Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Walk

I debated about taking my walk this morning. The time had slipped to 0530 and I hadn't even laced up my shoes yet. I know that if I disturb my routine of morning and evening walks, I may just cancel them altogether. I walked.
I stepped out onto the porch and stood for a few seconds before pushing off toward the street. A few deep breaths inhaled and the 60 degree temperatures were welcomed. A chilled air that was the perfect way to start a walk, I stepped forward.
The sky was a black inverted cloudless bowl of sparkling rhinestone stars. The sound of a helicopter, probably a PHI chopper heading offshore with passengers whose destination is a rig, leaves a trail of sound and quickly moves out of sight.  A small plane buzzes as though a large insect was finding it's way through the darkness. I live close to the airport so air traffic isn't uncommon.
I've only been walking this path for 2 days and debated on whether to change course but didn't. I'm not bored with this walk yet and since it was a little later then my usual time, the scenery has changed. More lights are on in the houses now. The neighborhood is waking up and preparing for work or school. It was still too early for anyone to be on the street and only one other walker was met.
I'm grateful that I live in an area that is safe and allows me the freedom to walk either early in the morning or late at night, and lately I've been doing both. 
Strange that I never hear a dog bark. I would have thought that my passing would cause a disturbance. Maybe it's too early for them to be awake? 

The things you notice when walking, huh?  Most of this subdivision has sidewalks. When I first decided to start my walks, it was based on fall weather arriving. I had promised or maybe a better word would be "threatened" myself with walks and bike rides.
I thought the sidewalks would be perfect for my walks. I prefer the street now. Much of the sidewalks are tilted. The oaks growing in the yards have extended roots that have caused the sidewalks to buckle and turn. I would never have noticed had I been driving by. These morning walks present with the obstacles of trying to not stub a toe and end up in a nose dive.
I don't want to be real alert to the dangers of breaking a leg, so I move to the unoccupied street and continue walking. The whole point of this exercise is to get healthy and strong. This may take a while.

This afternoon we fired up the bikes. I wish. Since there isn't a motor to be fired up, the legs did the motivating. Carrie and I headed up the street after the day temperatures had started to drop. I'm getting better with each ride. The flexion in my knee is improving and I'm excited about that. In small increments it is flexing a little more and I'll take it! Any improvement is welcomed. Might I be back to skiing some day? Not likely but it's a pleasant dream.

I'm ready to shut this down and head out for my evening promenade. A morning walk, an afternoon bike ride and an evening walk and I'm pretty much ready to pass out by 2100 hrs.
I'm gone. It's time to walk.


  1. I've always enjoyed walking and did so a lot, but since we moved here 18 months ago I haven't been able to do daily walks. The hills and uneven lanes make it too difficult. I miss it!

  2. You get enough exercise walking up that hill to your house! That must count for something in the way of exercise.
    I'm enjoying the cooler temps here. Has the weather changed there yet?


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