Sunday, October 3, 2010

Over Sized

The waiter was grinning hugely when he carried the food tray above his head and appeared at our table. We visited a steak house for dinner and while the husband ordered a rib eye, I opted for chicken fried steak.

The waiter swung the tray down from above his head to table height and with a flourish and a big smile, he sat the 12 inch dinner plate down in front of me and watched my expression. I think this is the specialty of the house. The one thing on the menu that causes the customers to comment.

The entree covered 11 inches of the 12 inch plate. I asked the waiter if this was the smallest they had and he replied, "Yes". I then asked if anyone ever finished one of these and to that he replied "no".

As with the capital of Texas, is everything over sized? I wanted to ask but was afraid of what the answer might be. It might be more then I want to know. I'm trying to remember if I've ever dated a Texan.

The rib eye was consumed while the chicken fried steak was not. A large portion was packed up and stored in the refrigerator in the room. I'll get a garden salad tomorrow and put slices of the chicken fry over it. I should have enough of it to finish out this month!

I'm outta here. The husband will be in for the next 12 hrs and will be sleeping for 8 or 9 of those hours. Not much sleep was allowed during the past two days on location. This means I'll be in the coffee shop early tomorrow morning with my laptop so he can sleep as long as needed.

I may make a road trip tomorrow and do some site seeing in the area. Right now, it's lights out, TV sound set to low volume and the laptop set to hibernate.
I'm publishing and gone. 

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