Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chasing Myself Today

Yesterday seems so far away right now. I had to check the date for today. It could be because I have been running in 4 different directions  and it all feels as though it was at the same time.

Yesterday I was determined to get Ted's bike fixed. That brand new bike has went the way of junk already? A pedal broke off so we went yesterday to replace them and of course they didn't fit, the Bluetooth for the cell purchased yesterday I don't like and the odometer for the bike is faulty.
Back to Walmart this morning and I would rather be beat then go to Walmart on a Saturday morning. I exchanged everything, went to Ted's house, picked up the truck, back to my house and loaded up the bike and returned it to Academy (big sports store here) and then off to Capital Cyclery to get a odometer and to look at bikes. Ted was all big eyed looking at the nice bikes and nothing there less then 400.00. We weren't looking for a bike to buy, just getting an idea of what may be in the future.
Some information gleaned. I've always wondered why a man's bike had that bar across the center. Today I was educated. Studies have shown that females have a shorter torso and longer legs while males have longer torsos and shorter legs. The bikes are built according to these statistics. Handle bars on a females bikes are closer from the seat; the seats on a males bike, guessed it, it's farther away for those monkey like arms. The bar in the middle adds strength to the elongated frame for the males. 

Back to the house almost when I drifted by Pat's house and stopped and all the time I'm trying to ignore the fact that beds are unmade, dishes not done and I should be at home on this beautiful day doing a few chores. As my sister would say "heck with will be there tomorrow".

Ted appears a while later and I've made it home but just in time for his arrival. He said "Let's ride".
Did you really think I would tell him "no". You know what my sister would say about those unmade beds? 

She was right. They were still here when we got back. I threw some sheets on my bed, powdered them and tossed on the comforter and called it "good enough". While doing all this I flipped on the TV to see how Ole Miss and Auburn were in doing their tango. Let's say, at halftime, Ole Miss was bleeding. 34 to 17. As a friend said one time "hey..this isn't basketball"  while watching a game that was well over 50 points per team that was playing that day.

I'm heading out again to do another couple of miles. I bought a pair of bike shorts today and the jury is still out on whether there is a big benefit to the padding in them. I got to ride a Specialized today. It made me want to kick that Schwinn Beach Cruiser. Ah, but I remind myself, this is better to get my legs stronger. If I had 18 gears, I would have the opportunity to cut the resistance pedaling and that resistance is what is building leg strength. I'm not in a hurry to buy a better bike yet.

Auburn just scored again, 44 to 17. I feel pain for Ole Miss fans. I'm gone. The night is calling!

Back from my ride:
Ole Miss bled 20 points to Auburn. Finals 51/31.

I sailed around the neighborhood for a ride of 7 miles this evening. I'm in awe. Who woulda thunk it? My friend in Wyoming is so impressed with me. She used to try to coax me into exercising with her. Not my cup of tea I'm afraid, I would tell her. 

If it's a sport, I'm good with it.  Skiing was it for me. No mountains here so that has to change and biking is as independent as the skiing was. I can go anytime and without consulting anyone.  Spontaneity is a death call to routine and I've mentioned before what I think of routine.
Tomorrow the Saints get their butts kicked again. I'll watch and grimace and cheer and frown  and hope I stay through the whole game.
I'm outta here. It's late and I'm done. 


  1. Sounds delightful.

    I love busy, happy days.


    Happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks Pearl..I prefer a little less "busy".
    Happy Halloween...


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