it is. Victory is mine. I have the cell phone now but I'm too tired to even think about hobbling anywhere else. Staying home today suddenly sounds like a great idea. Now where is the remote for the damn TV?

Ah Ha! Link for Neutra Rat for Ms. K.

This is for Ms. K. Here is a link for you. The Neutra Rat one I have been trying to post.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a teeny complaint!

What is all the problems with this blog site lately? Some days I can upload pictures and then it decides I'm not worthy? Same with videos. Lately the people I follow have been dropping off this site then mysteriously appear later. Now I can't post a link by using the "insert link" option on here.
I tried to post this one
amd it tells me I have to allow scripted copy. I don't ever remember disallowing it.

There is no longer an option to increase font size on this post. I think that is it for all the strangeness I have noted today.

Now, being that this is a free posting site, how can I complain? Just like this.

Neutra Rats response to Ms. K's question about what a neutra rat was or is:

It's a RAT!! a huge long tailed RAT. Got it? Here they inhabit the swamps and parks. They burrow into the walls of the ponds. Cute little buggers.

When these lovely things were getting out of control, there was a big hullabaloo because the sheriff's department was caught pluggin them with bullets in New Orleans.

Sooooooooooooo...they then decided a better way to control them was to serve them up on a platter with a side of potato salad. The restaurants had them on their menus. Oh yum! You can get alligator on a stick and a neutra rat burger. High cuisine here huh? Click on the link below for video.

Done and Back

Carrie and I went to the park. We strolled across the wooden bridges that took us from one water area to another. Well, let me amend that to say, Carrie hopped, skipped and jumped across that bridge while I with cane in hand did a step and drag to get to the other side. She fed the ducks the old dried and hard hotdog buns I found hiding behind a cannister on the kitchen counter
I don't know one duck from another. If they have a duck beak and duck feet, then it's a duck. I can say we saw solid white ducks and those pretty multi colored ones. Those looked irrdescent in turquoise, black and white. They weren't really excited about our offernings of bread. Someone had got there before us and we could see slices of bread floating around and being ignored by the ducks. These ducks had that disinterested duck look on their faces. They ignored us. I told Carrie we wouldn't be back because they were so rude today. She giggled.
After doing the ducks, we went to the playground. It's 75 degrees here. There were lots of people in Girard Park today. Couples pitching a lime colored frisbee, blankets spread and lunch being enjoyed, and lots of young mothers with infants and toddlers. Carrie had a great time. She hooked up with other children her age and became fast friends for the two hours we were there.When a cloud would wander across the sky causing shadows to cast across the park, a chill would chase away the warmth sprinkled down by the unseen sun. I'm sure by tomorrow this time the cold weather will be blasting through here. I'm sure too I won't be outdoors and in the park.

The Park for Carrie

We should have one more warm day. Based upon that, Carrie and I will head to the park this morning for a few hours. We'll take bread for the ducks and the neutra rats; the neutra rats are just too cute(said with a grimace).

I have the upcoming weekend all to myself. I may go to the movies. There is one movie I would like to see and based upon the reviews, I should be able to sit through the whole thing. We shall see.

I've just received the paperwork this morning from a realtor in Wyoming. We are selling the little piece of land we own there. I don't ever want to live there again so it's going to be listed. When we first left there and for the years following, I refused to sell it. I kept thinking that some day we might move there and build an A-frame house. One year we made a trip back there after being gone for 10plus years.

What was I thinking? Cold and windy and desolate. The trip back was good for me. I knew after that, this was not going to be a place I would want to live again. Give me nice clear roads, warm temperatures and that occasional hurricane. I'm far enough inland that I don't have to worry about tidal surge. The winds from the hurricanes cause evacuations and some clean up but so far we have been lucky. We've only taken one direct hit and it was a Cat 1. We really haven't evacuated in all the years we have been here. We were out of town on the last big one and had to convoy back with those that evacuated. The worst thing is being without electricity but the longest we were without was 8hrs. The humidity can be fierce and very uncomfortable.

One other thing I don't do is work the shelters. As long as I'm not employed by a hospital I can't be forced to do that. When Katrina hit, I had just been to New Orleans 2 months prior for a state wide seminar on Disaster Relief. I sat and watched the curtains from the hotel connected to the Dome blowing in the breeze. Windows were shattered in that hotel; the area around the Dome were filled with people that had not left N.O. The disaster recovery was nil. I'm wondering how effective that training was that we spent 3 days there learning.

I would still rather be here then isolated with no quick access to a major airport. We would fly out of Denver when we went on a trip but many times we never knew if we could even make it to Denver. Summer time trips were the only sure thing.

