Friday, October 8, 2010

Houston, Cowboys and Stuffed

Right off, we decided this morning that we would go somewhere. Our choices: Austin, San Antonio or Houston. Since Houston was the closest, we left around 0900 and  50 miles later, we were enjoying all that traffic that flows and doesn't down the streets of this huge city.
Not really needing anything but not letting that stop me from shopping, I found a purse I wasn't looking for and some lingerie that I have plenty of. We I had the husband drop me off in front of a few more places while "he who doesn't shop" stayed in his truck listening to tunes on his IPod. I didn't stay long and soon we were off to find a place for lunch.
Margarita Ville....

We had lunch and margaritas on the patio outside and the weather was perfect, the salad was huge and could have fed a couple more people. Huge chunks of marinated grilled chicken breast covered the top of the salad greens. Though it was tasty, only half of it was eaten.
On the way home, we stopped at Cavender's Boot Store. It's time for me to get out of Texas when I start looking at cowboy boots. I get nervous around cowboy attire on a female. Sexy it may be on those cute cowboys, I was never a fan of western wear on my own body. I've always thought those big belt buckles and boots caused females to swagger instead of the usual gentle female sway when walking. I'm into swaying not swaggering.
That's just my opinion, as valuable as that may be to you.
I did pick up a belt buckle, peek at the boots and turn up my nose at the Wrangler jeans while taking pictures of everything.

I thought about these, but then who needs boots to match their lace bras and panties?
I shot a lot of pictures but my Google Account has now reached it's limits and I'm unable to post any new pictures until I move some albums out of that account. I did post all the pictures on my Facebook album page. Just sayin....I know you wouldn't want to miss those shots that could be contenders for National Geographics expose on boots.
After noon naps, we started looking for a place that we hadn't visited yet for dinner. A BBQ place on the edge of town was our choice.

Meat. It hung on the walls from floor to ceiling. It stood on four hoofs and faced us from all corners of the room. A taxidermist's shop? Whose idea was it to hang all these heads on the wall of a place that primarily served meat?  Buffaloes, deer, a Highland cow from Scotland, longhorn steers, Wildabeast, water buffaloes, raccoons, lynx, bobcat, swordfish, moose, elk, antelope, two white bears, l large brown bear, a small black bear and the  list goes on and on.
My stomach rolled as I tried to eat the BBQ sandwich I had ordered. I bumped into a bear as I was leaving. He stood head and shoulders above me and I tilted my head back to look into his eyes.
Let me say it right here. I may like beef and pork but I don't want to have eye contact with any animals while I'm trying to eat another one. 
I have never seen walls covered from ceiling to floor with so many heads and the corners with animals standing frozen in place. I don't want to again either. Oh sure, I've been in places that had the usual. A deer head, or a moose or both but this place could have furnished a zoo had they not been so damn dead!

I was happy to leave. My appetite will be back tomorrow meanwhile a glass of tea is all I need.


  1. I gotta love those gentle, feminine sways.

  2. Buffalo: gotta love that swagger on a cowboy!

  3. Oh no I don't think I would have been able to eat there either.

    I absolutely love the cowboy boots. I'm not sure I would ever have thought of buying them but they are lovely.


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