Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday, I'm Home

I'm on a roll here. It appears that I will be home for a few days! I'm so excited about this. The floors and laundry are begging for attention. I've been ignoring them for months now. The bathrooms might start looking like the ones in the little Bourbon Street bars if I don't start scrubbing.
Carrie was picked up this morning as soon as the dental hygientist finished using her fancy picks that burrowed beneath my gums as she hummed some tune playing on some music channel above my head. She is humming and I'm grimacing. I got home and the only thing I could wrap those teeth around was some tomato soup.  A couple of Margaritas later and I was feeling some what better. Margaritas......they're not just for breakfast anymore.

I'm not really much of a fan of alcohol though for medicinal purposes, I'll force a few disguised as Margaritas. Pain sucks.

Bikes. We all have one now. I have a beach cruiser..a Schwinn; the kind that you back pedal to stop it. Carrie now has her own brand new bright orange and black with training wheels. I might have to borrow it. I'm not the best on an unmotorized bike; and the husband just bought himself a  12 speed with Shimano gears. Isn't that the same people that make fishing reels?

Carrie's and mine are strictly the kind for the neighborhoods' flat roads. I'll use my beach cruiser until I can built some muscles up in my legs. Even the flat streets here pose a challenge right now. It will get better and when it does, I'll graduate myself to a bike with gears. The husband and I have talked about taking bikes with us the next time we visit New Orleans. It would be a great city to bike in.

I have a friend that has a bike that folds in half....on demand.  These are a bit expensive but how neat would that be? I could almost pack it in a suitcase. Well, maybe not but I could fold it and pack it into the back of the truck for those trips when I don't drive my car to locations. As long as the jobs are in the south, that might be feasible.

I've had two showers today and it's time for another one. Up and showered and dressed this morning, then lawn work and showered before going to Home Depot to pick up some flowers to replant the urns across the front and now another shower after the bike ride. I like fresh.
Carrie did great on her first ride. She took it to the pavement once but didn't cry. We went riding in the neighborhood after dark. There is a "almost" full moon and the street lights provided enough light for our ride. We laughed and rode through the night. Carrie loved being out in the almost darkness. I would circle around her and ease her to the side when a car would approach. Not once did she ignore the oncoming lights. She is a careful little soul. 
I may leave her with her Poppy while I take my walk around the neighborhood. I need to get to it. It's almost 2100 hrs here and I will surely need to crawl into bed soon.
I'm done!


  1. I love cycling and would like to get another bike. Unfortunately the hills around here are too steep and the lanes so uneven it would beimpossible!

  2. Oh Linda..there is no way I would even attempt hill..even a small one. Our neighborhood has hardly a bump in it so I'll be able to do this. I'm trying to bring back some muscle and strenght to my leg with that knee replacement. I'm discovering that bike riding IS FUN!


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