Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Lady and Me

Lady Clairol and I had an early morning meeting. She arrived with her bottles and potions and washed away the grey. I meet with her at least once a month and always come away from those meetings feeling more youthful then when I arrived.

It's only a 20 minute meeting. Not much to invest for a bright new look. 

It seems that a lot of my friends have recently decided that if it was good enough for Cher and other celebrities, it was good enough for them and have undergone rejuvenation involving scapels, surgery suites and surgeons. Sagging jaw lines, drooping eye lids and tired cheeks have been tugged back and up into their original positions via what we call a little nip and tuck.
I was just notified by another friend that invited me to visit for the unveiling. She had a "before" picture which she held up to her slightly bruised face so I could compare it to the "after". I was quite impressed. The difference was noticeable but not too noticeable, meaning she didn't have that wind swept look.

Would I ever consider having this done? I honestly can't say if I would or not. I'm not adamantly saying "never" as I've found I've had to eat those words in the past.
Right now, a little blush and a little lipstick, eyelash curler and mascara will have to do. Oh, and of course my once a month visit from Lady Clairol.

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  1. Well I know for a fact that I would never succumb to the knife. I probably ought to have done years ago...but now I'm not bothered.

    I do enjoy colouring my hair always makes me feel happy!


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