Saturday, October 16, 2010

Landed in NOLA

Just in case you don't know what "NOLA" represents, it's  New Orleans, La. We got into town and checked in to the Landmark Hotel in Metairie. Another bit of information, Metairie is 5 miles from New Orleans but noticing the break from one city to another won't be possible. Where one ends, the other begins. This hotel has a tower on one side with a 360 degree view restaurant on the top. That tower has been closed down since Katrina passed through. This is one of the older hotels. I noted the perfume of this place as soon as I entered the room. It's not a bad odor, but an odor of age. I don't know any other way to describe it; it reminds me of the days spent in Daytona Beach, Florida where the smell of moisture in the air filled the motel rooms.

The elevator is glass and ascends through an atrium in the lobby. Standing at the glass wall watching the lobby fall away, we were delivered to the 6th floor. The view from here is awesome.

We dumped out luggage and headed to Crazy Johnny's Steakhouse. We wanted to eat on the patio but the serving there had stopped at 4PM; we had drinks while waiting to be called for our table.

 I ordered the  Filet Tips Meschi in creme garlic sauce and the husband ordered the Giant BBQ Shrimp in sauce. Everything is ala carte.  The food was great and I  can highly recommend this place.  

Off to the 'Quarters and the first stop was to The Cigar Shop for a Hurricane and a bathroom break.
This is the stairwell to the bathroom. As I climbed the three sets of stairs, I couldn't help but wonder if I might be hatcheted to death some where on this hike.

And this would be the lock on the door. Yep, folks, that's my foot and note the unscrubbed door? If you are queasy about using the facilities that are less then modern and spotless, you might want to not make New Orleans your destination. This is the "usual" on what you will find and don't expect to use any facilities unless you are a customer. We grabbed our drinks and head for Bourbon to "do the walk".

There is usually the bride and groom doing the walk. Glassy eyed young men, scantily clad young women and both male and female with  hair dyed a rainbow of colors, male couples, female couples, and straight couples all doing the walk. It's easier to walk the middle of the street then the maze of the sidewalks. I walk and watch. 
When the husband asked "Well, do you think it's back to pre Katrina?"
My response? "It's different. The music is not as plentiful. The sounds of sax and trumpets are scarce." The sounds are weak and that's the best way I can describe the difference in this post Katrina New Orleans. The crowds aren't as dense, but it's the sounds of the city, I miss the most. The old sounds of the old musicians. It's not the same.
Tomorrow we will hang around the city until the afternoon, when we will head to Camp Street for the BBQ and Blues Festival. 
Right now, it's time to elevate the feet and give em a break. I've walked enough for one day.  


  1. The facilities look scary to me. I am used to pretty pristine and safe places. How would I do In NOLA? I don't know. Wayne was telling me that the shrimp are to die for though and as huge as any he has ever had. That might motivate me.

  2. Our public bathroom facilities in Turkey are much like this. You sort of get used to it, and when you find a really clean one it's a bit of a shock.

    Sad that the atmosphere of this wonderful place has changed since Katrina. It's still a place I would just love to visit.

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  4. Joan: I've been here many times and know what to expect. You won't find many places in the quarters with pristine anything. The smell of the Quarters might not be what you expect either. As Ayak get used to it.
    I know what to expect and it's not much but if you have been to Mexico, you will be able to survive the less then hygienic facilities here.


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