Friday, October 1, 2010

Houston and Beyond in 5 hrs.

The suitcase was packed. It usually is. I grabbed my cameras, phone chargers, GPS and the laptop and slid into the car. A tank of gas and I was off to Houston.

What a great day to travel. I slipped a CD into the Pioneer and The Boss sang out, the cruise control was set at 70 and I was on my way. Traveling alone is great. I could crank up the stereo, something I seldom even use if with other people in the car. I didn't have to worry about anybody wanting to have a conversation. I could set the sound as loud as I liked and cruise. I have never minded solo trips and sometimes I prefer having the car and my thoughts to myself. Introspection is a good thing.

Houston was busily having it's rush hour when I went through. Traffic slowed for a few minutes but nothing to complain about and soon I emerged on the other side of town and hit the open highway. I got to the hotel within 5 minutes of the husband having to go to the rig. He passed me my room key and spent a few minutes getting my things into the room and then he was off.
He may be back after the rig picks up his equipment as it will take 12 to 14 hrs to trip it in the hole. It isn't necessary that he be there unless the client specifies that he stay in case of problems. This rig took a kick today so they had to go back to bottom and raise the mud weight. This caused the husbands' part of this operation to be put  on hold for a few more hours. I'm hoping this rig stays safe. I've been around when they haven't. I used to work for Cudd Pressure Control in the Rocky Mountains.  A snubbing unit was on location when the well blew. Everything on location melted down. The tires on the big trucks melted right off the rims, the steering wheel and any thing plastic was gone in an instant. The cabs of the trucks and any place that had paint on it looked as if it was sand blasted clean.
The men were air lifted to the burn center in Salt Lake City and I would make trips there to see them. A dangerous job at times.

Cudd Pressure Control was owned by an ex employee of Red Adair and was based out of Elk City, Oklahoma.  This company, like Red Adair's company, fought wild well fires among the other services they offered.  When the oil fields were set on fire in the middle east, some of the employees were there to contain those fires. The job pays well; if you can survive to collect and spend that check.

We have been fortunate. A minor injury was suffered in his first years in the field. He still can count to 10  using fingers from both hands and if you have ever worked in the oil fields you will know what that indicates.

I'm 70 miles from Austin and I'm just to excited. I've traveled all over the good ole USA and many places here in Texas but for some strange reason, I have never had the opportunity to visit Austin. I plan on taking care of that on this trip. As soon as it is required that the husband stay at the rig for 12 to 14 hrs., I'll pack up my cameras and head for Austin. It's adventure time and I love an adventure. I'll roam the city alone and enjoy every minute of it. Stay tuned for pictures. I shall return.


  1. Looking forward to the pics. I love your trips!


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