Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Photo Tour


From left to right: Josepsh Washington Tate, Carrie Lee Bailey Tate, Hazel Tate McCormick, Riley Tate and Joseph Edward Tate

this is my wonderful grandmother Carrie Tate. on the left of her is me, Charlotte Ann Tate, the child in the seat is Muesetta and on the left is Che Che (Launa Bernice) I had never seen this picture until my niece shared it with me.
I have seen thiis picture many times before. It's me, Charlotte Tate and sis, Che Che (Launa) The best part of this pic is the tree in teh background and it must have been a great year for us..there is packages beneath that tree!


  1. awwww how sweet..thanks for sharing that!! You're just as cute now as you were then..dimples...

  2. Isn't thst tree a hoot? They must have not done much searching in the woods for the perfect tree huh?


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