Saturday, March 9, 2013

Freedom to Worship

I'll never understand those that profess to be Christians.

This country believes in freedom to worship. Does that mean also that one is free NOT to worship? Why would it be an insult to those who choose to worship. I'm not frightened by your choice to go to church, to have that freedom.

When does it become a Christian's right to pass judgement on another's beliefs or lack of? 

If I don't believe in your higher power's book, should you condemn me for that?

Can one not have a spiritual life if it differs from what you believe to be spiritual?

If I believe in evolution will it make you disown me?

I have friends that follow the Bible closely. They know how I feel about the church and organized religion and they allow me to believe my way as I allow them to have their views. We get into friendly discussions on our feelings. I have never  had a truly religious person shun me for my way of thinking. We agree to disagree and we agree to allow each other our beliefs. Isn't that the Christians way?

Tonight I had someone call me an atheist. This Christians passed judgement and was very angry with me. Why?

A most devout young lady at the Imaging Center, a friend, asked me if I was Catholic? I said "no". She then asked if I was a Christian. Again I answered "no". She gave me a hug and passed me a blessing she had found and printed for me. I accepted this graciously and read it when I got home. She wasn't insulted or angry with me.

I have people that know how I feel and they offer prayers for my health. I appreciate the love they are offering. Does it really matter that I am not a Christien? No. I don't think so. They are offering their love with their prayers and I appreciate that love. That's how I feel about their prayers.

I was very disappointed in this special person in my life that shunned me for not believing in HER beliefs.

And on that note, I'll close this post. It's been a very unusual day for me so far and I think all the revelations today have been a bit overwhelming.


  1. You know how I feel about all this. I couldn't really have put it better myself. I'm afraid a lot of people who call themselves christians, are amongst the biggest hypocrites on earth.

  2. Ayak..I cannot be a blind believer in anything. I want some one to explain to me how their God can be so kind and glorius while a child is being dragged off into the woods to be molested, strifcken with cancer or viciously murdered. There is no continuity for me in religion. I've watched people go to chruch here every Sunday and then snarl their noses up and use the "N" word in such a derogatory fashion., I'm afraid it's not condusive to me ever becoming a "believer" in their form of religion!

  3. Before I gave up religion for Lent I remember reading this verse out of the bible, "judge not lest ye be so judged." That may be a paraphrase, may be dead bang on.


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