Nope, I'll stay in the land of sunshine, neutra rats and hurricanes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer 70's

It's a balmy breezy 70 degrees here; the sun is out in full force and I have a load of laundry flapping in the breeze on the clothes line out back.

Carrie and I are here alone today. She has been cooking make believe burgers and perking coffee of the make believe kind on her kitchen center. Between her cooking bouts she watches videos. Right now Tarzan is playing and she is glued to the TV screen.

I still haven't made it out of my pj's and I might not get that done today but it doesn't matter. I don't plan on going anywhere away from the house today. Tomorrow I plan on getting out of the house for a while. I just hope it's still nice weather when I decide to go.

I've been watching Obama's first days in office; I guess I missed the big screw up with his swearing in but when I watch them replay it, I still miss what they are talking about. Apparently a word got out of the order in which it was supposed to be said so they repeated the whole thing over again yesterday. Let's cross those t's and dot those i's I suppose. In the grand scheme of things, I would think they have enough to worry about then this snafu.

The Cuban warehouse for torture is being closed in a year? The interrogation techniques are being reviewed and rewritten. Polls were done on whether Gitmo should be closed. I was amazed at how many were against it.

I've heard all kinds of detrimental things here on some of his decisions; I didn't expect to hear anything positive considering where I live. I think the people here have their fingers crossed that he won't succeed. I think whether he succeeds or not won't matter here. They will never concede a black man as president. Nothing he accomplishes will be credited to him. I need to move!

For the past 3 days I've been buried in books. I've read a book a day and done little else. I'm not going to open another book for the rest of the week or at least until I get caught up on some things around here that need to be done.
I'm outta here; cookies in the oven that need rescued.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inaugeration For Me

I've looked forward to watching this since Obama was named the winner in the election.
I planned on sitting front row center in my living room watching it today. It was not to be.

Carrie spent the night with Gram Kathy. Usually when she spends the night, I meet Kathy 1/2 way to her house to pick up Carrie. It's about a 15minute drive to the meeting point. When Kathy called this morning to say she had some errands to run and would call me when she finished so we could meet at our 1/2 point, I was watching the past presidents and vice presidents march onto the steps to the capital. Soon the justices of the Supreme Court were escorted in and just about right here is when Kathy called and said she was heading for our meeting place. DARN!

I grabbed my purse and car keys and slid into the drivers' seat of my cold car. As I left my driveway, I called my sister on my cell. She was kind enough to report to me via the phone what was happening during my drive. When I could see the meeting place for the Carrie exchange, I told sis I would call her back as soon as I started my return trip.

Carrie was loaded into my car as she slept. Apparently she had been up since 4AM. On the drive back I tried calling my sister again. She disappeared on me! I tried her house phone and her cell and didn't get an answer. I quickly dialed Ms.K. She answered and I had her report to me what and where they were in the ceremonies. She described the swearing in of the V.P. and then the President. Traffic was heavy and I think I caught every red light on the way but I made it back to the house in time to hear his speech.

That's my story. We have a new President even without me watching.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Out and About

Wow, enchiladas for dinner and they were yummy. Black olives and melted cheese covered the rolled enchiladas that were filled with ground beef. Hubby is such a good cook and I'm happy that he likes to cook.

I was out and about today. I went shopping and looked for nothing. I did buy a new pair of jeans and some sweaters. It was great to get out of the house for a while. Carrie is with her grandmother Kathy and won't return till tomorrow so I was childless. It's much easier to go do anything when childless. Carrie is a good little girl but even good little girls need lots of attention all the time. It's difficult to go from store to store and load her in her car seat, take her out and repeat for each place you stop. Then you have to have her back home for her nap or she gets difficult. I suppose cranky would be a better word. She must take that attitude from me. I get that way when I miss my nap too. Then at some point you hear those words "I have to pee" and it's usually when there isn't a bathroom within a mile of where you are.

The Obama Inauguration has been on TV all day. I think it would be great to be in D.C. right now except for a few things like the crowds, the cold and the traffic. I'll be happy to be watching it from the comfort of my living room and I will be watching

It's great to see so many happy people. I don't think it's a color thing; I think it's people coming together to celebrate unconfined by race, color or creed. They have something in common; a president that was elected by the majority. I do think black people are amazed by his being elected. I think this means more to them on a different level then it does to the rest of the population. They see an adminstration change AND a black man elected. I do understand. I'm amazed myself! Many say they thought they would never live to see it and I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Awesome!

One thing about this whole thing I find odd; a class of students from here are going to be there. This from a city that was highly upset when he was elected. This from a red state that felt the same way.

And on another note, the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. Hubby is happy since his home state is Arizona. I think I"ll be pulling for Pittsburgh and that will be a game I'll be watching too.

