Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pueblo to Wichita Falls, Tx.

Still in Colorado and an interesting fact about Trinidad. It's the only place in the USA that does sex change operations.

We left Pueblo this morning after breakfast. The farther we drove the less mountainous it became. Eventually the land wasn't flat but softly rolling hills with the mountain far in the distance.
We have seen antelope, long horned cattle and large ranches on this part of the trip. Right now we are in Capulin, N
ew Mexico and taking a side trip to see a volcano. Scrub pine, cattle, rocks, and flat land for miles and miles surround us. The land has black rocks jutting out of the land in clusters. After talking with the park rangers, the black rocks were explained. The volcanic rock was spewed for miles and miles around this area.
There were many active volcanoes around here. Most of them are on private land and not open for viewing. The one here is the only open crater one.
I've put my camera away for a while. I don't find the scenery inspiring or in need of recording.
We entered Texas through the little town of Texline.
Miles and miles of crops and irrigation and grain storage silos. The required drug store, markets, and a few fast food eateries line the streets. The land is dry and sandy with very little vegetation unless water is being supplied. Old farm equipment abandoned for newer and more efficient equipment leaves it's history trail in the fields. This ain't Colorado. Dumas Tx is the next town in the succession. It's 87 degrees and the cool mountain air has been left behind.
We just had a train pass hauling car after car of what I have no clue but the cars were open and being followed by a red caboose. I've become quite enamored of train cars lately. The cars use to have amateurish graffiti scrawled over their sides by mischievous youngsters. Today those same train cars have graffiti but now it's more an art form. The black spray painted cars have been replaced by artistic renditions picturing scenery or elaborate lettering filled with pictures. Either these artists are fast or those cars spend a long time docked. Some day I might get to do a collage of pictures of some train cars. I'm keeping my camera ready.
2:00 or 1400,
We are 19 miles from Amarillo and a lunch break. I'll have to pry my butt off this seat and try to get my leg extended after sitting here for so long. I'm taking my Ibuprofen every 4hrs.
It's 92 degrees and the scenery has changed from farmland to pump jacks and rough uneven land unsuitable for farming or grazing cattle. Lines of wind turbines were spinning with the wind. It's time to take a break and I"m ready.
We are just now taking a break. We didn't stop where and when we thought we would.
In Wichita Falls, Tx. In the room and downloading a few pictures. I didn't feel the need to take a load of pictures today. I copied and pasted this blog from my Wordpad then added the pictures. It's easier to remember the sequences if I type as I ride along. Don't ya just love computers?

May Snow

Hoosier Pass near the summit

There is a chef in the lobby standing at a stove making omelets for the guests. Showered and dressed and off to have an omelet before we leave here.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

From Rifle to Pueblo, Colorado

White water!

Leaving Rifle, Colorado and on to Glenwood Springs. There was a raft and kayak race in Glenwood Springs today and we could see the racers as we passed by.

We just got into Pueblo and checked into our room. I'm in heaven. The jacuzzi is in the bedroom in plain sight of the TV. I may never get out of the tub tonight.
The first thing I did when we pulled into the parking lot was load up my camera equipment bag, purse and small overnight bag into the hotel. Then I downloaded all the pictures I took going through the pass, and put my rechargeable batteries in the charger and plugged it in. I'm always prepared with fresh batteries and empty memory cards.
The pass was over 10,000 feet and as we headed up the temps were in the 70s but by the time we reached the summit the temps were at 42 degrees and the rain turned to sleet then finally to snow. It was quite the interesting drive through the mountains. My husband who is not one for descriptive phrasing said "you know, there is something about the mountains that makes you feel different". I agreed. My view of this is the mountains reminds one of just how small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things we are. I get the same feeling when I arrive at the beach and gaze out on the ocean
We drove through Vail, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge. I gazed at the snow barren ski runs that 20 years plus, I had whoosed down. I remember the thrill of standing at the top of a run and pushing off for the ride to the bottom. I know it's not feasible for me to think about still making those runs. I need this knee to last a while. I've been dreading heading back to swamp country but living here would be too much of a temptation to try it again.
We drove into Royal Gorge but didn't actually go into the park. An adult ticket to walk on the bridge over the gorge was 26.00 each. I'm not paying that much to walk over a gorge. I would pay that and more to raft the river. We had some nice views, took some pictures and headed out again.
We went through Canon City, saw the sign to Phantom Pass, and on into Pueblo where we will spend the night. This is my first visit to these towns. The ski towns I've visited but that's where my visit to this part of Colorado stopped. After this trip, I can say I've seen most of the western slope. Everything west of Denver is the best part of Colorado. I'm not impressed by anything east of Denver.
We are treating ourselves to a nice steak dinner and later a hot jacuzzi.

