Thursday, March 20, 2014


It's 0300 hrs. and I'm sitting up in bed, television tuned to CNN and their reporting on the missing Malasia airliner.

I'm awake and anticipating drinking the colon cleanse liquid. Just looking at that glass of overly flavored stuff makes my stomach clench up. I drank a quart of it last night and this 0300 dosing is the reason I'm sitting here looking at that glass of gag. I'm afraid I've had enough. I'll pass on taking any more. They say if you can see the bottom of the toilet bowl after consuming a bunch of this stuff, then you are cleaned out. I surely hope so because this is as clean as I'm going to be.
I'm going to shut off the light and the television and go back to sleep for a few hours.
Hopefully around noon today I'll be munching down on a big greasy burger and fries!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paid Up

And the end is in sight. This ending is a good thing. I've been shopping for a new auto based on this ending. I am receiving the final bills from the doctors and hospitals. Another 400.00 should see the end of the charges incurred before Medicare took over.
The EOB's (explanation of benefits) are continuing to roll in but they have become so involved that matching them up to what the statements proclaim has become almost impossible. I just discovered that the clinic now charges a "clinic visit". That's a 216.00 charge just for visiting. That's IN ADDITION to the doctor's charge of 240.00! I was appalled. I'm now having the clinic contact me on how many months this has been in effect. Needless to say, I've had enough of all the gauging done to the insurance company and to my checking account by anything related to medical and medicine.
Medicare gets a huge cut rate on all the charges from the facilities and doctors. A 636.00 charge is whittled down to 140.00 that is charged to Medicare. Hopefully this upcoming year will be minus those health bills and I will continue to shop for that new car.
Speaking of auto's, my Solstice is recalled. That ignition problem with GM has killed 12 souls. I've parked the Solstice until it can have the ignition switch replaced.
The husband remains in Texas but should be returning home on Thursday, the day of my colonoscopy. Wedesday is the daughter's birthday. I'm thinking I could have scheduled this procedure at a better time. I will be NPO all day on Wednesday, so that nixes our birthday trip.
....and that's my update on what's going on in my life!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward

The grass is moving toward a bright green. The temperatures have bounded back to something resembling normal for this time of year here in southwest Louisiana. I'm hoping we don't segue right into summer.
I'm not a fan of "hot" and here in the deep south we know "hot".
We have sprung forward this morning and are now off day light savings time or are we on day light savings time? I can't remember which is normal time now.  I suppose, thinking of extending daylight hours, springing forward would put us into those "saving daylight hours". Sounds reasonable to be.

Clinical report: The burns to my right chest wall, the side that was radiated, are beginning to heal. The pain is lessening, the skin is not as red as a few days ago. I continue to put the salves on as ordered.

The right lung is painful on deep inhalations and exhalations. I will see the doctor tomorrow to have this assessed. I may have some inflammation from the radiation. Antibiotics might be in order.
The weather is improving and I want to shop for a new bicycle. Since my Trek was stolen, I haven't been back on the road. I'm in sore need of exercise. 
Continued one day later:
I was just informed this morning that the time we are using now is the "normal" time. I'll have to go with it as I'm no argument to refute that.
I am back to normal routines, which meant picking Carrie up at her house and taking her to school. As I left her house, straight ahead in the sky close to the horizon hung the big golden moon. It was huge and beautiful. Fog was hovering close to the ground, the huge golden moon floated close to that fog and made for a weird but wonderful sight.

This morning my lungs felt a little better. I must be healing so I will delay calling the doctor. The skin is much less painful and red and I'm still applying the salves.
The husband just got put on notice of a job that is "up".
This means he will pack his clothes and all his computers, printers and scanners in anticipation of tomorrows departure to west Texas. It looks like his work lull is over and he will be back to his normal routine.
I'm off to get some house chores finished. It's great to feel good enough to get some things done!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The leafless trees have a glistening coat of ice adorning their limbs. The streets in my neighborhood are wet. Earlier this morning I-10 was closed due to icing on the highway but the afternoon bought clear roads to the city. Even with this, a few parades were cancelled. There were plenty of people that went out in the frigid weather to catch beads and gulp down their favorite drink. We stayed home. I had no desire to huddle beneath an umbrella in the cold for a few beads that would be bagged and donated to Goodwill within the week.

The husband made it in yesterday afternoon. His desire was to just "sleep in". His job required him to be up and out at 0500 hrs. each morning. When he gets home, I leave him undisturbed for as long as he wants to sleep.

Tomorrow is my final day of radiation. I'm grateful as the skin on my neck is very red and very painful. The techs were concerned about continuing treatment so they invited the doctor in to take a look. We both agreed, one more treatment could be tolerated. My sentiments? "Let's just get this over with!" I have been applying  silver sufadine to the highly reddened and sore skin. I keep telling myself, "this is no worst then a bad sunburn" and I'm coping well.

It's time for me to get beneath a blanket and watch some evening television. That's the kind of Mardi Gras day it was here for us.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Rad 29 and Mardi Gra tomorrow!

I'm showered and dressed. I stuck my foot out the door this morning to do a temperature check and drew back an "almost" frost bitten toe. Ok, so that's an exaggeration but it was such a shock from yesterday's mild, grass greening warmth. Up north, the new storm rages on. Ice and snow are closing airports and travel on the ground so I'm not going to whine about a bit of chilly temperatures forecast for this week.

Checking my email this morning, I received a notice from Cigna. Cigna is the company I signed on with for my supplemental or Medigap Insurance to go along with the Medicare I've recently qualified for. These companies that offer "Medigap" or "supplemental" that covers the 20 percent of medical costs above what Medicare covers, have written into their policies in very small print there right to refuse coverage for the first six months for a "pre exisiting" condition. I worried about this. I was prepared to argue this point had there been a refusal to pay any bills submitted by Medicare. The glitch in this, their "pre existing, you'll have to pay for the first six months charges" is the other statement that follows "unless you had comparable coverage with an insurance company" before signing up for this supplemental.
I did. Blue Cross and Blue Shield was my coverage but I was still nervous about the upcoming charges starting February 1 when I qualified for Medicare.
When I received a notice from Cigna this morning that I could sign in and check my activity, I nervously signed in.
There is was. In big black and white, the charges that Medicare didnt' cover related to my doctor's visit and the radiation treatment on that date. PAID!

Breathing a sign of relief, I now am assured that the 20 percent not covered by Medicare will be picked up by my "Medigap/supplemental" insurance policy from Cigna.

Treatment, even with insurance, has been expensive. Fortunately, it was only for one year until I turned 65 and qualified for Medicare.

Today will be my 29th radiation of the thirty that has been ordered. I would have finished up tomorrow but for Mardi Gra and the Cyber Knife Center being closed. My skin is angry. Red, raw and a bit painful, I apply the Aquaphor that soothes the burn a little.

The "girls" leave today. I've kept them most of this month on the condition that when the husband returns, they vacate. They will spend the time with their mother, cramped as they will be, it's a free place to stay until they find their own living space.  They moved out of their apartment and in with us while they shop for a place to live that has a small yard. S'getti, their Heinz57 rescue dog, needs a yard. She has so enjoyed being here. I find her laying out in the middle of the yard when the sun is shining, sunbathing and content. She has been able to get some exercise by being "off leash". An apartment is not a place for an animal. Nuff said on that subject, as we have had that discussion with "the girls" and they still insisted on getting a dog.
It's time to lotion my skin and take my morning meds and head for the clinic. "Ciao"