Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

After bailing out from the Holiday Inn and moving across the street to the brand spanking new La Quinta, unloading all our stuff to the second floor and putting everything away, a problem surfaces.

The husband headed out  to the "what passes for a sports bar" to see if the Saints game can be viewed since this hotel doesn't have Direct TV. He said he would give me a call if the game was being broadcast  there.

That's when the problem surfaced. No cell phone service at this hotel. What??? I turned the phone off and back on again to let it reboot itself, thinking it was a phone glitch.

If I go downstairs, outside and around to the back and perch on the big A/C unit, I can get two bars of reception on the cell. What's up with that? That's when I found I had 5 missed calls and a voice message.

Back to the front desk, I asked the clerk about the phone service and yes, they knew that it wasn't available inside this newly built, only open two weeks hotel. Amazement must have shown on my face. She tried to tell me it was because there were no towers around to handle the cells. To this, I sweetly informed her, that I could get reception from the concrete slab that held the big A/C unit to this establishment, at the McDonald's across the street and at the Holiday Inn I had recently vacated.

She offered free phone service. I'm sure this wouldn't have been offered had not I made the comments about reception on the OUTside of this place.

She quickly unlocked the room phone for calls, long distance and local, free of charge. I realize this isn't the end of the world, but when you pay over 100.00 a day for a room in  a town with a population of 2200 people that must be bored silly from lack of entertainment, I would expect to have contact with the outside world by   internet and cell service. 

I'm too far out  in the country for my taste. I'm spoiled and I don't mind admitting it. 

You can take away the television, the restaurants and the night life, but please leave me the internet and the cell phone.
Can you hear me now?


  1. Not good. These days phone and internet connection should be a priority for a newly opened hotel.

    I hate not being connected!

  2. Not connected? What a frighening thought Ajak!


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