Today the temps hit the high 60's and tomorrow it will be even higher. It was a great day to be out and about.

A Day

One more and a new term starts with a new president and his staff. We can only hope that eventually things get better here and around the world. Let's hope he is not expected to perform miracles by the American public. It took a while to get us in this mess and it will take even longer to correct it. I'll give him plenty of time. What other option do we have?

I think other countries are as excited about this change in administration as most U.S. citizens. Maybe, just maybe, there will be more diplomacy used with other nations then the iron club of the bully that we have seen in the past 8 years. Repairing our reputation worldwide should be a major focus and I think by just removing the past administration has given everyone hope.

I will be watching this inauguration, how about you?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Riverboat Casino

More then a few years ago, my mother was staying here on an extended visit. She was here for about 8 months. I tried to make sure she wasn't bored and had a good time. We would go to the parks in the summer and she would be my model. Amid the spring blossoms on the trees and the bridges over the streams in Gerald Park here, I would use my camera to capture the image of her wearing her knee length flora shorts and bright summery

solid colored shirts.

We would go shopping, eat at her favorite restaurants and go to the casino. I would buy her 20.00 of nickels and she could sit at the slots all afternoon loving every minute she was there.

Dinner followed then the trip home. She was always ready to get up and go when she knew we were going to the casinos.

On one trip we went to New Orleans for the day and on the way home we stopped in Baton Rouge to do the tourist trip. We went to the navy ship that is docked there and can be boarded and toured and from there to the Riverboat Casino. These riverboats were required to cruise the Mississippi every so many I"ve forgotten hours to keep the gambling legal.

Mom dug her heels in and said she didn't want to go out on the river. I convinced her to get on the boat; lied and told her it wouldn't move, found her a nickel slot machine and loaded her up with nickel rolls. She never knew when the riverboat left the dock and started cruising. I went up on deck for the cruise; I could see the shore, both sides, so I was able to contain my fear of water for a while.
When I got back inside Mom was still sitting at her slot machine. I took a seat beside her and told her when the waitress came around with an offer of free drinks, to order a drink and I would drink it. This worked great. I would order a drink and she would order one and I got both of em. The nickel slots are notorious for all the little old retired folk that play them. I noticed on each side of me and on the other side of Mom, all the slots were being played by ladies my mom's age. Ah, a brilliant idea is born. I told all the little ladies to either side of me and mom to order a mixed drink and I would take possession of it. Since none of them drank they were happy to do this. After an hour of consuming all these drink orders I was ready to let mom stay there for hours and hours. I was having the most pleasant of all afternoons.
After a while, one little lady sitting next to me asked about the drink, a Kahlua and creme. I convinced her that they were yummy so she decided to give the next round a try. Not only did she drink that round but decided she would order and keep her drink each time. After a few more rounds, my newly found friend was saturated and not a tee totaler any longer. Soon all the other little ladies were trying the drink. There went all those free rounds for me.
Eventually my new friend's daughter showed up to take her away . My friend could barely stand up and wobble away. I could hear her daughter chiding her and asking just what had gotten into her. I was hoping she didn't explain to her daughter how she had discovered the yummy drinks she could order free of charge.

When someone mentions the Riverboat Casinos, this is the first thing that pops into my mind and a big smile ensues. Happy gambling!

Video Alert

Just a small video clip of The Alamo. Another early morning rising here but I think I went to bed too earlly last night. The temperatures here are nippy; I'm watching how bad they are throughout the north east so temps in the high 30's is nothing to complain about.

Temps are to get to mid 50's today so I think I'll clean my car. I'm outta here for a while!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Again

After a few potty stops for Carrie we are back. All in all Carrie was a champ at traveling. We all survived and that's a good thing.

We, of course, stopped in Luling, Tx. for big plates of barbeque sausage, ribs and brisket. We scheduled leaving San Antonio so we would arrive around lunch time but I honestly think they serve barbeque for breakfast. As usual, it was a good feast.

On the trip home we listened for hours to the reports of the plane in the Hudson. Planes and water and both intertwined; both my nightmares rolled into one event.

I can only imagine and too well what that flight must have been like. I would have been the passenger that had to be backhanded to stop me screaming; the water outside the plane would have masked the pee stains on my clothes. I'm a coward, I admit it. I can't even watch thriller movies with plane crashes or tragic water events.
I watched those passengers walk off those rescue boats. Walk? Nope, I think not. I don't think I would have been able to stand much less walk. That pilot deserves a medal!

The weather, another topic of nationwide interest and I have to say to that WTF???
It was 61 degrees when we left San Antonio yesterday and it is 28 degrees here right now. The high today? 49 degrees. My computer keeps losing internet connection. I'm on the laptop and I need to go to the office and use the desktop to see if it is losing internet connection. I hope it's just the weather and not something wrong with my shiny new laptop. I sign back on and blogger has saved my typing so I haven't had to retype this. Wouldn't we hate to lose all this valuable information? I can never re write the same thing. It's a one shot deal.

