Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Toy Leaves Tomorrow

MY 1990 Toyota Corolla!
I might just dissolve into a puddle of tears and sweat when I give up my little car. It's been with me through nursing school, and states west and east, north and south.
I got up this morning and aired up all the tires, emptied out the glove box and trunk, used jumper cables to juice it up for a trip to Auto Zone where she got a brand new shiny battery.
I also picked up an alternator belt and removed the
old ragged falling apart dry rotted one and put the shiny new one on. I'm almost there with the work I want to do on it before passing it along to my granddaughter tomorrow.
I have a signal light to fix and a brake light bulb to replace and I'll check all her fluids before she leaves. One more bath for her and I'm done.

I have taken very good care of this little car, doing all the oil changes, and tune ups myself and rarely trusting anyone else to do any work on it though it has seldom needed much attention. Last year I had the a/c redone.

I have grease embedded beneath my nails and ground into the skin of my hands. Yesterday they were stained from the black mulch I was using for my flower beds.
I'm looking forward to the day when I can have "girl hands' again.
I'm off to check lights and fluids. Busy day here for me but the weather is awesome and I don't mind working on that little car in this weather!
Have an awesome day. I am!


  1. I envy you being able to look after your car. I am not at all mechanically or technically minded. I wish I was. I had a Toyota Corolla years ago in England. Lovely cars. Your granddaughter is very lucky!

  2. That Toyota is a little younger then her but just a little.
    I don't do much work on vehicles anymore though in the past I saved a lot of money doing what I could.
    Elise and her brother both learned to drive a stick shift with this little car.


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