Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Day In The Crescent City

We didn't make it to the French Market nor to "Mother's" for lunch and even missed Cafe Du Monde for beignets. Cafe du Monde we will try to visit tomorrow and the French Market we will skip this trip.

From 1100 hrs to 2300 hrs was spent at Park Lafayette here in New Orleans for the Crescent City BBQ and Blues Festival. The music was great, the food was delicious and the weather was perfect. Many of the well known restaurants had food booths offering their specialties. BBQ'd Shrimp, pulled cochon poboys and nachos with white cheese and BBQ'd pork was our lunch. 

The first group to appear was Little Red and Big Bad. This group won the award for the best blues band and will be playing in the Memphis Blues Festival in March 2011.
The crowd watching was a treat. The lady rocking out to the music wearing a black vest and a purple tutu with high top Converse sneakers and black lace trimmed  socks that overlapped the sneaker tops was a hit. I thought she might have escaped from a bad fashion show and ended up hiding at the festival. Her keeper friend stayed with her and didn't seem embarrased by her appearance. His mustache and eyebrows were green. They made quite the couple.
A variety of age groups were there but the baby boomers outnumbered the X generation. Grayed and aged, they continue to follow concerts and festivals. Some things you never outgrow.

 We ended the festival by listening to Taj Mahal and the place was rockin out. The crowd was appreciative, dancing and cheering for him.
We ended the night by going to Harrah's Casino and while the husband played blackjack, I watched LSU and McNeese's football game.
Tomorrow we may try to find a sport's bar to watch the Saints game while here in New Orleans. What better place to watch them play? It's an "away" game but the Who Dat nation will be a boisterous crowd here in their home town.
I'm too tired to think right now. My feet hurt and my eyelids want to seal themselves shut. Before I fall into the keyboard, I'm going to shut this down.
I'm done.

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