Another earth shaking event. I slept till 6AM!! That seldom happens. I feel as though my whole day is gone and I slept it away. Must be the cold weather that kept me in bed that long. I must go catch up. I'm behind or I feel that I am.
Carrie And San Antonio Jan. 2009

Click on picture to see the album with all the pictures.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Afternoon at the Alamo and Riverwalk

A passing thought, thankfully it passed quickly!

We are tired, one and all. I'm exhausted. Carrie didn't have her nap and is barely holding on to consciousness. Of course she has not mentioned it and will continue to keep moving till someone makes her go to bed. Adults give up easily. Children do not see the necessity of rest.
We went out by the pool this morning after breakfast then back to the room to watch TV and play on the computer. Hubby was home by 3PM at which time we loaded up and went to the Alamo and the River Walk. We left the downtown area and came back to the hotel so she could go swimming. We swam in the spa because it was heated and the pool was not. Both were outside.
Another interesting thing here is this is the home of Lackland Air Force Base. All day this behemoth dark grey airplane has been circling, landing and circling again over the city. It is flying low and I mean low. I kept expecting it to clip off the top of a power pole! If they are practicing, do they have to do it right outside my motel room window? I can almost see the altimeter. Ok, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration but I know it"s a big plane and flying really low. I don't think I"ve seen it retract it's landing gear because it never stays aloft that long.

Pool time (in the spa)

A view of the Riverwalk lined with shops and cafes on both sides.

This bear was scary for Carrie. I encirled the bear with my arms and gave him a kiss on his nose; I tickled him under his arms and chatted with him before she would even get close. I was thinking as I was doing this if I didn't have a child with me I would have looked mighty strange or insane.

Carrie thought they were having a party across the river. She kept asking to go to the party.We tried to tell her it was a restaurant, I think she is watching closely for the birthday cake and presents that go with her kind of party.

A good trip so far! I haven't even been CLOSE to an "adventure". Daughter will be so impressed with me, although, we still have the trip back to Louisiana!

San Antonio

Seven hours later and we are in San Antonio. Hubby had to go to Dilly, Texas for a spud meeting so Carrie and I decided to ride along. Since there are no motels in Dilly, we decided to get a room here in San Antonio and tomorrow he will drive 70 miles to Dilly for his meeting. Carrie and I will hang out here at the motel until he returns. We will go to the River Walk and the Alamo when he gets back here.

This is just a "get out of town" trip for Carrie and I. We plan on spending two nights here.

We were hesitant about putting Carrie in a car seat for a 7 hour drive but she did well. This is her first trip with us. Her mother requested she not be in an adventure while with me. I told her I would do my best.

Daughter gets nervous with my trips. I used to rent a motel room in the town I live in during summer months: a weekend rental.The motel was rented for the pool facilities. I would load up the two other grandchildren, this was pre-Carrie, and we would spend the weekend in town at the motel with a pool. On one of these weekend pool fests, we were exhausted after spending all day in the pool and the hot sun. I got the kids dinner and a bath and into their pajamas. We were laying around on the beds watching TV; everyone was sun exhausted and sleepy eyed. Suddenly we heard what sounded like an explosion and the definite sound of breaking glass. I grabbed the kids and dragged them off the bed and to the floor.

Leaving the kids on the floor, I crawled across the floor and eased the door open. Men with black masks, chest guards and big guns were standing in the walkway. The door to the right of us had been battered open and more of those men were prowling that room. They had shattered the big plate glass window into the room. Glass was glittering on that walkway. Turns out they had been watching the people that rented that room for months and this was a drug bust. The kids were scared; I was shaken. It took a few hours for all to calm down enough to go to sleep.
By morning the once full parking lot the night before was empty. We went to the restaurant for breakfast and the staff told us most of the people staying there had checked out immediately after the area was cleared. We are striving for a no adventure trip here. Daughter gets nervous about those adventures!

Uneventful trip so far. She slept for a couple of hours; the remainder of the trip she sang, danced and played games. There was no whining or crying. She travels great.

This is her first stay in a motel. When we got to the hotel, she checked out the lobby, spotted the computer and immediately wanted to use the "compooter". I told her we would use my laptop in the room. We got into the room and she was amazed. Two beds! She raced around checking out everything about the room then pronounced "I like it here !"

I have her in a nice warm tub. Soon it will be lights out and tomorrow we will be busy sight seeing. Right now I need a nice hot shower and a good 6 hrs of sleep.
Till tomorrow....

