Saturday, October 9, 2010


We used that description when we would get a patient into the hospital for treatment for  their chief complaint. As treatment continued, the patient would show signs of improvement only to have another problem emerge which would then be addressed. We would watch as one disaster after another would befall this patient and soon someone would comment "he is snake bit" meaning, no matter what we try to do to help him, he continues to fail in health.

I fear the rig here is snake bit. From the time we have arrived, not much has gone as planned or expected. From the 'kicks' it has been taking then the downhole heat eating the aluminum pipe and the problems with equipment, we have now been here 9 days on a job that should have lasted for 4 days.

Last night the drilling slowed and the hole was tight. The testing was stopped and the crew pulled all the equipment out of the hole and went back in with a bit to try to ream and now? They are stuck in the hole. Gas is kicking back. We wait.

I've decided to do some winter clothes shopping. The nights are getting cooler and I have only shorts and t shirts and sandals. Maybe I should start some Christmas shopping too. I suppose I could always load up and head home and bail out on this fiasco. I would be doing pretty much the same thing at home as I'm doing here. I'll stay for a while longer.

My next trip will be to San Antonio and to the missions there and the River Walk. I've made that trip before but this time I'll go alone so I can walk through the mission with the guide and get the history lesson I missed the last time.
 I'm waiting on the husband to be called to location and his being there for 12 hrs.
My tour of this part of Texas will then have covered Austin, Houston and San Antonio and all the little towns around here in a 75 mile radius.

Today will be a football day. We may have to visit the little cafe down the road with the outdoor porch and television screens hung across it to be able to see it. It appears that the H.I. can't get ESPN reception.

I'm outta here until something a bit more exciting should happen.
I'm done.


  1. I think it's great that your husband has a job which also enables you to go on all these trips.
    Mr A has suggested I tour the villages with him on his latest adventure. I'd love to, but can't leave the dogs for a couple of days...otherwise I'd be off like a shot. (Not nearly as interesting as your trips though!)

  2. I did the San Antonio thing too and the river walk. We didn't ride the riverboat but had some good BBQ at one of the restaurants along the walk. I had a bird poop on my head there too. LOL I went to the mission, the museum, the Alamo and then we went on down to Laredo. DON'T DO THAT NOW! That is where the drug lords
    shot the husband that was ski boating with his wife. You can't even go there now because it's too dangerous.

  3. Ayak: I don't go with him everytime he goes out. Sometimes, there are places I've been to a lot..but if there is a trip where I will be able to see the Rocky Mountains, I'm GONE!
    Joan: Three years ago when we were in San Antonia..we wouldn't have done a trip to Mexico..too dangerous even back then and then a year ago we were back in San Antonio...same story. I can't understand why that couple even entertained the idea of going boating there!


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