Friday, October 22, 2010

Purple and Gold

The purple and gold pansies are settling in to their new home and just in time I might add. I had to make another trip to the garden center at Home Depot for more flowers. I was looking for deep purple pansies. The lavender ones were just not going to be good enough since I started this planting using the darker ones. I've visited two different Home Depots and finally this morning, there they were. I got them home and to the gardener (the husband) just in time. He got them planted and then the call came for him to leave town. Plans have changed. I'll be entertaining myself this weekend. I'm not making this trip with him. It's only supposed to be for two or three days and it's back to Columbus, Texas where we were a week ago. I'll sit this one out and get some things done around the house.
I'm sitting here listening to the A/C unit kick on. Is it fall yet?
I know it's nap time. I'm instead going for a bike ride and a walk later. 
Oh..which reminds me. My mom's sister, Aunt Evelyn used Facebook to contact some of her mother's relatives (my grandmother's) in Italy. Through those contacts she sent to me, I'm now conversing with a third cousin that lives in Italy, her brother and another relative in Switzerland! When I told my daughter to look up the cousin on Facebook, she came back to me with "OH my! She looks just like us!" and I have to agree, she does.
I wasn't a big fan of this Facebook thing and signed up but seldom used it. Lately I've made all kinds of contacts with lost friends and relatives and now I'm hooked! I do not play the games associated with it. I find I don't want to spend that much time on it but I like knowing that out there are people I had some connection to at one time and some times that's enough to know!
I'm done and I'm on that bike ride now!

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  1. I was also a bit sceptical about FB to start with but am glad I joined, for the same reasons as you.


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