She is still asleep and hopefully will stay in just that position until I get showered and dressed.

We checked into the schedule for Sea World thinking she would enjoy that but it's closed for the season. We'd do the River Walk with her this afternoon. It's supposed to be in the upper '60's.

I'm off to get a nice hot shower!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shivering in Louisiana

It's daylight here now and I'm waiting for the sun to appear. It's also CHILLY and more. It's now 56 degrees. The frost hasn't melted off the roofs of the houses I can see across the street.

Yesterday was the same but when I stood at the window and looked out I saw bright sunshine, bright green grass and flowering plants. The temperatures do not match what my eyes see. We are having a bit of the Arctic blast that is streaking across the northern states. There will be no shorts and sleeveless shirts worn today. This is an observation; I know better then to complain. I won't have to slide to the store in snow; I won't have to put on a coat, gloves and boots.

I'll just sit here for a while and listen to the furnace click on and feel the warmth issuing from the ceiling vents into the house and know that this is winter for us. It's long pants weather once again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Love and Reality

Does he think about me as much as I think about him? We were meant to be. He is my soul mate. He compliments me and completes me. I dream about his arms around me. We were meant to discover each other and fate bought us together. I'm learning to trust again after many failed relationships with uncaring, devious males. I trust him with my heart. We share everything even our toiletries. I draw the line at sharing our underwear. (Oops..this got away from me with that last sentence.)
Our love is forever and ever. We respect each other's views no matter how they may differ.
His love is warm and comforting. He listens to everything I have to say and does not critisize me for anything I say. He respects my opinion. We discuss everything . We are going to build a wonderful life together based on trust and our love. Our children will be bright beautiful extensions of ourselves. They will grow up in a loving environment.

Ok..I have to stop now. I may barf. Enough already. When I read this bullshit, excuse my vulgarity, but are these people for real? Sometimes I think I'm reading those God-awful magazines my mom read when I was a child.
I'm surprised I ever grew up to read anything other then The National Enquirer. Mom always had those True Confessions, Modern Romance rags around the house. Since we lived in the country and visiting the library was not an option, I would read her magazines. A distored view with women in abusive relationships that stayed in them till some awful event forced them to leave; usually he tried to kill her, hurt her children, etc. These stories usually had a happy ending with the woman meeting and marrying a wealthy business man who was thrilled to meet a women with 5 kids and a 5th grade education (rolling eyes here again).

I eventually made it into public libraries where my reading options were unlimited. I could expand my reading world.

I don't know if Mom read this by choice but I suspect she did. I grew up in the era of romance movies where everything always turned out wonderful in the end. How did I survive this? Talk about a skewed view on the real world and thats what I see when I read blogs that are filled with dribble as the typing at the top of this page. Get friggin real. People are setting goals to such a high level in a relationship and the reality when it sets in is an abrupt lesson in the romance novel that doesn't always have a happy ending.

Sometimes I laugh; most of the time I smile and nod and roll my eyes cause whose to see? I'm facing a computer screen reading these profuse love epistles.

I'm thinking of the day when he uses all the hot water and she has to wait for a shower; when he doesn't call to tell her he is going to be late and dinner has already dried up. When he would rather be with the boys then be with her. When he leaves his dirty laundry on the floor expecting the women of the house to pick it up. When he takes for granted her time spent in cleaning and cooking. Ah yes! Reality is a lovely earthy thing.

The View

I'm sitting here watching The View. It's easier to sit then to walk, and it's easier to sit and do something. That something is morning TV. The guest on The View is of all people Ann Coulter.

Why would anyone give this person a platform to spew her stupidity. I don't even know if she believes what flushes out of mouth, as in a toilet flush, but that this is her schtick. This gets her attention and creates an audience of skin heads for her books? skinheads read?

Even as a guest she talks over anyone that is trying to dispute something she has said. This is a tactic employed by the hosts on Faux News channel. Talk louder and longer and you don't have to let your Fox News guest defend themselves. Ann Coulter did this as a guest this morning.

Thankfully she wasn't on long. I thought I would have to drag myself out of my comfy chair and find something else to do. I could have used the remote control to change the channel but that would have reminded me of what I was doing; watching morning TV.

Please don't let me get to the extreme point of watching soap operas. I must find something better to do with this time. I'm actually looking forward to surgery; pain that comes with it will be alright. At least there is a future where I'm not watching the tube!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, Football Sunday

It's 4AM and I'm up and it looks like I'm up for the day. At least it's not 2:30AM. I lazed around a lot yesterday. I slept on and off most of the afternoon and was still sleepy when 10PM rolled around. I must be catching up on lost nap times.

Carrie is visiting her father and has been there since last Thursday. It's quiet around here and everyday a nap is in order, something I don't do when she is here.

