Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nana, Can You?

Ok, so I missed the little one while I was out roadDayIn' (a term they use here when running the roads). Shortly after getting back home I went and picked up Carrie and from then on it was "Nana, can you......? and that is Carrie's most used sentence. There is not much relax time while she is around.

The car was my big goal today. Carrie wanted to help so I handed her the water hose and designated her "the rinser". I lathered and she rinsed and later she rinsed me too. My phone rang and moving to the table and chairs on the front porch to take a little break and the call, I heard a giggle. Carrie was pointing the spray nozzle toward me and I broke into a scream "Don't you dare!" and of course she did. As soon as I was drenched, she took off squealing to the back yard to be saved by Poppy. Later I asked her if she thought I was going to hurt her and she said in her grown up 5yr. old voice "Of course not! I was just playin' with ya."

Lately she has changed her speech and is now talking the slang of the Cajun folk. It's now "Nana, I want DAT"...instead of "that" and I question her on it. I've noticed some other bits of this and call her on it. She just grins and continues. It might just be a form of play or maybe she is spending too much time in that little Cajun town where her father lives.  It's a "country sound" and Carrie doesn't live in the country. She is starting to sound like those guys that wrestle alligators in the swamps or the shrimpers working their nets. This won't set well with her mother either. I'll let her deal with Carrie's language.

Today has been a day of victory. All the miners in Chili have now been pulled up through the shaft drilled to extract them. I've watched on and off all day today as the rescue continued. If one can believe in miracles, I think this would qualify as one.
I'm off to bed. 0400 was too early to be up this morning.
I'm done.

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  1. Carrie is such fun...typical little girl!

    The rescue of the miners was indeed a miracle..absolutely wonderful.


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