Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change of Address

I would like to take a moment to notify you of a change in address for us. You know you have been in one town a long time when you've already made a move. We did. We moved from our lovely home known throughout the continental USA as The Holiday Inn.

Our new residence is almost as well known. It's The La Quinta and though it's not more then 1/2 mile from our previous residence, the view has changed.

In our previous home, we had a view of the hospital beside "our home" and the Walmart just across the street through the stop light. Our new view is of a McDonalds to the left and a Sonic directly across the street with an interstate ramp that runs alongside the new location.

It was well time to move up and we did. At our previous home, we were on the ground floor in a handicap room. Apparently we have healed up enough to qualify for the second floor of the La Quinta. The room has shrunk a bit in size but the carpet is much prettier.
The move went without a hitch. I can pack a trunk load of stuff in under 5 minutes. It's not pretty to behold but it's fast. I was going for "fast". We didn't "Omaha" the tab. We were just running close to checkout time at the Holiday Inn.

Could someone tell me where the expression "Omaha the tab" came from? I've heard it and seen it but never understood how "to Omaha" meant to slide out without paying the tab.
It might be time to go find my Google and look that up. Now, don't forget, if you decide to visit, we are at our new location.
We will not be hosting a Saints party but we will be watching the game. I have my Margaritas iced down and the husband is chillin his beer. If you intend on showing up and can find us, bring your own bottle or bottles and make sure you know which team to cheer.
I'm done!


  1. Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HEY NOW!!! you aren't allowed to do that!

  3. Sorry about those Cowboys, John...and sorrier still for my Saints!


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