Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Me and Big Mac

Coffee? It's almost the first thing I think about when I roll out of bed. I'm assuming it's the same with you?

The first thing I did this morning was NOT go to the breakfast room here at ye ole Holiday Inn. Instead, I grabbed my laptop, purse and car keys and made a sharp right out of my room and pushed through the glass door into the parking lot. It's a bit chilly and in my t shirt and capris, I made a dash for my car.

I'm off. Off to Mickey D's and a cup of coffee. Why, you might ask? In a few words, the coffee at the H.I. sucks! I thought it was only me that found it distasteful. Salt. Why does the coffee taste salty? I've never been one to tolerate much salt in my diet and to have it in my coffee is intolerable.

WiFi and Big Mac's Diner..or Micky D's or just plain ole McDonalds, is now my friend. Oh sure, it's mostly the WiFi but I've always liked the coffee here so now I have two reasons to visit. I've never noticed before, but as I sit here sipping my coffee, I can hear Jimmy Buffet playing through the over head speakers. Reason #3 for visiting might just have surfaced. Ya just gotta love some WiFi, good coffee and J. Buffet.

Plans for today? I have none. The temps are supposed to be in the mid '80's which will be perfect for just about anything one would want to do. I don't know if the husband will be around to hang out with me. The rig is not doing well. It appears to have a case of belching;'s blowing back gas and frequently. This is called a "kick" in the industry and can lead to some serious the well blowing out or in laymens terms "exploding" much like what happened in the Gulf a few months back. Serious stuff when the rig starts belching. The client may determine that it is too unsafe to continue with the testing he had ordered.

The husband is on "stand by" for further orders. I think it's time to go home while we are all still intact, plus, I make great unsalted coffee in my kitchen.

Excuse me while I surf the net and sip my unsalted coffee. I'm gone for a while but I'll be checking in later.

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