Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Rabbit Sunday

Oh, I had plans to do a little housework. I thought I might make it to a theatre; I didn't even check to see what was playing. Instead I smoothed the sheets out on my bed from the night's sleep and tuned my iPad to some You Tube videos. I drifted in and out of sleep as the You Tube videos played on. At least I can rewind them and not miss anything.

Earlier I called the daughter and apologized about my apoletic fit she witnessed when she showed me the colors she was choosing to paint her living room, hallway and kitchen. As the husband says "It's not your house." As usual he is right of course so we made plans to go back to Stein's and I would stay out of her way, keep my eyes tightly closed along with my mouth and let her choose her paints.

This weekend is "no sales tax" weekend. While she was picking paint colors I went to the garden section and bought a Mandarin Orange tree and some cleaner for my granite counters. We loaded up all our stuff and stopped by the Sonic to get Carrie a chocolate sundae.

April was left off at her house, the new lawnmower she loaded into the trunk of my car for storage in my shed and Carrie continued the journey with me to my house.

She was excited about the harness I had bought for Bugsy yesterday. I told her she would have to wait until I unloaded the tree and the lawn mower and emptied the car of all electronics. We dare not leave anything of value in the cars parked on the driveways. You never know who might drop by after midnight for some of their own kind of shopping.

We are ready. Ready to harness up the bunny. I had already warned Carrie that she would not be walking Bugsy in the neighborhood. He would have to get used to his harness and leash.

She held him by the ears, raising his feet barely off the floor while I snugged the ties around his chest and moved on to the buckles around his hind quarters. Bugsy was calm. We snapped on his leash and Carrie set him down on the floor. For the first few seconds Bugsy was calm and a bit curious. Within a few more seconds Bugsy was off and running with Carrie trying to hang on to his leash. It slipped out of her hand and Bugsy kept racing around the kitchen table until he caught his leash in the leg of the table and mid hop he was jerked backward and sprawled out on the tile. He was screaming. I was screaming which stopped Carrie's laughter. She had no idea the bunny was frightened and not playing.

Quickly, I picked him up and had her hold him close to calm him while I unhooked his harness which was now pulled over his head and eyes.

We will have a better plan next time. Carrie has been informed that the bunny will wear his harness minus the leash until he gets comfortable with it. We won't try to walk the bunny around the table and chair legs and all of this will take some time.

Hearing the bunny squeal in fright was horrible. I couldn't just dump him back in his pen so I put the bunny gates up and got his litter box for him and let him loose in the dining room. I'm waiting for a chair to fall over from him chewing on stuff in there. We weren't going to let the bunny run free around the furniture any more because of his constant gnawing on things.

Poor Bugsy. I'll baby him for a bit longer then take him back to his pen.


  1. awwww poor bugsy thought you were trying to kill him ha ha ha

  2. I was almost in hysterics when he was screaming...I thought he might try to scratch us but he didn't. He still let us hold him at least he isn't afraid of us!


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