I had to look on Google to see when Mardi Gras happens this year. February 24th is Fat Tuesday. I'll be keeping a low profile this year I'm thinking.

I've been watching all the weather reports for the north east. Snow and more snow followed by cold and more cold. I'm glad I'm here. A little chill is great; a big chill not so much!

Sunday football! Sometimes I watch the games and sometimes I'll find something better to entertain myself with. This is one of those times I'm not interested in the games playing this weekend. I'm
uninstalling all the trash on this new laptop. I just uninstalled Norton Anti Virus; it's a trial for 60 days. I got rid of it and installed Avast. Had to find a version of it that is compatible with Vista. I think I have all the junk out of this laptop now.

I also downloaded
Firefox3.0. I had it on my last laptop although I don't on the house computer. I think it's more secure then IE; at least that is the information circling the internet world.

To be safe on anything I download, I always check with
CNET. If they recommend it, that's what I go with. Another site I trust is I get the pop up blockers from there and speaking of that, I didn't download one yet. Aways something! I guess that is my next task, then I will truly be done?

Hubby bought a knee
stablizer today; for me not him. I know you knew that! A new and improved model; one that is a little different from the others I have. I clamped it around my knee and I parked the cane; I'll test drive this stablizer. I think if I have to use that cane it will have to be decorated a bit. A dull aluminum look in a cane is just too orthopedic for me. Maybe a little paint and stickers? How about adding a few gaudy rhinestones to it?

I think it's time for me to hobble to the kitchen and fix some lunch. Happy Sunday to everyone. other thing..I have edited this damn blog 5 times for the errors I see AFTER I post it. If there is another be it. I'm DONE..DONE..DONE!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Different Day and Feel

I've been up since 4:30AM. It's a "hobble" around day with the knee. It's at times like this that I know the decision to have this knee replaced is the right one. Yesterday it operated as it should but today is a different day with a different feel.

I think it might be a ibuprofen day.

I'm getting ready to say adios to the warm temperatures. We are supposed to get temps of 18 degrees soon. We swing from a/c to heat from week to week. To say the least, this has been a strange winter weather year.

We just heard yesterday that Halliburton will lay off 5 percent of their work force. Halliburton is one of the biggest oil support services in the business so this means a huge amount of people will enter the ranks of the unemployed. This will be the start of the impact on the economy here.

Getting this knee replaced will prepare me for the possibility that should I have to reenter the work place, I'll be able to do that. Who knows? Best to be prepared for all possibilities. You may hear a long loud whine from me should that happen!

The long range goal of me getting a degree in the health field was the possibility of the oil industry going through another bust. I didn't factor in that the whole economy would go through a bust. Strange times. Unemployment now ranks with the WWII unemployment numbers and the talking heads predict we haven't seen the end and the unemployment will continue to rise through year 2009.

The university here has taken a large cut in their budget. This states' revenues have dropped drastically in line with the oil industry's' decline in prices.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Out and About

We drove through the downtown area. It has been rejuvenated; outdoor tables were filled with lunch goers. The weather is beautiful today. It's sunny and warm with no humidity. PERFECT!

Then to the country. On the way there we stopped at The Best Stop for cracklins and boudain balls. Anyone that has ever been here knows about The Best Stop. The store is painted an ugly red; old metal building with a fresh coat of ugly paint. The aisles are narrow and crowded with local flavor. Homemade pralines, turnovers and cakes in no special order line the counter at the cash register.
It's a specialty market selling meats heavily spiced for grilling and cracklins and boudain are sold over the counter. The little brown paper bag that is used to carry your cracklins absorbs some of the grease to become partially soaked; the cracklins are fresh fried and hotly spiced. This is a big seller and if you are lucky, you will arrive as they are being taken out of the tall metal containers of hot oil. The smell is mouth watering. We don't go here often. Cracklins are a"heart attack in a bag".
A perfect day to drive around with a bag of greasy cracklins and enjoy the sunshine.

Today I Will

GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE FOR A WHILE. I have two months till this knee is repaired and I can't just stay closed up in here.
The weather is awesome right now. Perfect park weather although I doubt I'll go to the park. I will be outside today and enjoying it before the temperatures take another dive.

When I started this blog I would forget about it for months on end. I was too busy to get here to post. I noticed how many posts I've done for the month of December and I realize how much this knee has affected my daily routine. I'm wondering if after the surgery scheduled in March and the recoup period of at least a month following that, I will be missing in action on this site. The only time I have been this sedate in my life was post op for something or other and it was usually my knee. I've had the good fortune to have enjoyed a relatively healthy life.

