Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nose to Toes

I must discuss my toes. I know it's not a subject that you have been requesting I post about but you will just have to bear with me until I get through this.

I'm past due for a pedicure. The big toenail on my right foot was smashed by a falling piece of frozen meat that came from the freezer. I was on the phone talking to a friend when I opened that freezer door and that chunk of frozen meat came hauling out and landed square on that toe. To my credit, I bit my lip, held onto the phone, did minimal swearing, took some deep breaths and my conversation was barely halted because of this trauma. Breath...breath...

The third toenail away from that one that was crushed  has fallen off a couple of times, polish long gone and neglected. The remaining toes have polish left only on the very ends that had not been clipped off yet.

The hair was long past due some attention too. I just haven't been in the mood lately to really care about grey streaked grown out roots and toenails that looked as though
a child had tried to paint them.

I gave up on the neglect and decided to do some primping.

My toenails are groomed or is it my hair that is groomed. Both have new paint. I look bright. I look cared for.

Tomorrow I leave early in the morning for my PET scan. It will be a long test. A Klonopin will help me through.

I will enter as a groomed, calm client. I hope my toenails are impressive to everyone. They sure make me feel much better.


  1. You have a good excuse to have neglected toes and hair. I have no excuse other than I hibernate in winter in this village so don't bother. Summer has suddenly arrived and I really have to do something about them!

    Good luck with the scan..will be thinking of you xx

  2. Thank you my friend! I won't have results for a while...glad when it's over.\

  3. I haven't polished my toenails in a coon's age. The toe hair kept marring the surface finish.

  4. lol Buffalo! the word is "wax" stings a bit but works well!


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