Saturday, October 16, 2010

NOLA on Saturday

0600 and I roll out of bed, stumble around in the darkened room and finally find my sandals. I had to again use the light from my cell. You would think after as many times as I do this hotel thing, I would be better prepared! In my defense, I have to say, I was tired last night when I went to bed. Preparing for the morning was not even a thought.

 As I picked up the laptop, unplugged it and looked for my purse, I realized I should put some clothes on before heading for the lobby. I know there are some crazy sights here in New Orleans but I don't wish to be one of them.
Setting the laptop down and dropping my purse, kicking off my sandals, I pull on a pair of capris from the day before, slip into a t-shirt and recapture laptop, purse and sandals and slip quietly out of the room.
I've mentioned before that I'm usually the "one who doesn't sleep in"?
Another lobby, another city, another hotel coffee shop and coffee, I sit with the laptop and CNN in view.

My cell phone will chime when the husband wakes up to alert me that it's safe to return to the room. Waking the grouch is something I avoid. If he awakes on his own, he is much more pleasant to be around so I let him have his sleep time. I'm more the hyper person in this relationship while he is the compose and laid back one. Ya do what you gotta to do to maintain harmony.
Today, it's undetermined if we will have breakfast, but I'm sure lunch will be at "Mother's" and then to Royale (pronounced "Roy..Al) where I like to browse the shops and stare at all the furnishings that were part of the old mansions here in the south. A collection of crystal chandeliers sparkle from their display spots hanging from the ceilings of these shops and they are huge. I imagine the house where they originally were hung.
 The furniture is a lesson in hand carved, inlaid wood and the lamps are unique. Old jewelry fills the glass counters, and the ambiance of the brick walls aged,  only adds to the look and feel of these shops. I like me some Roy Al browsing!
Some time today, the French Market will be included. Most of the stuff there I ignore. I'll find the book seller that usually sets up his booth beneath his own umbrellaed shelter  on the fringe of the market place and browse his collection of books. Sometimes there is another seller that offers unique un-tourist like stuff. I once found a huge cast iron skillet and much to my husband's chagrin, I bought it which caused us to walk all the way back to the lot where the truck was parked to rid our selves of carrying a 12lb black cast iron skillet around all day. you know how hard it is to find the really old cast iron? The new stuff just isn't the same. Have I used it?
Well, I'm not exactly the handiest person in the kitchen and a 12lb skillet filled with oil and chicken and I would need a crew to move it around. If you're in the market for a 12lb skillet, hit me up. I jest. I like that skillet and I promise, some day I'll use it or at least that's what I tell the husband.

It's time to shut this down. It's getting to be "novel" length and we all know I just do "hit and run" posts; a logbook to replace my fading brain cells.
I'm gone.  


  1. I know what you mean about the husband being grouchy if he's woken up early...mine's the same, so I creep about until he wakes up of his own accord. I'm a morning person...he's a night's difficult at times!

    The more you write about New Orleans, the more I really want to visit!

  2. Ayak: New Orleans is much like Las Vegas in the sense that everyone should see "Vegas" and everyone should see New Orleans. There is no place like either of these places and it's great to experience both of these great cities.
    You can spend days here in New Orleans and still find new things to visit.


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