Friday, October 8, 2010


On Location/Living Quarters
Is it really Friday? Didn't I hear from some where or someone that we would be vacating the state of Texas and once again be back in Cajun Country? How did that rumor get started?

Apparently, by now, you have realized something has went awry. Apparently the hole, that would be the one beneath that rig that has been belching, has now decided to cave in. Out of the hole with all the iron, that crew must be exhausted with the constant tripping of pipe. Everything related to testing is on hold once again while the crew takes the bit back in and reams and cleans. Another two days of hanging out here at the hotel.
This doesn't change my plans much. I'll go hang at the pool for a few hours; the husband will whine and complain about being bored. I say "it all pays the same, whether you are in the room or at the rig". "Relax!"

We may be spending some "togetherness" time for the next few days. Of course, that's subject to change depending on what happens on location.
I'm outta here to maybe snuggle down for a bit more sleep.

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