Monday, October 11, 2010

Just An Observation

What ever happened to quality? A job well done and an outcome to point at with pride might be a thing of the past.
This hotel we moved to is just two weeks old. I doubt it will be standing in 20 yrs. The electrical receptacles are hanging out of the wall. The laminate flooring as you enter the room was laid by someone that has less skill then my daughter. She did her own floors and did an awesome job. The floor here has gaps of over 1/4" between the planks.
The door has a gap of over 1/2 inch from the frame and light streams in from the hallway with that door closed.

Both sliding glass doors at the entrance are inoperable and have to be opened and closed manually and as they weren't built to operate this way, there is no handles on them; you must squeeze your fingers between the opening and pull them apart.
The jacuzzi, of course, is inoperable. The indoor pool does have water in it.
I've mentioned the cell phone reception? In case you missed the previous post, there is no cell phone reception. On order is mini towers that will be placed in this hotel to gain cell phone use but that won't be done for two more weeks.
I ask you, who designed this building and who did the building of it?  I'm sure glad the people responsible for this aren't in the airline industry or building ocean liners or building Toyota brake parts...or are they?

Good help is hard to find, apparently and apparently they weren't building this house. On the surface, it's very pretty. The hallways are wide, the patterned carpet in muted reds, greens and gold are beautiful. White paneled doors line these hallways with light sconces positioned to provide maximum visibility.

The foyer is grand with its dark cherry stained wood  and white marble floors. A grouping of comfortable chairs surround a coffee table and a flat screen TV sits atop a mantle over a fireplace. 

It presents well. How well will it present in 20yrs? We are a throw away nation. It isn't built to last. It is very pretty though.


  1. Sounds to me like the workmen employed maybe didn't match up to the quality of the design. But you're right, things really aren't built to last these days.

  2. There's an award for you over at mine if you'd like it xx

  3. Ayak: That's awesome. I'm afraid I'm clueless as to what to do? How about some instructions?

  4. Just copy the pic of the award to put on your blog on your side panel and also do a post including it and refer to me as having awarded it to you...similar to my post. Then do your list and then nominate some of your favourite blogs with links to them, then notify the recipients.

  5. THANKS! I'm going to give that a try...and thank YOU for the award!


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