Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Rollercoaster

A clinical report:

There is no pain other then the emotional one. We have one and all at a calmer level then just a week ago. A few more procedures before we get to the treatment phase and the waiting makes each day seem endless.

The hospital called to pre admit me for the procedure that will be done two days from now. A full body PET is scheduled.

I started out this day with a good grip and by noon I was antsy and pacing. The roller coaster of emotions were all over the place. I determined it was Klonopin time.

I haven't had to have anything for anxiety since the second day after the diagnosis. I gave up today and swallowed one.

Louise, my friend called from the hospital to inquire about any scheduling for surgery. Not yet Louise. I haven't heard a thing about the medi port placement.

Louise is one of those special people that enter your life and though you may go months and years before encountering her again, you know she is always there ready to help should she be needed.  I didn't call Louise with the news but to ask her who she would recommend for an oncologist. All the ones I worked with are now retired.

As luck would have it, Louise had just returned to work after a two week vacation in Puerto Rico.

 I hesitate to disturb Louise, as kind as she is, she has a busy life. Her husband is the bass player for Sonny Landreth and he is usually on the road both here and abroad. I never know when he is off the road and able to spend some time with her and I don't want to take away from her time with him.

He is on hiatus right now and has been home for months. Louise assures me she wants to be with me for as much of the procedures as she can though she doesn't want to intrude. I'm very grateful that she has my back. We made a great team working together at one time and she is very supportive in this.

The Klonopin has kicked in. It might be a good time to remove some teeth, saw some bones into or have a gross tattoo placed in a conspicuous place. I'm up with just about any suggestions. Klonopin really does relieve anxiety.

Maybe I'll just take a nap instead and leave my teeth and skin intact. It might take more the one Klonopin to get me to agree to a tattoo....not my cup of tea I'm afraid!

Moving on...


  1. Louise sounds like the perfect friend. We are so lucky when we find such a friend in our lives. Ooh...avoid the tattoo temptation!

  2. lol fear on the tattoos....I love the beauty of umarred skin which is getting more difficult to view lately. I'll be so glad when that trend is past and all those unfortunate ones with them will be trying to hide them. I say...get a pad and pen if you must doodle!
    Don't use your skin!

  3. Ann, your wonderful sense of humor is going to help you a lot as you go through your trials. That is one of the reasons I still keep in touch with you. Here is a virtual hug!

  4. thank you Joan...that hug felt really good!


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