I take no medications, yet. Most doctors visits are my yearly exam and visiting the dentist. I am grateful. I'm getting as restless as spring; the spring that is hurrying to arrive here and it's too early!

The huge silver maple tree on the front lawn has started sprouting buds. It's too early! The flowers hiding beneath the ground from last summer are beginning to sneak through the surface. I can see and recognize the tiny leaves; I know it's not weeds. It's too early!

My neighbor mowed his lawn again yesterday as he did last week. We just did that once since winter arrived here. It might be a weekly affair if the temperatures stay as mild as they have been for the past week.

I'm going to go shopping; I don't need a thing so it will be window shopping. That's alright. Just to walk somewhere sounds like a huge treat to me. Some days the knee is more stable then others and today feels like a good day and that's my little blog for what is happening in my life so far.
The excitement is almost uncontainable. Maybe I should blog at the end of the day just in case something noteworthy should happen. I'll have to ponder that to make sure I don't make the wrong decision. (laughing now).
The END, and at the beginning of the day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post Orthopedic Appointment

I just got back from seeing the Orthopedic surgeon. He asked if I was ready. I am and told him I was. The knee replacements have advanced in the years since I first talked with this surgeon about a replacement. Compared to the 10yrs the knee would last, they now can last 20yrs plus.
I'm ready.
We talked about the restrictions I have now. The previous damage to that knee and the surgeries that have already been done on it. Scar tissue might cause the recovery to be a little longer then it would have been had I not damaged it in the past. The bolts, staples and screws could be harboring infection that might spread when he removes them. His answer to that...mega antibiotics post surgery.

4 weeks in rehab; I'll have to use a walker at times during those 4 weeks.

February 3rd I will go in for pre op work. 2 pints of blood will be drawn and banked and used if necessary during the surgery.

March 3 a surgery suite has been scheduled. First available. I told them if one opens sooner, hook me up. I doubt that will be done. They won't do surgery too soon after drawing that blood. They will wait till my body builds that blood back.

Now I know. I'm ready.

9:30 Ortho

This morning at 9:30 I will be in the office of the Otho doctor. I'm anxious and dreading the outcome. Either way it goes will not be the best of news. If he says no surgery, then I will continue to favor the right knee and movements will be as is now. If he says surgery, then I'll anticipate pain, and recovery time and hope the knee replacement operates as it should.

Waitng but not for long now.

Aunts, Uncles and Immigrants

A picture of Mom's family. They traveled to WV from Providence, R.I. We think this was in 1953.

I lo
ve old photos. Seeing Aunt Julia here in California on the beach about 50yrs ago in her youth makes me smile. She had went to California to care for her ailing sister.
She was living in Providence, R.I. and made this long journey; I think she went by train. Mom made this trip from her home in Wv. We think the year was 1951.
Mom was one of seven. Of Italian heritage, I can see the likeness in myself and my siblings. Mom owned this picture and now they are in possession of my younger sister. I remember seeing these when I was a child. It's still nice to see them again.

Aunt Julia was a hairdresser in R.I. Eventually she owned her own shop. Aunt Ev would work there too.

Only two children from this family moved away, Mom and Aunt Ann. Aunt Ann was the one ill and living in California. She died at a young age. I now have two aunts remaining and both are in R.I; Aunt Evelyn, the youngest of the family and her older sister. Her 5 siblings are gone now.
I love hearing Aunt Ev's voice. Her New England accent is crisp and notable over the phone and it sounds just like Moms'.

My grandparents came here from the old country. Italy, Palermo and Tieno. Grandpa was a cobbler; a maker or repairer of shoes. He had many different businesses after he arrived here with his bride through Ellis Island. He raised 7 children after losing his wife, my grandmother. She was 38 years old. Evelyn was 5 yrs old and doesn't remember her mother. Aunt Julia was a mother, sister and friend to her.

Sometimes we email Aunt Ev to ask her questions about the family. I keep those emails in a folder titled "Letters from Aunt Ev" and some day I would like to organize them into a blog with the same title.

Mom's oldest brother, Uncle Joe became quite successful. A big, robust man he owned a tool and dye manufacturing business in R.I. He was very civic minded; a business man that traveled often and extensively throughout the world. He owned a restaurant, real estate company, construction company, a house in N. Providence, a home in Florida and a lake house on Sicuate. (sp)

Uncle Louie was everyone's favorite. He worked for his brother as a tool maker in his factory. We loved listening to his stories. No long details here; I'll save those for another time.

I have great respect for anyone coming to this country without benefit of knowing the language and still able to succeed in supporting themselves and a family. I listen to people bemoan their lives. These people were born here with the benefits of a free education and the ability for student loans for a higher education; they are proficient in the language. I wonder what would happen if they had to move to another country to start over not knowing the language and without any family support.