Oooops....Plans Changed

Packed and on the road as soon as I close down this computer and pack it!
Happy Trails to us!

Teddy is 16 Today

Happy Birthday Teddy! I know how excited you are to be sixteen years old. You told me every time I've seen you for the past month that you would be 16 this month. Ah, what a miles stone. I remember very well what I felt at sixteen. I was standing in line to get my "freedom" license on the day I became 16.

At the risk of embarrassing you, I remember when you were two years old and would stand in front of the tv watching Lion King in your diaper. When you heard the hula music start playing you would jump to your feet and shake your butt till the music stopped. I have that on video somewhere. I'm waiting for your 21st birthday so I can play it at your birthday party for your friends and family. Would I do that to you? Damn straight I would!

Although I'm away from home right now, I will be thinking of you on this big day!
Love, Nana

Friday, May 29, 2009


It's 4AM and I want to get out of bed but hubby is sleeping and I can't stay in the room if I get up. I get up anyway, sneak into the bathroom to get dressed and grab my computer and purse only to realize I need to get the Ibuprofen. It's on the bedside table so I creep over and snatch it up and drop it into my purse and escape the room. I'm on my way to the lobby to have some coffee and watch Hulu on the laptop. Soon he will get a call to leave and I want him to get as much sleep as possible. He never knows when he will get the chance to get sleep once he is on the job.

I don't plan on any long long walks today. I may go to the corner but definitely I won't be hiking to the edge of town. I spent about 45 minutes in the jacuzzi yesterday after that walk and let the jets work their magic on my sore muscles.

I extended our stay here to Sunday. He might be finished with his job by then and if not we will stay a few more. I'm not in a hurry to return home. It will be there when I get there along with that lovely humidity we all enjoy so much.

I'm sipping more coffee and watching the morning news. I'm planning an easy day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silly Me

The "before the walk picture. You don't want to see the "after walk" one!

I set out on my little walk this morning and was so proud of myself when I made it to the Seven Eleven on the corner. I had some pep in my step and a smile on my face. I was talking to Ms. K. on my cell phone for company. I looked ahead and set my goal to the Subway Sandwich Store. Great. I made that goal also so I set another goal. Somewhere in all this goal setting I should have realized that wherever I ended up it would double by the time I did the return trip. It would also be much warmer. That afternoon sun can get mighty warm!

Looking back from where I started.

The new Hampton Inn under construction.

It didn't sound like a bad idea, it really didn't. This coming from a person that has barely walked 500 ft at one time in the past 6 months. Yes, I am short of breath. Could it be because I haven't walked more then 500 ft in the past 6 months? I'm afraid folks, I am sorely out of shape. My shape isn't great and my health shape isn't either and that's why I decided to get some exercise. I got to the Sonic and they had these lovely picnic benches in the back of the parking lot. I took a little break and stretched my leg said goodbye to Ms. K. then continued my walk. I was enjoying myself. I took a few pictures of the wild flowers and rocks. I still hadn't thought at all about walking back so I kept walking. Call me Forest Gump. I was walking and walking. Eventually I got to the Walmart store. It sits on the edge of town and after browsing the store a bit, I head home, now known as the Super o8 Motel.

After a few minutes, I'm hot, sweat is running down my face and my leg is cramping. Eventually I limp into the Sonic and collapse at those picnic tables. I debate on sitting here till hubby calls from 50 miles away to tell me he is coming in. Silly me. That won't be till tomorrow. I force myself to a standing position, get my balance and slowly trudge on. The zip is gone. My lively step is gone. I feel a whine buried yet, but who knows for how long? Mouth open, limp evident and swilling Diet Coke, I made for a pretty sight on the highway.

I'm back in my room with the curtains drawn. It's dark and it's cool in here. I don't plan on leaving. I don't plan on getting more exercise for a while. Maybe next year at this time. I'm going to sleep now.

Foot Loose OR Nothing to Drive

Yesterday I stayed in my room. I watched a lot of TV and had multiple naps but today I'm spending some time OUT of the room. Hubby should finish up his job sometime today or tonight hopefully. The California job started today so someone else had to go to that one. He will catch a job in Texas on the way home and then he has other work in Louisiana. Hopefully he will stay busy for the next few months.

