Saturday, October 23, 2010

Following The Leader

This day started out as planned but got a little strange as the day progressed. I made another trip to Home Depot, more plants, more money or maybe, less money I have now, but the planting is finished. I even found snap dragons to plant in the mailbox garden. I'll never get the black stain from beneath my nails. It's such an attractive look, especially when noted while serving up food with these hands. I never remember to use gloves and the black stained mulch wreaks havoc.
I wanted to hurry up and finish this job so I could catch part of the WVU/Syracuse game. I caught the last quarter and settled in to watch LSU play Auburn.

Still, everything was humming along smoothly. Soon the game started and as the score headed in the wrong direction, I would get to my feet and pace to another room, peak at the game and head back to the sofa. Around the third quarter, I thought I would go dust fire ants in a bush outside, thinking  LSU might be doing poorly because I was watching. I know this makes absolutely no sense at all, but we do strange things when attempting to help change the course of the game.
I wasn't gone more then a few minutes. I walked back into the house and found the TV was off. The code in the cable box was flashing and this told me something might have went awry with the cable box. I bolted!

I walked across the lawn to my neighbors who are avid LSU fans and always have a crowd at their house for every game. I rang the door bell and waited. Kathy came to the door and the look on her face was one of horror. Eyes wide, she sputtered in answer to my question about her television, saying hers was off too.

She asked me in and introduced me to family and friends and we all stood and stared at the black blank screen of her television.

After a minute or so, she moved to the dining room where she flipped on the radio and scanned the channels until she found the game being broadcast. Everyone now moves to the dining room to listen.

Her husband remembers that they owned a black box that connects with rabbit ears so he is in a bedroom hooking it up to the TV in there.

Soon we hear his excited cry, "I've got it!" and away we all go to the bedroom draggin a chair with us. We are almost through the third quarter of this game.

About 20 minutes later, we are notified that the cable is back so we all head back to the living room and get seated in front of the big screen only to find the sound is gone.
Away we go to the kitchen to watch it on the TV there. Laughing and carrying our drinks we have moved from living room to dining room to bedroom, back to living room and then to kitchen and finally again back to the living room. The cable goes off again and we head for the bedroom. In a few minutes it's back on in the living room and we move again.
 I've never enjoyed a game so much in my life. Much laughter, much fun and great neighbors!
We lost the game but we had a good time!


  1. Haha...that's it!

    Annoying about the cable though. I do sympathise as I am still having problems with my UK TV website on my laptop...a week after the site crashed. But because my modem was hit by lightening on Tuesday, and TTNet have loaned us one while it's repaired, we seem to be having connection problems too. Now I can't establish who is responsible for the bad reception from the TV website...the website or TTNet? They're both denying responsibility of course...aaargh!

  2. How frustrating for you. I don't take it well when I'm unconnected!


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