The immigrants who entered this country were some of the bravest people I've read about. I'm proud to be second generation to these brave relatives

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it Summer?

Carrie and hubby are in the yard with trays of flowers, fertilizer and mulch. Is it really time to plant flowers? They cleaned up the flower bed in front of the house; turned the soil and delicately placed the purple and gold plants. Next came the mulch to protect their tender roots and keep them moist. They were then misted with a fine spray of water.

Next the mower was moved from it's winter time home in the Little House. It sounds like summer here. I can hear the riding lawn mowers' engine crank to life and as I watch, it appears from the back and starts it's paths back and forth across the lawn.

The yard looks neat and trim. No more scraggly patches of grass that grew faster then it's neighbors. The grass wasn't tall but just unkempt. Do we call it kempt now? No, I guess we will just call it neat.

Carrie is in her swing on the patio. She calls out for someone to swing her; we rush to lift the front of her swing as high as possible and release. She squeals as we let loose of her swing and it takes her on a backward ride and reaches it's arc to return again for another push. To be 3 years old again, but would we remember? I'm sure she will remember some things but many of her good times will be forgotten; to be replaced by memories from an older age. I take many photos of her and video her when I remember to reach for my camera.

I know I'll enjoy looking at these in the years to come and so shall she. We watch her older videos now and she enjoys seeing them.


I slept for a precious hour and awoke to a tune playing on my cell phone. No matter how fine a ring tone you assign to your callers, after a while it gets to the point where that once fine ring tone becomes a shrill, loud offensive tone that demands you answer the phone. I have assigned a Mardi Gras tone to one number, a baby laugh to another and Brown Eyed Girl to another. All tones I thought would be pleasant to hear in lieu of the standard ring tone that came with the phone. When the phone rings at 5:30AM and you don't remember where you left the phone; you are stumbling and hobbling in the dark to find it and stop that once lovely tune, even that lovely ringtone becomes extremely annoying.

Ted texted me last night and wanted to know if we could make our once a week pre school time trip to Burger King for breakfast. Affirmed. I didn't know when I agreed that I would be up at 2:30AM and back to bed to try to sleep a while longer.

He calls at 5:30AM. After finding the phone and knowing who is calling, I briefly entertained the thought of lying to him; telling him something to excuse myself from this trip. Second thought saved me. I promised and I always try to keep my promise. Finding the keys to the car, I slipped outside to start it up so it would be warm. It's 44 degrees here. I'm not saying it's cold but it's NOT warm! It is dry. It finally quit raining. Yesterday was another dark dreary day with lamps that had to be turned on in the house to brighten it up. Today no rain but cooler temperatures. One day shorts, the next long pants. I like the long pants temperatures. At least it feels like winter in southwestern Louisiana. Soon enough the hot humid summers will return.

It's not quite 7:00AM here. Maybe I'll be back on the sofa with CNN to lull be back to sleep? Let's try!

What's Up?

Me and since 2:30 AM. I know I didn't go to sleep too early last night but at 2:30 I'm awake. For a few seconds I lay there thinking I might go back to sleep. Sometimes I'm lucky and that happens; sometimes my brain sets itself firmly in gear and going back to sleep is not an option. This is that time.
Getting up and going to the kitchen, I snagged a glass of ice tea from the fridge. I didn't want to brew a pot of coffee in the off chance that I might be sofa bound for more sleep. I reset the timer on the clothes dryer and punched the "start", eyed the dishes in the sink and decided they could hang out there till at least daylight. I cruised through the living room, checked the little Dell, flipped on the TV to CNN and watched for a few minutes.
Of course out of long time habit I signed online and read my mail and made a few other stops finally ending up here on my "memory online blog".
I still plan on creeping up on the sofa and trying to get a few more hours of sleep. Carrie will be here again today and she requires one to be rested and ready for a full day of activity.
Based on fright now from thinking about Carrie's arrival and me in a sleep deprived hungover state, I think it best I snuggle down on the sofa and try to get fully recharged before she arrives.
Goodnight again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have the shiny new Toshiba sitting right below these fingertips! A new toy. It's quicker, it's a better keyboard and it doesn't limp, drag or freeze. How much more could one want?

I have to delete all the free trial stuff embedded within. There should be a ban on junking them up even before you get them.
I'll spend the rest of the day enjoying my new toy. Now I have two laptops to get out of here and keep only this one and hubby's.

I have the little Dell hooked up while I try to do another restore on it. I don't want it back. It was too slow with the D Link. This one has nothing hanging out the side to rip away accidentally. The internet connection is built in.
This one also has a built in web cam. Does this mean I have to brush my teeth and comb my hair before I sign online????? Ok...that was a joke.
Signing off quicker then before.