Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Riding in The Moonlight

The full moon is on the wane. Last week I got to enjoy the bike riding by the light of that full moon. My attention would be drawn to it and I would find myself mesmerized by that orange orb. Speeding along on my little bike is not the best time to be moon and star gazing. 
Besides the full moon last week, the evening chill was perfect for riding. I don't know what happened to our fall like weather but it's gone. Hot and humid, the season has reverted back to the temperatures from August. I'm not a happy cruiser. 

Dripping sweat, I returned from my ride tonight and headed straight for a cool shower. The temperatures had dropped a little from the highs of today so the ride was better then what I expected and I have doubled my distance now from when I first started riding. More flexion and more strength keeps me motivated. 

The husband just got back from his last trip and came along tonight. He zipped along riding circles around me and made two laps then sat the last two laps out on the patio watching a football game.
It's past my bedtime and I owe myself some extra sleep for the lost hours of last night.
I'm done.

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