Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring What? Where?

Our spring is dragging her feet. Oh, yeah, right... We have sunshine and green grass. The bushes are blooming. Why, right next door a Federal Rose has shaken out her skirt, fluffed it up a few times and the beautiful deep pink and white cup sized blooms are masking the green leafs competing for space on it. The small flower bed beside the sidewalk to the front of this house has rows and rows of thick green shoots pushing up which will quickly wave their golden flowers throughout the spring and summer.
Today I will buy a small lawnmower. I ruined April's little lawn mower last year by running it over some metal stakes. The engine seized up and oil sprayed from the little machine and greasy grey smoke bellowed and belched. May she rest in peace.
At 35 degrees last night, Spring is blowing raspberries at us. Give us lawns to mow and demand we wear sweat pants and sweat shirts to do it? I call "not fair". As I sit here, I hear the electric furnace  clicking on and the bunny rustling around in the cordoned off dining room.
Though the bunny wears the prettiest white fur coat, I hesitate to leave him out when the temperatures  droop.  The "baby gates" were clipped into place last night. At least that part of this process to block the bunny off into one room has gotten easier. When I first purchased those expandable closures, I was really to pitch them out the door. Frustrated with them because they would not stretch to the doors' casings and cling tightly enough to keep the bunny from standing on his hind legs with front paws on the gate and watching it collapse!
Finally, after days of working with it, I got it right! It no longer takes me 20 minutes. He spent last night in the dining area.  He ate my Michelangelo coffee table book. I have a two tiered table sitting against the back window  in front of the drapes in the dining area. That book was on the bottom shelf of that table.  He likes to get behind that table and behind those drapes. Now I know why. There are bunny tooth marks all around the edges of my book..and the bottom of the drapes in the dining room have holes nipped into them and the painted baseboard has gnaw marks too. That bunny will be spending his future nights in his pen outside. After all, that white heavy coat he wears should be enough protection from the nippy temps.

I need to get a quick shower and hit the road. Besides the lawnmower I need to purchase, I need to make a stop at the pet store to get the bunny a mineral block and a wooden chew thing so he quits eating my house and belongings!

Carrie spent the night with her sister last night and today she is attending a birthday party at the zoo. One of her friends is having her party there. I suggest they all dress warm. I think it will be a chilly day here and these children do not tolerate the cold very well.

A quick shower and I'm gone!


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