I finished watching that documentary "Inside the Vatican" at while sitting here in the breakfast room. If you want to see it just go to the web site and to the Search area and type in "Inside the Vatican". Very interesting. I am not Catholic nor religious for that matter but The Vatican is worth seeing even if only on video.

I've been sitting here in the breakfast room stretching my leg. Stretch and burn. It doesn't work well unless I do the "stretch and burn". I'm headed up to my room to put on my walkng shoes and get some fresh air.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm on My Own

I have the room all to myself. I'm also on foot; no access to a vehicle. Yep, he's gone to the location, I have salads stocked in the room, cell phone and laptop charged up, no rain is sight and the sun is shining.

I'll be entertaining myself for the next few days. I'll walk. I'll explore on foot this little area around me. There won't be any trips into the mountains but that's alright.

I'll spend more time in the hot tub and the pool and take more naps and read that book I bought along for times like this.

I also loped...ah...I mean limped down the hallway and gave the candy we bought at the Russell Stover Outlet store to the housekeepers. They were very grateful. Think salads; no chocolates. I had to go in that outlet store for chocolates. I've never seen an outlet chocolate store. Rows and rows of chocolates and in a big warehouse type building. Who knew???

I spent a few hours in the lobby with my laptop this morning. I was at I was watching a Nat'l Geo documentary on the Vatican. I didn't get to finish it so I'll do that too. I'll watch the remainder of that and then explore hulu for more. I just have so many options on things to do.
I think I'll get started right now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

13 weeks TKR post op

I keep forgetting to mention the absentee smoker. It has also been 13 weeks since I had a cigarette. That is getting much easier also. I don't get the urge often at all now and still remain thrilled that I am not smoking. Now that it has been 3 months and I have it mostly under control, it's time to start watching what I eat and take off some of the weight that I've gained. I've already started with salads for the past few days. No sweets, no carbs and lots of protein. That should do it.

The ugly knee revisited. I talked to a guy this morning who said a friend of his had a TKR. I asked how he was doing and how long ago he had it done. His was done almost a year ago and the man said he walks as I do.

We just got back from using the hot tub and the pool. After sitting in that hot water and stretching my leg, I could walk without a limp. Oh Glory days! I did a few laps in the pool and instead of using the elevator, I walked up two flights of stairs. I still get SOB (short of breath). I think I'll have my doctor order an H/H to see if my hematocrit and hemoglobin is low. I might need to be tanked with a unit or two. I doubt they would transfuse. Maybe I'll look for some liver and onions somewhere.
Clinically speaking; The scar is fading and not quite so reddened. Swelling is still present. I do not have full extension and the only way I can get it to go to "0" is to put weights on it. Weighting it isn't as painful as it once was. I'm taking Ibuprofen for pain and the pain I feel is muscle pain. I'm able to walk up and down stairs without any knee pain; the knee is stable. I do use the handrail when navigating steps as my muscles are still weak.

Flexion remains the same. I'm still working on getting it to 120 degrees. Estimated 110 degrees flexion right now.
That's it for this weeks' update. I'm going to have to cancel my appointment with the ortho doctor this week as I'm out of town.
This fulfills my weekly obligation to post on the TKR!

Glenwood Springs

A barricade to protect the cars from getting hit by rocks falling from the mountain sides. See? I have good reason to be nervous about falling rocks. Seldom do you see any barriers though.

No barrier here. It was difficult to get a good clear pic while moving.

The hot springs in Glenwood Springs

There is a hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs. We left this morning to do some site seeing. We wanted to see if Glenwood Springs had grown in size.

We visited Glenwood Springs then drove on to Carbondale. It was 54 degrees as we drove into high elevations.

The job has been postponed till tomorrow. I'm beginning to wonder how long we will be here waiting and waiting for this job. They are already talking about the possibility of going to California after this. That job should be around Bakersfield. It is a camp job so hubby will have to stay on location. He doesn't know what to do with me. I could go to Arizona and stay with his sister or go on to California with him but my motel room won't be paid for by the company. I've already been checking rates on rooms in Bakersfield and the rates aren't bad so I may just go with him. I wouldn't mind going to Arizona either. We will play it by ear.

I just remembered that I missed taking a shot of my ugly knee and posting it so I'm going to dig out my camera and do that this afternoon. I know everyone looks forward to seeing my ugly knee pics!