Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Owning a House Could be Hazardous to Your Health

It never gets totally done does it? From keeping the inside clean and keeping the yard presentable so the neighbors will continue to speak to you, it's always something to do.
The summer scraggly flowers are pulled up and trashed and bright yellow and deep purple pansies now are enjoying their new home. Mardi Gras colors or LSU colors are purple and gold so I'm ready should there be a game or a drunken party in March. I think Mardi Gras this year is March 8th. Don't book your airline tickets based on that information. You might want to verify via the web before you reserve a room in NOLA.
I'm hot, tired and need yet another shower. 
My walk this morning was traded in for a bike ride instead. It really doesn't matter which one I use for the leg exercises. Both will do the job.
Last night as I was doing my night walk, a gold cat decided to join me. It came racing across a yard and bumped into my legs. I saw it coming and thought "Surely, I'm not going to be attacked by a tabby cat?"

I wouldn't call it an attack. It wound itself around my leg so I had to stop and step over it and move on. It followed. Now, how many cats follow anyone? Dogs do that but usually a cat is much too independent to lower itself to following. I walked a few blocks and it was still with me. It would bound across a lawn and race around a tree then come back my way to walk beside me for a few feet and then repeat. I thought before a block had passed, it would sheer off and return to wherever it had come. I was wrong. The darn thing followed me all the way home and when it made one of those investigations of the yard ahead of me, I made a sharp left turn onto my patio and slipped into the house. I'm a slick one aren't I? I ditched that cat. I can just imagine the look on her face when she couldn't find me. (am hallucinating now).

Stepping outside this morning, I wondered if I would find it sitting in the chair by the front door waiting on me.
It wasn't and I may have to change my walk route to avoid the crazy cat
Carrie spent part of the morning with me then decided to bail out and go home when I mentioned taking a nap. In her words "Well! You can just take me home before you take a nap!" and to that I said "Load up!"
A nap was just what I needed. Who's cooking tonight?

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