Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Free Day for Me, None for the Bunny

Today begins the first day that I move out of limbo. I plan on visiting my email once a day, blogging once a day and sailing through Facebook once a day.

After all I have a bunny to harness and we all know how much time it takes to break a bunny.

The last time the bunny was introduced to his harness, it was a total disaster which left the bunny screaming and me screaming AND in tears. I felt so sorry for her. Her leash attached to her harness was caught between the table leg and while in full run, she was snapped to a halt and flung flat out on her tummy, her legs splayed to the four corners of the room. She screamed. I was nauseated because of the fear I knew she was feeling.

Carrie and I extricated her from that mess. Today I have a different plan. I'm going to slip her harness on and then set her back in her "run" and let her become accustomed to her new "vest". She can play "dress up" in her olive green vest which will look ravishing next to her white fur coat, pinK eyes and ears. I think it will be a runway classic in both design and crowd appeal.

After a few days of periodic wearing of her new wardrobe piece, I'll attach the leash for a few minutes while still in her "run". We are going to avoid table legs in this training period and hopefully I will never heard her scream in fright again.

I'll keep this bunny training a secret from Carrie. I can envision one day Carrie arriving to find me and the bunny strolling the whole back yard, her in a vest and leash, perfectly at ease, a big bunny smirk on her face bragging about her composure whispering "it's nothing, really nothing being able to wear this vest and be leashed" I've been doing it for months darlin."

The bunny can be so pretentious sometimes. We will just ignore this. She has so many other stellar qualities.

I can dream of a new purple vest, green and purple top hat and gold tie and leash Carrie marching him to Mardi Gras next year along with all the other animals that visit. Have I gone to far in this movie in my head?
I'm going to reel my movie in  my head back to just the bunny run today. The yard will be the next goal and who knows? There might be a Mardi Gras parade in our future.


  1. Hahaha...sooo funny. You paint a wonderful picture!

  2. Ayak: You are a wonderful audience!


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