Monday, October 11, 2010

An Award

My online friend Ayak posts on her blog from her home in Turkey! I find it interesting, her daily doings and though I have to look up some of the things she mentions..(the name of that short bus comes to mind) I'm learning a bit about her country!
 She has been so kind as to bestow an award upon my blog.
Along with this award, comes an obligation that I reveal 10 things about myself. I'll try to keep it clean.

1. Stretch marks. I refuse to show them to                  just anyone.

2. I blog everyday and though it may bore me, I can imagine how you feel.
3. I like to travel, a lot and often.
4. Chocolate, I'm learning the addiction to it.
5. I gave up smoking and most of the time I'm happy about it.
6. The weight? I'm not happy about it.
7. I never keep my promise to exercise.
8. I feel bad about not keeping #7.
9. My favorite color is red, sometimes yellow, sometimes pink.
10. I'm a bit flaky and don't care.

Thank you Linda AKA "Ayak" from blogspot  Turkish Delight

P.S. I need to work on that "linking" thing and I just reread Ayak's instructions where she says "tell 8 things about yourself"....
I did 10. Did I mention I was a bit flaky?
I'm working on passing this award on. Give me some time...k?


  1. You're no more flaky than I am (well maybe that says a lot haha). Anyway you're doing fine and 10 is OK...why not? xxx

  2. Ayak: I think you and I have a lot more in common then initially appears! I worked on that link thing...and by George, I think I GOT IT!


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