Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Sweat with That Sun?

Books, sunglasses, cold drink, and a beach towel in hand, I headed for the pool. I didn't expect it to be this hot.  Soon the sweat had beaded up on my arms, chest and legs and the hair at the nap of my neck was drenched. I made it one whole hour on my back then flipped over to cook the other side. After a half hour I had had enough of the sun and the sweat.

I'm back in the room and stripping down to get in the shower and then dress and out of this room for a while. There is a little store here in town that I want to visit again.

I haven't heard from the husband since he was called to location and I haven't heard an explosion nor seen a tower of fire shooting skyward so I'm assuming all is well at the rig. This means he may be nearing the end of our stay here in Texas. I'm ready to go home for a while and see Ms. Carrie.
Right now, I'm ready for that shower.

The husband arrived back to the room with nary a scorch mark on him. All is going well and he will have to return to location in 5hrs. then will be gone most of tomorrow without a break.

It looks as though Friday will be the day we leave here.  Again, that depends on if all goes well and as expected. Unfortunately, it seldom does with this kind of job.
It's nap time. I'm gone! 


  1. Yeah Pearl, sweatin is some kind of heavy workout!

  2. It sounds like a pretty risky job that you husband does. You must worry at times.

  3. Ayak: any job in the oilfields is considered dangerous.


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