Sunday, October 10, 2010


 I really wanted that but......I guess I can settle for ..............
and so goes life. We learn to settle. Maybe it's a house that was unattainable for either financial reasons or location or whatever the reason that caused you to just settle.  What about that two seater sports car that would not have been sensible for long trips or family outings. You settled for that sedan with the four doors and large trunk?

We all settle at some time in our lives. The trick is to be happy or at least contented with your "settle". Sometimes we settle for contentment over deliciously happy.

What if? Would that sports car, had you bought it, been enough to keep you contented. Happiness is now but contentment travels a longer road. That house you yearned for, would the payments and stress be worth the owning of it?

That woman you have yearned for, would she have been someone to be content with? A woman that has provided comfort, children and support through the years or a woman left behind except for memories that have grown in stature as the years have passed? A woman who remains on that pedestal of unattainability?

That man with the charismatic personality, the skill to entertain a crowd with a witty story, a smile and a laugh that caused your heart to squeeze and your stomach to lurch left behind for reasons known only to you and to settle for someone dependable, kind and considerate.

Maybe it isn't about happiness for most of us; maybe content is good enough?
Have you settled? Have you learned to live with your "settle".

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  1. Not quite...but I'm getting there!

    Great post Charlotte Ann x


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