Thursday, October 7, 2010

In General

Things haven't changed much. The rig is still belching so we are just hanging out here at the hotel.

We took off today on roads not traveled by us since we have been here. Lunch was at a Tacqueira and then we were traveling down roads through the country. Brahma bulls and lots of horses, ranches set back from the road and little towns that were but a mere sign on the side of the road and a church of either Lutheran or Catholic.

A huge building at an intersection looked interesting. The porch across the front was a collection of wrought iron decorations hung  on the walls. The lone star of Texas was worked into door knockers, paper towel holders and wall hangings. Fire pits with the silhouette of the state of Texas cutouts in the black metal were for sale. This state is proud of it's Lone Star and will offer it up to you on everything imaginable.

The inside of this general store was a maze of tall shelves and narrow aisles and held everything one might need from canned rattlesnake, black iron cookware, sausage making machines, books, meat slicers and deep fryers of the commercial sort. Lamps, spices and miniature windmills were haphazardly placed throughout this store and one could wonder around for hours and still find something new to see.

I'm thinking I might be here in Texas long enough to vote. I would have to prove residency. It looks like I'll have time unless the client calls a halt to the work here.  Maybe I should look for a job. There is a small hospital just across the street from this hotel. I watch as the change of shift happens and the staff hurries to their cars to make their getaway. That is the best part of the shift...the getaway. Maybe not. Working doesn't have the same appeal it once did for me. I miss it occasionally but then I manage to find something to occupy my time and deflect my interest in actually looking for a job.

Maybe I'll just go get another cup of coffee and do a lap or two around the hotel.

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